Railroads continually made efforts to increase efficiency which meant hauling more cargo in each car and adding more cars to each train. Early railroad cars were primarily of wooden construction, but by the late 1800s the limits of wooden cars were being reached. Steel cars introduced as a means to achieve greater strength, durability, and capacity. Click on a car name to read its history.

Soo Line #80944

Type: Ore Car
Builder: American Car & Foundry
Build Date: 1916

UTLX #12283

Type: Tank Car
Builder: Lima Locomotive & Machine Co.
Build Date: 1907

UTLX #17550

Type: Tank Car
Builder: Union Tank Car Co.
Build Date: 1937

Kewaunee Green Bay & Western #4567

Type: Hopper Car
Builder: Vulcan Iron Works
Build Date: 1905

Chesapeake & Ohio #50684

Type: Hopper Car
Builder: Standard Steel Car Co.
Build Date: 1909

Minneapolis & St. Louis #23655

Type: Flat Car
Builder: Minneapolis & St. Louis
Build Date: 1947

Atchison Topeka & Santa Fe #97496

Type: Flat Car
Builder: Unknown
Build Date: 1924