On October 1, 2002, MLS&W #63 was pulled from the Mid-Continent car shop for the first time since its restoration had been nearly completed. GE #4 did the honors with president Jeff Bloohm at the throttle, and John Sorrel and Ken Ludwig working the ground. #63 was gingerly pulled from the shop after a coupling was made to an adapter that allowed the GE's coupler pin to interface with the Miller Coupler. After a quick trip to the enginehouse for some last-minute welding (and some interesting light effects from the goldleaf lettering on the side of the car), it was to the top of the hill at Ulrich Road for roster photos. Several Mid-Continent stalwarts were present, as well as the media. After all had exposed their film and were about ready to head back to town, the clouds lifted and the sun came out. More film was exposed, and Kodak's stock jumped another few points. The car was then shoved down to the depot for display to the Media. Several reporters and photographers toured the car and interviewed curator Don Ginter, project manager Glenn Guerra, and the several contractors who were involved in the restoration. Clouds moved in again mid-afternoon, and the switch crew went back to work to return the car to its berth in the car shops. A few more items will need tending to before its official roll-out next summer. Hats off to Glenn and Don for a terrific job! Click on the photos for larger images.