Service equipment consists of plows, cranes, and other specialized equipment used by railroads to maintain their tracks, clean up wrecks, and critical tasks outside of hauling passengers or freight.

Oregon Short Line #762

Type: Rotary Snow Plow
Builder: American Locomotive Co.
Build Date: 1912

Boyne City, Gaylord & Alpena #1

Type: Russell Snow Plow
Builder: Russell Snow-Plow Company
Build Date: 1906

Lake Superior Terminal & Transfer #55

Type: Jordan Spreader
Builder: O.F. Jordan Co.
Build Date: 1916

Western Pacific #B-63

Type: Burro Crane
Builder: Cullen-Friestedt
Build Date: 1927

Soo Line #X-3

Type: Wrecking Crane
Builder: Industrial Works
Build Date: 1907

Soo Line #X-173

Type: Idler Flat Car
Builder: New York Central
Build Date: 1930

Chicago Milwaukee & St. Paul #8670

Type: Canteen Tender
Builder: American Locomotive Co.
Build Date: 1919

Missouri Pacific #1208

Type: Locomotive Tender
Builder: American Locomotive Co.
Build Date: 1911

Chicago Milwaukee St. Paul & Pacific #X918050

Type: Bunk Car
Builder: Unknown
Build Date: 1951

Milwaukee Road #X900291

Type: Flanger
Builder: Research in progress
Build Date: Research in progress

Vulcan Materials #711

Type: Side Dump Car
Builder: Koeppel Ind. Car
Build Date: Unknown