A Mid-Continent Timeline--1990's
Compiled by Jim Neubauer from past issues of Railway Gazette, Mid-Continent's official newsmagazine.

February 1990: Snow Train carried 3,834 passengers over three days. Contractor completes construction of 12,500 square foot Car Shop to provide space for car repair and car restoration. David P. Morgan, Trains editor for more than 34 years, wrote an obituary of Dr. Philip R. Hastings; Railway Gazette uses it posthumously. Board approves purchase of Chicago & North Western combination baggage-coach #7409 and sale of Chicago, Burlington & Quincy #4960.
Summer 1990: David L. Henke becomes MCRM executive director, replacing interim General Manager Ed Minihan. Quartzite Lake viewing platform for train riders goes into service. Circus, Cranes, and Trains tourism promotion enters third successful season. Barnstorming #1385 pulls excursions between McFarland and Stoughton, Wis., over Wisconsin & Calumet Railroad on Sept. 14. Museum's front door is cleaned up with removal of bulk tank farm.
June 1991: Western Coal & Coke 4-6-0 has a new wooden cab. "Mid-Continent Steam Story," a video of the railway museum, goes on sale in the gift shop. Crossing watchman's tower is hoisted into place near the Walnut St. crossing.
April 1992: Chuck Kratz starts work as Executive Director.
Summer 1992: Great Northern power car arrives; has long history. Wausau was visited by #1385 for special train operations.
October 1992: Mid-Continent carries 50,000 passengers in the season. Ex-Canadian National 24-duplex roomette car is donated to MCRM by WSOR.
March 1993: Artist Russ Porter's painting of KGB&W #49 switching Ann Arbor car ferry No. 3 at Kewaunee circa 1930, is reproduced by Mid-Continent as a fund-raiser.
May 1993: Mid-Continent observes 30th Anniversary of operations at North Freedom. CN coach #5375 is purchased from Lake Superior Museum of Transportation.
July 1993: Deluge of 13 inches of rain in 3 hours washes out MCRM's mainline in seven places; 13 days later trains resume. Alco C-415 diesel was loaned to C&NW for four days to repair their line in Baraboo.
November 1993: Santa Claus Express is instant hit when Santa rides special trains on Thanksgiving weekend. They rapidly become the Museum's Happiest Trains. New camp car lease is promulgated.
1994: Mid-Continent's North Freedom depot marks 100th year. Lackawanna #425, baggage-coach combination car, restored, reenters service at Autumn Color weekends. Museum becomes film set for National Park Service shoot. Major project from roof-down and truck-up restores C&NW combine #7409 to service in yellow/green livery.
1995: Volunteer/Employee Guide Book, becomes effective January 1, 1995; book features regulations, rules, to help workers in their tasks.
May 1995: Investment in new, longer run-around track at Quartzite Lake improves operations, permits operation of longer trains. M&StL box car with Fox trucks stars at C&NW Historical Society meeting on Museum grounds.
June 1996: MCRM launches "Help Steam Live" fund-raiser program.
January 1997: Research discovers MCRM's oldest standard gauge car to have been built in November 1864. The East Jordan & Southern #2 was originally Chicago & Grand Trunk #112 and came to North Freedom via car ferry across Lake Michigan in 1963.
Summer 1997: Hobos and Civil War re-enactors populate the Museum grounds during the summer season.
June 1997: Wisconsin Central donates wheel lathe as part of "Help Steam Live" campaign. C&NW #1385 has 90th birthday party. MCRM's revised booklet, "Whistle on the Wind," returns to circulation.
May 1998: Gift Shop begins line of MCRM-oriented model railroad cars. Fifteen-year restoration of C&NW drover's caboose sees completion.
May 1, 1999: "Jeffris Special" operates in honor of Tom Jeffris, president of the Jeffris Family Foundation, donor of the $175,000 challenge grant for the restoration of the Milwaukee Lake Shore & Western coach #63.
December 1999: Tom O'Brien, Jr., Mid-Continent past president, TRAIN officer, dies at age of 49.