Rear Tube Sheet Template Constructed

Jim Connor reports:

“On Friday the 24th, Doug Klitzke, Ron Kokemuller and Jim Connor worked on the template for the rear tube sheet. First a 4 by 8 sheet of plywood was cut in 5 sections. The sections were assembled, rough cut, than disassembled to fit in the boiler. Sections were than reassembled in the boiler and held firm with wires to the firebox sheets so an outline of the outside of the tube sheet could be made.

“On Saturday the 25th Mike Wahl joined us to finish the marking of the tube sheet template. Unassembled template will be shipped to a contractor in Tennessee. The contractor will make a new tube sheet for the boiler.

“The rest of Saturday was spent drilling 2- 1/16” holes in the front tube sheet. Also we continued reaming rivet holes in the boiler courses.

“Al Joyce ‘Stud Guy #1’ installed the first two studs. Another mile stone!”

Jim Connor photos:

Doug Crary photos:

Bob Ristow photos:

January 14-15, 2016 Work Session Update

Al Joyce reports:

“Just a work update on this past weekend. In short we made progress in the positive direction.

“Jim Connor and Ron Kokemuller drilled out the front tube sheet with the pilot holes (170). They did not do anything about cutting the larger holes because the core drill was only 2 inches instead of 2 1/16. One of the holes has a broken drill bit in it. That hole was marked for future work.

“Ed Dench worked on the smoke box by grinding the heads of the flush rivets. They look good. One may need some work as it did not fully fill the hole.

“With the combined help of Bryon Schumacher and Jim Connor, we got many more studs sized and installed in the boiler. They are in only hand tight so they can be removed. The boiler is starting to look like a porcupine with all the studs sticking out. Jim took some pictures so we hope to get them on the web site soon. With the help of Jim and Bryon we have doubled the stud crew membership. All the Stud Guys are qualified to work unsupervised at a pace that is comfortable to them.”

Jim Connor photos.

First Boiler Course Welding Completed

Here are some photos taken today. They show Mike from Becker’s padwelding the fireman’s side of the firebox where the spring rigging had dug in. It also shows the finish weld on the first course. YES! The first course welding is complete and will be X-rayed Friday.

There are also shots of prep work going on on the firebox for more buildup welding and removal of staybolts. The shot of Dave Lee drilling is part of the prep for staybolt removal, also.

The welding on the barrel of the Montreal has progressed to the point of the first X-Ray testing. The welding has been completed on the 1st course patch and radiographing will take place tomorrow, Friday, January 30. Steel has been ordered and forming will soon take place for the 3rd course patch. The forming of the front tube sheet started earlier this week. A fabricator to form the 2nd course patch is still being sought but hard leads have been found.