First Boiler Course Welding Completed

Here are some photos taken today. They show Mike from Becker’s padwelding the fireman’s side of the firebox where the spring rigging had dug in. It also shows the finish weld on the first course. YES! The first course welding is complete and will be X-rayed Friday.

There are also shots of prep work going on on the firebox for more buildup welding and removal of staybolts. The shot of Dave Lee drilling is part of the prep for staybolt removal, also.

The welding on the barrel of the Montreal has progressed to the point of the first X-Ray testing. The welding has been completed on the 1st course patch and radiographing will take place tomorrow, Friday, January 30. Steel has been ordered and forming will soon take place for the 3rd course patch. The forming of the front tube sheet started earlier this week. A fabricator to form the 2nd course patch is still being sought but hard leads have been found.

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