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Mid-Continent’s nearly 500 members live in 38 U.S. states and the United Kingdom. They come from all age groups, from both genders, and from a great variety of interests and occupations. Some are full-time or retired railroaders (representing roads such as the Central Vermont, the New York Central, the Wisconsin Central, the Alaska Railroad, and many more). Others are teachers, machinists, nurses, law enforcement officers, journalists, government workers, aircraft pilots, students, farmers and engineers. The ranks include budding enthusiasts, as well as some of the best known rail artists, photographers and writers in the land. Many volunteer their time to carry out the many tasks required to operate and improve a living, operating railway museum. Regardless of their “day jobs,” members work as brakemen and locomotive engineers, as steamfitters and carpenters, as researchers and writers, as cooks and waiters, as designers and gandy dancers. But volunteer work is never required of members, and many are content to simply visit and enjoy, knowing that their dues and contributions help as well.

group photo of ribbon cutting ceremony

Membership in the Mid-Continent Railway Historical Society brings the usual benefits, including publications, museum store discounts, and a pass to ride. More importantly, it brings the satisfaction that you are supporting what Trains Magazine publisher Kevin Keefe called “one of the most authentic, essential institutions of its kind.” Won’t you join us today?

Mid-Continent members receive the following items as part of their membership

Mid-Continent Railway Gazette published several times per year;
• The member-designed calendar;
The Steamer! newsletter;
• 10% discount in the gift shop;
• Access to the members-only web page;
• Free coach rides when space is available

Every member begins at the Associate level. Annual dues are $40 a year. The membership year starts January 1st and ends December 31st. This means all annual memberships expire on December 31st, regardless of an individual’s join date. You will receive a dues renewal notice after the first of the year.

Many members have been content to stay at the joinAssociate level during their entire involvement with the museum. However, those wishing to take a more active role in the museum’s administration can upgrade to Regular or Life status after two consecutive years as an Associate member in good standing.

The cost to upgrade to the regular level is one-time initiation fee of $100. Annual dues for a Regular member are $60. Regular members have the privilege to vote on board elections, may run for election to the board of directors, or accept an appointment to an officer position.

For upgrade to Life membership, the one-time initiation fee of $100 is required. Dues for a lifetime members are $1,000, after which you will no longer be assessed annual dues. A portion of dues and the cost of membership upgrades may be tax deductible.

Members are encouraged to download and read the Society’s bylaws and board minutes by visiting the members’ webpage (access instructions found on front/back cover of member publications). Printed copies of the bylaws and minutes may also be requested from the office for a fee.

Print out the handy Membership Application form and mail today. Welcome aboard!