Gazette Archive

Gazette Archive

The Mid-Continent Railway Gazette is the official member magazine of Mid-Continent Railway Historical Society. Its format and publishing frequency varied over the years, but its pages contain contemporary accounts of over 50 years of Mid-Continent’s own history as well as articles on historical railroads, restoration updates, and more.

In 2017, museum volunteers began an effort to digitize the museum’s Gazette collection and process it using optical character recognition (OCR) software to make the text of each issue easily searchable and freely available online. Only a small portion of the collection is currently digitized and available below. To volunteer to assist with this effort, contact Jeffrey Lentz at the Mid-Continent office.

Note: Issues released in the last three years and the expanded special issues are not made available online. Print copies of those issues can be purchased by contacting the museum office.

Update 1/5/2018: No more issues are being added at this time due to lack of available volunteers to perform the scanning and OCR conversions. Your help is needed to revitalize this project.

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Enter the desired keyword(s) into the search box. Search results will appear showing a list of Gazette issues in which the word(s) appears. Click the search result to open an Adobe PDF file of the Gazette issue. After opening the Gazette file, press Ctrl-F (when using a Windows PC) to search for the keywords’ locations within the issue.

Search tips:

  1. The search engine only searches for exact phrasing. For example, “ten-wheeler,” will not show up in the results if “10-wheeler” is entered into the search box.
  2. Railroads are full of abbreviations, nick-names, historical names, etc. To find additional results on the Chicago Milwaukee St. Paul & Pacific Railroad for example, try searching the railroad’s nickname “Milwaukee Road”, it’s reporting marks “MILW,” or its abbrevation “CMStP&P.”

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