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Burlington Route; Passenger Car Diagrams. Godfrey, IL: Railway Production Classics, no date.

Includes scale drawings for the cars that made up the Burlington's Pioneer Zephyr, Mark Twain Zephyr, Nebraska Zephyr, lightweight cars, sleepers, dining cars, dome cars, observation cars, baggage cars, coach cars, heavy weight cars, business cars, the Texas Zephyr, passenger cars of the Colorado & Southern and the Fort Worth & Denver. 192 pp. ($75-125)

C&S passenger car diagrams. Sometimes called “folio” pages. Unpublished. (We got ours from the Robert W. Richardson Library, Colorado Railroad Museum, Golden CO.)

These are the railroad engineering department’s working papers, showing overall dimensions, window spacing, weights, etc. Ours appear to have been updated through 1916.

“Colorado Cities: Their Founding, Origins and Names.” Colorado Magazine.  9  (1932).

Georgetown Loop: A Capsule History and Guide. Denver, CO: Colorado Historical Society, 1986.

Contains numerous photographs and a map. 65pp. Spiral bound. ($10)

Georgetown - Over the Loop to the Summit of Mt. McClellan. Denver, CO: H.H. Tammen Company, 1910.

Photographic views of magnificent scenery in the rocky mountains along the lines of the Colorado & Southern railway and the Argentine Central railway from Denver up to Idaho Springs, Georgetown, and Silver Plume and many shots along the Argentine central. 24pp. ($30-40)

Reprints -- Ft. Collins, CO: Centennial Publications, Unknown date ($37.50); Denver, CO: Golden Bell Press, Unknown date ($  -  )

“Gilpin County Tramway.”  R&LHS Bulletin #57, pp. 94-97

“Gilpin Railroad.”  R&LHS Bulletin #57, pp. 97-98

The Glory that was Gold: Central City Opera House A Permanent Memorial To Colorado Pioneers. Central City Opera House Association, 1934.

Guide to the Georgetown - Silver Plume Historic District. Evergreen, CO: Cordillera Press, various dates.

B/w photos, tours 1 & 2 in both cities. The guide offers insights into the rich legacies of the district's past as well as the preservation efforts essential to its future. Softbound. 48pp.

1986 First Ed. ($5-12)
1990 Softbound 2nd Edition First Printing ($10-12)

Historic Georgetown Centennial Gazette 1868-1968. Denver, CO: A.B. Hirschfeld Press, 1968.

Numerous historical essays, ads, local history, vintage photos, Denver and Rio Grande Railroad picture (?), map of the village, etc. Great promotional history book on this small enclave in the Colorado Rockies. Trade paperback. 48pp ($10-13)

History of Clear Creek and Boulder Valleys, Colorado. Chicago, IL: O.L. Baskin & Co., 1880. Reprint, Chicago/Evansville IN: O. L. Baskin/Unigraphic Inc, 1997.

Containing a brief history of the state of Colorado from its earliest settlement to the present time, embracing its geological, physical and climatic features, its agricultural, stock growing, railroad and mining interests, an account of the Ute trouble, a history of Gilpin, Clear Creek, Boulder, and Jefferson Counties, and biographical sketches. The book's Table of Contents is here.

Original has 737 pages. ($200+) Book-on-Demand facsimile $245. Unigraphic reprint has 771 - 9¾" x 12" pages. ($75-100)

A searchable CD is listed (Oct 2006) by dealer j4jungle at eBay. He notes that "Some of the pages are a bit crooked, but are clearly readable. Pictures have varying degrees of quality."

More Than Gold: A History of Arvada, Colorado, During the Period 1870-1904. Boulder, CO: Johnson Publishing Company, 1976.

Limited edition of 1500. b/w photos, 210 pages. ($30-40)

Otto Perry’s Railroad Pilgrimage. Denver, CO: Sundance Books, 1981.

Contains over 200 of Perry’s outstanding photos of trains taken during the first half of the 20th Century. Much of the book is devoted to Colorado narrow gauge, including the D&RGW, RGS and C&S. There are also shots of standard gauge shortline and mainline trains from all over the country. Each photo is captioned with important information. 164 pp. 11" x 16" “coffee table” book (Does it go on one, or is it the size of one?) ($110-155)

“Railroad to a Far Off Country: The Utah & Northern.”  Montana, the Magazine of Western History.  Volume 25, No 4, Autumn 1968. Helena, MT: Montana Historical Society, 1968

Story of a Valley: Georgetown Loop Historic Mining & Railroad Park. Denver, CO: Colorado Historical Society, 1984.

