Idler Flat Car, Builder: New York Central Railroad (Avis, PA), Built Date: 1930

crane in 1962
Soo Line X-173 flat car with X-3 crane at Gladstone, MI, circa 1962. Photographer unknown. Soo Line Historical & Technical Society collection.

Soo Line idler car #X-173 was originally built by the New York Central, as flat car #496228, in 1930 at their Avis, PA car shop facility. The car was one of a series (598-F lot number) of 300 all steel flat cars that were 42′-1″ long. The Soo Line acquired the flat car in 1959 as a result of the car being damaged while on use on the Soo Line. In 1960 the Soo Line converted the flat car to a boom (jib or idler) car #X-173 and it was assigned to Gladstone, MI for use with Soo Line wrecker #X-3. The #X-173 features steel construction with a wood deck and “trolley” to support the weight of the boom of the attached wrecker crane. Mid-Continent acquired the

X-173 in May 1984 at the same time the Soo Line X-3 wrecker was donated.

#X-173 at North Freedom, Feb. 1, 2003.
#X-173 at North Freedom, Feb. 1, 2003.