Snow Train™ – February 2020 [CANCELLED]

Ride Amid a Winter Wonderland

Wintertime railroading is a unique experience one will never forget. Travel through the Winter Wonderland of scenic Sauk County on our h annual Snow Train. All cars are kept comfortably warm using the over century-old tradition of steam heating or coal-fired stoves.



Mid-Continent Railway Museum has made the difficult decision to not operate our Snow Train event in 2020. 

While hosting this mid-winter event, Mid-Continent is reliant on our volunteers being available to work not only during Snow Train weekend, but also throughout the week leading up to the event to de-winterize buildings, as well as clear snow and ice from museum parking lots, boarding areas, track switches, and display areas. In addition to the volunteers needed to operate the trains and serve food in the dining cars, additional volunteers are needed to prepare and operate the train’s antique steam heating – something which requires 24-hour/day supervision. All these factors made Snow Train the most labor-intensive and the most expensive special event Mid-Continent Railway Museum operates.

In recent years, we have experienced increasing difficulty in getting enough volunteers to complete all the tasks necessary to operate the event. This has reached a point where we feel we cannot schedule Snow Train 2020 and accept reservations while still having confidence we’ll be able to follow through with hosting the event to the standards our visitors expect. That has led us to the difficult position of having little choice but to not operate Snow Train in 2020. We apologize to our visitors that have enjoyed coming to Snow Train each year and hope you’ll join us during the other eight months of the year we operate.


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All aboard!

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