Georgetown Loop, the Clear Creek Canyon, the gold rush, the development of the mining camp, the Silver Rush, the Colorado & Clear Creek RR, The Colorado Central. Many photos. Map. May have dedication program card laid in.  ($17-20)

Abbott, Dan, et al. Colorado Central Railroad. Denver,. CO: Sundance Publications, LTD., 2007.

Abbott, Dan.  Stairway to the Stars: Colorado’s Argentine Central Railway. Ft. Collins, CO: Centennial Publications, 1977.

The Argentine Central served early-day tourists in conjunction with the Colorado & Southern's incomparable Georgetown Loop. Also served the fabulous silver mines above timberline near Waldorf in the Argentine Mining District. Imagine 3' narrow gauge Shays climbing to almost 14,000 feet, the highest and most scenic steam railroad in North America! Claimed as the first complete history of the ACRR.

Hardbound; pictorial boards; issued without dust jacket; 160 - 8½" x 11" pp; 2 maps printed on endpapers; 5 additional maps bound in text; 2 color painting reproductions; 158 b&w photos; index and bibliography; Pre-publication orders of this book came with a laid-in envelope containing a 15" x 20" System Map of the Argentine Central and two 8½" x 11" color prints, suitable for framing, of the paintings used in the book. Limited edition of 3,000 signed copies. ($150-300 ($122.50 on eBay 26 August 2003); $75-100 without map packet)

Completely revised and enlarged edition. 224 pages, over 200 rare photos (some in color), maps, rosters, index, full color litho wrap binding, hardcover. $44.95 from the Colorado Railroad Museum.

Aldrich, John K. Ghosts of Chaffee County; A Guide to the Ghost Towns and Mining Camps of Chaffee County and Eastern Gunnison County, Colorado. (Privately published, Rev. Ed. 1992)

Contains the places: Alpine, Alpine Tunnel, Arbourville, Babcock, Bowerman, Bowman, Buena Vista, Cache Creek, Calumet, Cleora, Free Gold, Garfield, Georgia Bar, Granite, Hancock, Harvard City, Hortense, Iron City, Lost Canyon Placers, Maysville, Monarch, Mount Princeton, Nathrop, North Star, Ohio, Pitkin, Poncha, Quartz, Romley, Salida, Shavano, Sherrod, St. Elmo, Tin Cup, Tomichi, Turret, Vicksburg, Waunita Hot Springs, Whitehorn, White Pine, and Winfield. 64 pp with color photos. Map laid in. ($6.95 at

Anderson, Peter.  From Gold to Ghosts. Gunnison, CO: Self-published, 1973, 1983

An account of St. Elmo at the turn of the century, including excerpts from local newspapers. Good coverage of mines and railroads, especially the decision of the C&S to end rail service and its effect on the town's economy. B/w photos, 118 pages. ($12-15)

Axford, H. William.  Gilpin County Gold; Peter McFarlane, 1848-1929, Mining Entrepreneur in Central City, Colorado. Chicago, IL: Swallow Press / Sage Books, 1976.

Tells the history of mining in a Colorado boom town through the life of one of its staunch citizens. McFarlane came to Central City Colorado with his brother and founded one of the most important mine and mill equipment companies at that time. 210 pages, notes, appendix, bibliography, index. [No mention of photographs.] ($10-45)

Baer, Everett. “A Journey to Old St. Elmo.” The Denver Brand Book.  14  (1958)

Bain, Robert K.  Tracing the Denver, South Park and Pacific, A Mile by Mile Guide. Self published, 1994. Robert K. Bain 3142 Soldiers Home Rd West Lafayette, IN 47906.

Detailed, guide for tracing the former roadbed of this legendary narrow gauge railroad. 7" x 8.5" format, comb bound, 46pp. ($16 on eBay)

Baker, Roger.  Black Hawk: the rise and fall of a Colorado mill town. Central City, CO: Black Hawk Publishing, 2004.

