WC&C #1 Update – January 2021

Work continues on gathering information and reconstructing a timeline of the repairs that have been completed over the past years so we have a better idea what’s left to complete.  I am in possession of past build lists, but I am sure there has been changes. My goal is when we reopen to volunteers in April, we will have a pretty good idea where to start. Like the old sayings about eating an elephant. One bite at a time!

Member Jim Connor was kind enough to provide me with over 300 photographs of the progress of the rebuild until the great flood of 2008 hit and time stopped.  As I comb through the photos, I see a constant. That constant is OUR talented and dedicated volunteers. I see professional work being accomplished by our “professional” volunteers with some guidance from top-notch contractors.  It brings me back to the days when Mid-Continent had three steam locomotives available for service. The reason was because of OUR talented VOLUNTEERS! And if we are going to repeat that again, WE need OUR volunteers.

With that, I want to share some photos, courtesy of Jim Connor, of some AMAZING folks—-OUR VOLUNTEERS!!! Thank you and I look forward to working with you again, be it old faces or new, WE need you, YOU make it happen!

Update: Additional photos have been kindly provided by member Ken Ristow. These photos have been added to the slideshow.

Scenes from Western Coal & Coke #1 Restoration Work, 2003-2008

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