Riveting Experience

Mid-Continent's shop forces will be installing new rivets in a steam locomotive at their North Freedom site on February 19-20. Riveting is a nearly 150-year old skill that is rarely used today. See the below links for the full News Release and photos on the event.

PLEASE NOTE: More photos of the actual riveting process from this weekend will be posted by 8:00pm, Sunday, February 20.

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Drawings that show the parts of the boiler being rebuilt:
Boiler Course patches: editable EPS vector file
Tube Sheet replacement: editable EPS vector file
New Smokebox installation: editable EPS vector file

An original rivet after removal from WC&C #1. This rivet needs to be replaced as it was removed to allow removal of old smokebox and installation of a newly fabricated one. The rivet is 1.5 inches wide at the head. Photo by Judy Gasser for Mid-Continent Railway Museum.
Western Coal & Coke #1, the steam locomotive currently receiving the new rivets in the museum's shop. This photo was taken in 1985 when the locomotive was in regular daily service at the museum.
The museum's Chief Boiler Foreman Mike Wahl (right), and helper Ed Ripp, use an ultrasonic tester to check for thickness of firebox sheets in the WC&C #1 steam locomotive as part of its boiler rebuilding. The long boiler barrel can be seen above them. View looks from back of boiler toward front of locomotive.
This is how WC&C #1 appeared when it first arrived at Mid-Continent Railway Museum at North Freedom, in October 1965. It was repaired for service after sitting idle at a coal mine in Alberta, Canada for several years. The locomotive ran at North Freedom from 1970 until 1994. Photo by Ray Buhrmaster for Mid-Continent Railway Museum.
A new rivet before heating and installation in the smokebox. After it becomes red hot, it is inserted into the hole and then the end is hammered and shaped into the round shape to match the head. As the rivet cools, it shrinks, pulled the sheets of steel together.
Workers in the museum's locomotive shop prepare to install another rivet in the smokebox.
New rivets after installation.


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