Cab on the Move

Departing from the last several updates which focused on the restoration of C&NW #1385’s tender, this update features news on the locomotive itself. In the inspection of the locomotive during the fall of 2011, there was found to be a great deal of deterioration on the locomotive cab. The 1385 Task Force charged with leading the restoration effort reviewed the options for rebuilding the cab and decided to use CJ Woodworking out of Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. Details of the rebuild were finalized with the contractor and plans put into place for moving the cab to ready it for transport. The cab had been stored on a flat car at Mid-Continent while the locomotive awaited restoration. This happened Friday, December 23, 2011 during a restoration workday. Museum President Jeff Bloohm and Superintendent of Operations Kelly Bauman took care of the move so the cab was accessible for lifting by our Lull operator Ed Ripp. CJ Woodworking arrived around 10:00 am and before lunch they were on their way back to Fond du Lac with the 1385 cab.

CJ Woodworking will be building a new cab to the original Chicago & North Western drawings we have obtained from Lake States Railway Historical Association of Baraboo. The cab will be made from white oak as originally specified by the C&NW.

Also shown are some photos taken by Mike Wahl, Project Engineer during an inspection in July that shows some of the deterioration of the cab.



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