Barrel Patch Riveting Projects Completed

Last weekend was another sucessfull riveting party! Over 40 rivets were installed completing all three barrel patch riveting projects. Only 3 of the 200 rivets installed over Spring Fling had to be replaced! Not bad for a bunch of rookies.

In addition, much work was completed on the DL&W combine #425. The truck and bolster were readied for installing back under the combine. Center plate and draft gear framing was repaired. The truck was actually rolled under the car on Monday, Tuesday work continued to repair the center sill/draft gear superstructure. It is anticipated that the car will be finished by this weekend.

Thanks to all who assisted in the above projects…your efforts do not go un-noticed.

May 22, Jeff Lund will return to finish the installation of the rear tube sheet. This will leave only the front tube sheet and rear firebox corner to require TLC by the welder.

Stay tuned for additional info and project updates…. “We can do this!”

–Bob Ristow

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