Driving Wheels Getting Primed, Shipped Out

Today was another busy day at Mid-Continent. The wheel sets were blasted, loaded on a truck and transported to DRM to be primed. Mother Nature was on our side on this one. What a great day with the temperature in the 40s. The crew for blasting was Terry Olson, Bob Ristow, Dave Lee, Roger Hugg and Jim Connor. A big thanks to them for a hard days work. Once the priming is completed the wheels will be shipped to Chattanooga and the wheel work will begin.

There are many things to do, to keep out outside contractors and inside help going, so if you can lend a hand please let us know. There is someone in the shop 6 or more days a week right now.

–Mike Wahl

Jim Connor photos.

New Pilot Completed

The new pilot has been completed and delivered. The pilot was built by Roger Hugg in his shop at his home in Elroy.

Also, the boiler patches and rear tube sheet are fitted and tacked to the boiler. We now wait for the fit-up inspection.

The front coupler, pilot beam and deck plate have been removed. The new timber for the pilot beam has been purchased and Roger Hugg has delivered it.

The fireman’s side piston and cylinder head have been removed so inspection of the piston, cylinder and rod can begin.

Thanks to Roger Hugg, Jeff Lund, Bob Ristow, Dave Lee, Kelly Bauman and Jim Connor.

Pilot Construction Progress Update

Progress is slow but sure on the pilot. This week the countersinks were bored (1st photo), the (through) holes for the main hardware were bored (2nd photo), all imperfections were filled with structural epoxy and sanded smooth (3rd photo), all pieces were fitted and the first coat of stain applied (4th & 5th photos). Today the main structure was assembled in its final state (6th photo).

Next the upright members will be manufactured, finished and installed.

Hopefully the next report will be that it is finished!!!

–Roger Hugg

Pilot Made on WC&C #1 Pilot

Progress is being made on the WC&C #1’s pilot. The structural elements of the base assembly have been cut and fitted along with the uprights for the supporting members. The retaining ring for the base has had the old finish and rust ground and/or sanded off, primed, and painted. Bob Ristow has fabricated or machined all new hardware with the exception of the cast pieces and connecting rod that rest on the top of the pilot. All of the new hardware was returned to my shop where it has been cleaned, primed and painted. All of the old nuts, bolts, and washers that were salvaged from the old pilot have been cleaned with a wire wheel on the grinder.

Tomorrow (Thursday, December 7, 2006) I hope to start drilling through the base of the pilot and the uprights to begin reassembly. This may take all day as caution must be taken to line everything up accurately. There are no second chances, and oops makes it firewood.

Now for the bad news. I’ve run out of usable lumber and will have to purchase more cured white oak to finish the front of the pilot. Hopefully, Endeavor Hardwoods (Lyndon Station) will have the 8/4 white oak I need.

More as it happens.

–Roger Hugg