Photos, footnotes, 306 - 8½" x 11" pages. ($40)

Bancroft, Caroline.  Gulch of Gold: A History of Central City, Colorado. Denver, CO: Sage Books, 1958. Reprint, Boulder, CO: Johnson Books, 1969, 1972, 2003.

387pages, includes index, bibliography, map endpapers, b/w illus and photos. Original appears to have been hardcover, reprints softcover. ($10-25; $12.87 new from Amazon.Com (15 Oct 2007))

Barger, Ralph L.  Union Pacific Business Cars 1870-1991. Sykesville, MD: Greenberg Publishing Co., Inc., 1992.

Folio information et al. for Union Pacific business cars. Numerous photographs. Includes DSP&P and other narrow gauge cars inherited by the U.P. in 1885. ($35-75)

Bauch, Francis Eugene. “Early Days of Central City.” Colorado Magazine.  19.  (1942)

Bauer, William H., James L. Ozment and John H. Willard.  Colorado Post Offices, 1859-1989. Colorado Rail Annual Number 25. Golden, CO: Colorado Railroad Museum, 1990. (Revision and update of  Colorado Postal History: The Post Offices. J-B Publishing Co., 1971, by the same authors.)

A comprehensive listing of post offices, stations and branches, including opening and closing dates for each and location by county. 228 - 8½ x 11" pp, 40 photographs, reproductions of 44 historic postal covers and 80 rare cancellations. ($15-45)

Beal, Merrill D. Intermountain Railroads, Standard and Narrow Gauge. Caldwell, Idaho: The Caxton Printers, 1962.

The Utah, Idaho and Montana pioneers who constructed and operated the Utah & Northern, as well as other Idaho and Montana railroads. Numerous b/w illustrations, bibliography, 252 7¾ x 9¾" pages. ($11-60)

Beebe, Lucius and Charles Clegg.  Narrow Gauge in the Rockies. Berkeley, CA: Howell-North Press, 1958.

Fascinating recital, if somewhat verbose and circumlocutious. Myriad illustrations, but a paucity of photographs. A plethora of verbiage but deficient in the pursuit of factual substantiation. Includes D&RG, Silverton RR, Silverton Gladstone & Northerly, Silverton Northern, DSP&P, F&CC, Uintah and RGS. ($8-90) (Generally under $20 on eBay, winter 2003)

Beebe, Lucius.  The Narrow Gauge Railroads of Colorado. R&LHS Bulletin #67A, pp. 7ff.

Bell, William A. “Mineral Resources of Colorado.” Colorado: A Collection of Thirty Two Articles.  (1919)

Bell, Marjorie L., editor, and the staff of the Historical Society Of Idaho Springs. History of Clear Creek County, Colorado 1861-1986. Peoria, AZ: Specialty Publishing, Incorporated, 1986, 2004

A large and nicely produced county history of the area west of Denver now accessible by I-70, into the foothills and mountains important to mining history of the area. Includes excellent selection of vintage photographs, lots of pioneer biographies as well as 253 pages of recent family history. First edition had 451+ pages, heavily illustrated with old photos. (1st ed. $125-150; 2nd ed. $50-60. Both eds. probably less on eBay.)

Bender, Henry E. Jr.  “Mahogany Splendor: The Narrow Gauge Pullman Cars.” Narrow Gauge and Short Line Gazette, March/April 2001.

Excellent article on narrow gauge Pullman sleepers of numerous roads. Very good roster. Most photos D&RGW. (Available from publisher as back-issue.)

Bergtold, W.H. “Denver Fifty Years Ago.” Colorado Magazine.  8.  (1931)

Blair, Edward.  Leadville: Colorado's Magic City. Boulder, Co: Pruett Publishing Co., 1980.

A great look at Leadville, Colorado. The people, the history, the town. Rear pocket bears map. 262 pp. ($43-100. Softcover $10-15)

Blair, Edward.  Palace of Ice; A History of Leadville's Ice Palace 1895-1896. Colorado Springs, CO: Little London Press, 1972. (Reprint Timberline Books, 1977)

Includes a look at the plans and construction of the Ice Palace, a description of some of the displays (including the Denver South Park & Pacific, Colorado Midland and Denver & Rio Grande) and more. Few photos. 48 pp, softcover ($5-20)

Blair, Edward and E. Richard Churchill.  Everybody Came to Leadville. Various publishers, dates.

