EJ&S #2 Restoration Update – November 11, 2020

Even with the somewhat shortened restoration work season volunteers made significant progress on No. 2. Starting with the exterior, the west side letter was completed with the filling of screw and nail holes, sanding and priming. The east side letter board required patching, installation, and fabrication of the north end extension which was missing. That was followed by filling, sanding and more priming to complete the letter board. The north end drip boards were also installed.

Three of the four platform steps have been taken apart and are in the process of being rebuilt. Work was also started on cleaning up the trucks. We were surprised to fine remnants of pinning striping probably dating to the 1902 refurbishment by Hicks Locomotive and Car.

North end truck. Note pin striping with the blue tape protecting more.

In the last half of the summer work moved to the interior. The east side wall boards had previously been dismantled. The paint was stripped from the boards and the wall is in the process of being rebuilt.

East side interior. The wall is rebuilt below the window sill and work was started above the window sill.

Much of the paint on the west side wall has also been removed although the wood needs to be cleaned up with chemical stripper. Also work was done on the floor to replace some bad wood and missing boards.

West side interior. Pink primed board is a new replacement.

Finally, all the clerestory windows were removed. The stained glass will be remounted in new frames during the winter months.

I have plenty of work to do a home over the winter. Hopefully we will have more in shop work time next year.

Update provided by Peter Becker

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