Above photo by Matt Theroux.
All photos below by Bill Buhrmaster.
Restoration of Copper Range #60 is now complete. The car was built as a second-class coach in 1903 by the American Car & Foundry Co. (AC&F), in Jeffersonville, Indiana. The #60 was a typical open-platform car of the period. It was one of six identical cars ordered by the then five-year old Copper Range Railroad under AC&F Lot No. 2504. The car has been restored to the 1944 to 1946 appearance, representing the final period of the railroad's passenger service.

The oak interior was stripped down to the bare wood, bleached, filled,
sanded, and restained. The stain is a "golden oak" color and has a gloss finish. Replacement ceiling panels were installed. The seat cushions were all completely upholstered in red plush (mohair). Each cushion cost over $500 to reupholster.

The exterior has been painted in the "Milwaukee Road" orange
and maroon paint scheme that was adopted by the Copper Range Railroad. Mechanical work was performed to make the car operable for special occasions.

This was an all-volunteer effort that took three years to complete. To learn more about the work that went into the car, check the links below. The car is now on display inside the museum's Coach Shed.

OPEN HOUSE, September 20, 2003

ARCHIVED: October 2002 Work Session

ARCHIVED: October 2001 Work Session

ARCHIVED: October 2000 Work Session