Illustrated. 25-40pp. ($5-16)

Blazek, Mike.  Narrow Gauge Workbooks

Each workbook is a 3-ring loose-leaf notebook containing a brief history of one or more location(s) on a Colorado narrow gauge railroad, detailed information on yards, railroad and non-railroad buildings and structures, including bridges, and specific data on track, turnouts, switch stands, etc. Pen and ink sketches are included that point out an array of yard detail. Many contain information on operational possibilities and available published and non-published resources. Some include composite maps, and many include the actual ICC Valuation Maps for the location. Vols. 16, 18 and 19 have a step-by-step guide to exploring the road and finding items of interest along the way. The loose-leaf format makes it possible for you to add your own notes, photos, maps or other data. Narrow Gauge Workbooks are available from Mike Blazek, 3351 Nevada Avenue, Costa Mesa, CA 92626 or by calling (714) 979-8055. Add $6 per volume to indicated prices for S/H.

Volumes currently available (Dec. 2006) include --

1. Rico (RGS)    $45
2. Telluride (RGS)    $45
3. Dolores (RGS)    $45
4. Ridgeway (RGS)    $45
5. Placerville / Dallas Divide (RGS)    $45
6. Ophir (RGS)    $45
7. Brown / Vance Jct / Matterhorn (RGS)    $45
8. Durango / West Durango (D&RGW-RGS)    $55
9. Pandora (RGS)    $45
10. Sargent (D&RGW)    $45
11. RGS 1919 ICC Valuation Report providing comprehensive information on physical assets  $45
12. Keeler (SPNG)    $50
14. Chama (D&RGW)    $55
15. Silverton (D&RGW)    $45
16. Silverton, Gladstone & Northerly    $55
17. Mancos / Lizard Head / Coke Ovens (RGS)    $45
18. Silverton Northern Railroad    $55
19. Silverton Railroad    $55
20. Como (C&S)    $55
21. Ouray (D&RGW)    $50
22. Cimarron (D&RGW)    $45
23. Crested Butte (D&RGW)    $45

24. Gunnison (D&RGW and C&S)    $55
25. Buffalo and Pine Grove (C&S)    $45
26. Baileys and Grant (C&S)    $45
27. Webster and Jefferson (C&S)    $45
28. Chalk Creek Canon -- Alpine, Romley and Hancock (C&S)    $55
29. Black Hawk (C&S)    $55
30. Alpine Tunnel (C&S) (includes plans for all building there)  $65
31. Idaho Springs    $55

Brown, Robert L.  Central City and Gilpin County: Then and Now. Caldwell, ID: Caxton Printers, Ltd., 1994.

Lots of black & white photos of towns in and around Gilpin County—many railroad-related—mostly from the 1880s. 217 pages. (Trade paperback $9-10)

Brown, Robert L.  Colorado Ghost Towns -- past and present. Caldwell, ID: Caxton Printers, Ltd. Six printings: 1972, 1973, 1977, 1981, 1987, 1993.

History, nostalgia, and detailed travel directions combine to provide background for exploring 65 ghost towns and mining camps. Nice history of ghost towns illustrated from vintage and modern photos taken from the same vantage points and illustrating the changes over the years. 140 black & white photos, 332 pages. ($4-55; most are hardback though there is a trade paperback available)

Here, courtesy of Mark Ellis, are the names of the towns —

Ames, Arbourville, Argentine, Arloa, Arrow, Ashcroft, Baldwin, Balfour, Berwind, Black Hawk, Breckinridge, Cache Creek, Cameo, Camp Talcott, Cardinal, Central City, Creede, Eastonville, Elko, Empire, Garland City, Gilman, Granite, Hahns Peak, Haywood Hot Springs, Hessie, Idaho Springs, Ilse, Independence, Iris, Jamestown, Lincoln City, London Junction, Ludlow, Manhattan, Masontown, Monarch, Morley, Ohio City, Pearl, Pictou, Placerville, Primero, Red Cliff, Rexford, Robinson, Rouse, Russell, Segundo, Shevano, Silver Creek, Silver Dale, Springdale, Sunset, Swandyke, Tabasco, Tercio, Tiger, Vulcan, Ward, Webster, Westcliffe, Whitehorn, Winfield and finally Yankee Hill.

