Colorado & Southern Rolling Stock
History of Clear Creek and Boulder Valleys, Colorado. Chicago, IL: O.L. Baskin & Co., 1880. Reprint, Chicago/Evansville IN: O. L. Baskin/Unigraphic Inc, 1997.



Chapter I - Ringing Up the Curtain
Chapter II - Early Discoveries of Gold
Chapter III - Journalism in Colorado
Chapter IV - Early Politics and Organization of the Territory
Chapter V - Lo! The Poor Indian
Chapter VI - The Mountains of Colorado
Chapter VII - Colorado During the Rebellion - Territorial Officials
Chapter VIII - Progress of the Country
Chapter IX - Climate of Colorado
Chapter X - Agricultural Resources of the State
Chapter XI - Stock-raising in Colorado
Chapter XII - Leadville and California Gulch
Chapter XIII - History of the First Colorado Regiment
Chapter XIV - History of the Second Colorado Regiment
Chapter XV - Sketch of the Third Colorado Regiment
Chapter XVI - The Geology of Colorado
Chapter XVII - Peak Climbing in the Rocky Mountains
Chapter XVIII - Sketch of the San Juan Country and Dolores District
Chapter XIX - The University of Colorado

Chapter I - The Ute Rebellion
Chapter II - Affairs at White River Agency
Chapter III - The News in Denver
Chapter IV - Advance upon the Agency
Chapter V - Arrival at Agency - The Massacre
Chapter VI - Cessation of Hostilities - Rescue of the Prisoners
Chapter VII - Sad Story of the Captives
Chapter VIII - The Atrocities in Colorado
Chapter IX - The Peace Commission Farce
Chapter X - The Ute Question in Congress
Chapter XI - The Present Condition of the Ute Question


Chapter I - The Denver Pacific
Chapter II - The Denver & Rio Grande
Chapter III - The Denver, South Park & Pacific
Chapter IV - The Colorado Central
Chapter V - The Kansas Pacific
Chapter VI - The Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe
Chapter VII - The Denver & Boulder Valley


History of Gilpin County
Chapter I - Grand Opening of the Golden Gate
Chapter II - Early Discoveries of Gold Mines - Mining and Milling and other Treatment of Ores
Chapter III - Journalism in Gilpin county
Chapter IV - Early Organization of Mining Districts - Their Laws, Rules and Customs - Recognition of Same by Congress
Chapter V - Public Schools and Sabbath Schools
Chapter VI - Religious Societies and Church Organizations
Chapter VII - County, City and Precinct Organizations
Chapter VIII - Miscellaneous Organizations
Chapter IX - Miscellaneous and Public
Chapter X - Destruction of Central City by Fire, may 21, 1874, and its Subsequent Reconstruction

History of Clear Creek County
Chapter I - Location and Topography, Climate, Sermons in Stones
Chapter II - The Wheels of Progress
Chapter III - Towns and Mining Camps
Chapter IV - Mining of the Precious Metals
Chapter V - The Mines of Clear Creek County
Chapter VI - Mills and Milling
Chapter VII - The Sublime and the Beautiful

History of Jefferson County
Boundaries of Louisiana
Religious Advantages
School of Mines
The Press

History of Boulder County
Chapter I - Vision of the Valleys and Hills
Chapter II - Peculiarities and Advantages of Situation
Chapter III - First "Find" of Gold Dust
Chapter IV - The Boulder Coal Measures
Chapter V - Agricultural Trials and Triumphs
Chapter VI - The Road and Mill Builders
Chapter VII - Early Society, Courts, Crimes and Schools
Chapter VIII - Conflicts with the Indians
Chapter IX - Boulder and Valley Towns and Villages
Chapter X - Mountain Towns and Mining Camps


BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCHES - Alphabetically Arranged by Counties
Gilpin County
Clear Creek County
Jefferson County
Boulder County
Miscellaneous Biographies
Erratum - Biography of Hon. H. M. Hale