Upcoming Work Session April 13, 2012

Another workday on the C&NW 1385 steam locomotive restoration is planned for Friday, April 13th. Work will include measuring positions of studs and other parts so they can be plotted out for the new boiler. The work is not difficult, but some parts of it will require working from a ladder. For that reason, help from younger volunteers is especially encouraged this time around. No previous volunteer experience is necessary. Experienced volunteer leaders will be on hand to lead the work.

Upcoming Work Session April 6, 2012

The next C&NW no. 1385 steam locomotive restoration workday has been announced for Friday, April 6th beginning at 9 a.m in Mid-Continent’s engine house. Tasks are to include finishing removal of the running boards and exhaust stand. Work on removing the cylinder saddles may also begin if time allows. No prior volunteer experience or sign-up is necessary. All that is needed is a bit of muscle and willingness to get a bit dirty.