The latest progress in the Mid-Continent steam shop can be found here with these informal shop reports by shop workers as credited. The newest begins at the top. They will be updated as they become available.

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September 13, 2007

Tires for the driving wheels of WC&C #1 have been applied and are ready for shipment back to Mid-Continent.

Pictures show completed wheel sets and detail of completed crank pin quartering main driver for WC&C #1.

Photos courtesy of Steam Operations Corporation

June 11, 2007

The new pilot beam has been fitted to the locomotive frame. This is temporary, but does help determine the positioning of the beam. The new pilot will have to be secured to this beam at a later date.

Photos by Bob Ristow

February 28, 2007

Bob and Dave have built a crane to lift and position the front tube sheet for the WC&C #1. We test drove the crane last week.

Welding on the rear sheet continues as well as work on the frame and running gear. During Snow Train™ weekend, riveting the mud ring was started.

Photos by Jim Connor

January 28, 2007

Bob Ristow devised a drilling guide to ensure alignment of the replacement staybolts in the crownsheet patch. Here are a few pictures of Bob and Dave Lee drilling pilot holes for the staybolts.

January 15, 2007

On Friday, Pete Deets, Bob Ristow, Ron Kokemuller, and Jim Connor cleaned up around the boiler and other area’s in the shop. Pete, Bob and I spent some time on the project plan and timeline to make sure we are keeping everything happening in the order we should be.

On Saturday, Roger Hugg, Bob and I worked on measuring and documenting the frame and frame bolts so drawing can be made for replacements. Al Joyce worked on tapping boiler stud holes and installing them. This is a time consuming process because they are taper fit and each one must be fitted to the hole. Ron worked on enlarging the holes in the boiler mounting bracket that attach to the firebox.

Kyle, Jim Busse, Ed Ripp and Jim worked on the power car boiler. On Sunday they continued to install tubes in the power car.

On Sunday, Al continued on the stud work. Things are moving along well.

--Mike Wahl

January 11,2007

Bob and Dave continued to clean on the frame today and have it for the most part completed. There are a few spots that might need a little touching up. They also completed assembling the last set of shelves in the box car and started stocking them. Bob said that the box car is looking very nice inside and with the addition of the shelves it gives us a lot of room for storage of WCC#1 parts.

January 9,2007

Today, Dave drilled the mudring holes in the rear tube sheet, side sheet patches and the rear corner patch. The 3/4” tack bolts were installed. The next step is to pull the sheets tight and check the sheets for gaps between the sheet and the mudring. If any unacceptable gaps existed, the sheets will need to be flattered into position. Jeff will be next week to start the welding on the rear tube sheet.

Bob worked on needle scaling the frame and cylinder casting. He still has a ways to go to complete this. The next step will be start checking the frames for cracks.

January 8, 2007

The wheels set were picked up from DRM and are sitting in Madison ready for transport. The wheel will leave tentatively next Sunday and will arrive in Chattanooga sometime Monday.

January 3, 2007

Today was another busy day at Mid-Continent. The wheel sets were blasted, loaded on a truck and transported to DRM to be primed. Mother Nature was on our side on this one. What a great day with the temperature in the 40s. The crew for blasting was Terry Olson, Bob Ristow, Dave Lee, Roger Hugg and Jim Connor. A big thanks to them for a hard days work. Once the priming is completed the wheels will be shipped to Chattanooga and the wheel work will begin.

There are many things to do, to keep out outside contractors and inside help going, so if you can lend a hand please let us know. There is someone in the shop 6 or more days a week right now.

--Mike Wahl

Pictures by Jim Connor