Brown, Robert L. Ghost Towns of the Colorado Rockies. Caldwell, ID: Caxton Printers, Ltd. Seven printings: 1968, 1969, 1971, 1973, 1977, 1982, 1990.

Photographs and material on a group of 60 early mining and pioneer towns, most little known, and nearly all accessible in the family car. More than 125 black & white photos, then and now, 402 pages. ($5-50; most are hardback though there is a trade paperback available). Includes —

Alma, Alpine & Alpine Tunnel, Bonanza, Boreas, Brownsville, Buckskin Joe, Camp Bird, Camp Frances, Como, Crested Butte, Crestone, Crystal City, Custer City, Dallas City, Dyersville, Eclipse, Eldora, Elkton, Fairplay, Fall River, Forks Creek, Freeland, Gillett, Gilson Gulch, Goldfield, Jasper, King City, Kokomo, Leavick, LuLu City, Marble, Montgomery, Mound City, Mountain City, North Empire, Oro City, Ouray, Pandora, Perigo, Pitkin, Platoro, Puma City, Quartsville, Ruby, Russell Gulch, Sacramento, Salina, Scofield City, Silver Cliff, Silver Plume, Silverton, Stunner, Tarryall & Hamilton, Telluride, Tomboy, Tungsten, Turret, Vanadium, and Virginia Dale.

Brown, Robert L. Jeep Trails to Colorado Ghost Towns. Caldwell, ID: Caxton Printers, Ltd., Sixteen printings: 1963 - 1995.

Covers 59 sites of mining camps in Colorado, with information regarding the mining history of each site. 239 pages, map endpapers, well illustrated with photographs. (Hardback or paper, $5-35)

Here, courtesy of Mark Ellis, are the names of the towns —

Alice, Alta, Altman, American City, Anaconda, Animas Forks, Apex, Baltimore, The Original Bent's Stockade, Burrows Park, Capital City, Caribou, Carson, Eureka, Floresta, Gilpin, Gladstone, Gold Hill, Gold Park, Gothic, Hancock, Holy Cross City, Howardsville, Ironton, Lamartine, The London Mines, Magnolia, Middleton, Mineral Point, Montezuma, Mount Falcon, Nevadaville, Ninety Four, North Star, Nugget, Old Ophir, Quartz, Querida, Red Mountain Town, Romley, Rose's Cabin, Rosita, Ruby-Irwin, St. Elmo, Saints John, Santiago, Sherman, Sneffels, Tin Cup, Tomichi, Vicksburg, Waldorf, Wall Street, West Creek, Whitecross, Whitepine, The Wild Irishman, Winfield, And finally Woodstock.

Brunk, Harry W.  Up Clear Creek on the Narrow Gauge; Modeling the Colorado & Southern. New Canaan, CT: Benchmark Publications Ltd., 1990. Reprinted 1993, 2007.

Harry wrote a long series of articles for the Narrow Gauge and Short Line Gazette on the design and building of his UC&N HO scale layout that modeled the Clear Creek district of the C&S. The book is a collection of the first 54 articles, which span everything from depots to cabooses. While the book is full of plans and sketches for the model builder, it also contains a lot of history. 277 - 9" x 12" pages with very complete index. ($100-200 for early printing prior to 2007 printing; $61.95 MSRP, street price as low as $55.48)

Carstens, Harold H.  Slim Gauge Cars. Newton, NJ: Carstens Publications, Inc. 1991.

Narrow Gauge rolling stock and pix from the D&RG, C&SNG, CATS, SP, WP&Y, CP, C&C, EBT, SR&RL, BRB&L and other roads. Introduction to narrow gauge. 160pp. (Hardcover $17-20)

Champion, George W. “Remembrances of  the South Park.” Colorado Magazine, XL:1 (Jan 1963).

Champion was born near Jefferson, in South Park, in 1884. His family moved to Como in 1898. In 1901, he began an apprenticeship as a machinist with the C&S. He left Como in 1904, but returned to work again for the C&S in 1908. The last trip he took on that line was the next year, when he was pilot for the rotary snowplow as it made its last trip through the Alpine Tunnel.

Chappell, Gordon S., Robert W. Richardson, and Cornelius W. Hauck.  The South Park Line: A Concise History. Colorado Rail Annual Number 12. Golden, CO: Colorado Railroad Museum, 1974.

If you’re too poor to buy Poor, get this one! (Some think it’s even better!!) 280 - 9" x 11½" pages of text, 350 b/w photographs, timetables, maps, roster, index, bibliography.

1st printing, 1974 ($19-   )

2nd printing, 1979 ($26-  )

Printing unknown ($18-70; usually under $25 on eBay)

Cohen, William M. Lettering Guide for Early Colorado Narrow Gauge Freight Cars. Denver, CO: Rocky Mountain Region of the National Model Railroad Association, 1970. 2nd printing 1977.

58 drawings showing the details of lettering on early Colorado rail cars designed for use by model railroaders. Includes Box cars (D&RG, DSP&P, Colorado Central, Greeley Salt Lake & Pacific, RGS, F&CC), Refrigerator Cars ( DSP&P), Stock Cars (DSP&P, D&RG, RGS), Coal Cars (D&RG, DSP&P, CCRR, DL&G. UPD&G), Flat Cars (DSP&P. D&RG), RGS Coal and Flat cars, Cabooses (D&RG, DSP&P, F&CC, RGS), Colorado & Northwestern, Denver Boulder & Western, and C&S Cabooses. 104 pages, comb binding. ($15-38)

Coleman, George L. (auth.), Robert L. Grandt (ed.).   Motive Power of the Colorado & Southern. Narrow Gauge Pictorial Vol. VI. Union City/Oakland, CA: R. Robb Ltd., 1986, 1989, 19XX, 2001

224 - 11" x 81/2" pages, stiff pictorial wrappers, b/w photos, maps, drawings diagrams

Constant, Rezin H. “Colorado As Seen by a Visitor of 1880.” Colorado Magazine.  12.  (1935)

Corbin, Bernard G., and William F. Kerka.  Steam Locomotives of the Burlington Route.  Red Oak, IA: Corbin-Kerka, 1960. Reprinted by Bonanza Books, New York, NY, 1978.

Many B/W photos and scale diagrams. 304 pages. This book should be of particular interest to scale-model locomotive builders. (1960 ed., $30-175 (most <$100); reprint, $20-40)

Cox, Terry.  Inside the Mountains; A history of mining around Central City, Colorado.  Boulder, CO: Pruett Publishing Company, 1989.

117 pages. ($30±)

Crea, Joseph K., with research by Elwood I. Bell. Structures of the Early West. Northglenn, CO: MEGA Publications, 1975.

Scale elevation drawings, some with dimensions, and sketches of 18 structures from 19th century western America, mostly from Colorado. 15 photos, 57 pages. Included are the following

Store/Masonic Hall; Crested Butte, Colorado
Newspaper Office; Crested Butte, Colorado
Residence; Silverton, Colorado
Hardware Store; Black Hawk, Colorado (c. 1875 - rested adjacent to the site of the CCRR bridge that supported the rails above Black Hawk rooftops on their climb to Central City)
Stores; Fairplay, Colorado
Saloon; Virginia City, Montana
Store; Laurin, Montana
Silver Mine; Leadville, Colorado
A Colorado Stamp Mill (Generic)
Crown Point & Virginia Mine; Idaho Springs, Colorado (fold-out)
Enginehouse; Silverton, Colorado
Coaling Docks; C&S Narrow Gauge Railroad (Pitkin and Dickey; fold-out)
Mount Princeton Station
Baker Tank; Boreas Pass, Colorado
Depot; Pitkin Colorado
City Hall; Pitkin, Colorado
Firehouse; Diamondville, Nevada
Residence, Kokomo, Colorado
Authentic Signs of the Early West

Crofutt, George A., Crofutt’s Grip-Sack Guide of Colorado. Omaha, NE: Overland Publishing Company, 1885.

Illustrated guide and history of Colorado. Numerous black & white illustrations and photos by Crofutt. Printed paste-downs, photo-frontispiece of Belles of Colorado, large folding tinted map of Colorado (with wood-engraved view of Leadville on the back) at front, double-page map of the Denver and Rio Grande Railway, with advertisements on the back, bound after p.56, wood-engraved views throughout. ($850-1,000)

Republication — Golden, CO: Cubar (R3) Associates, 1966.

Has added pictorial supplement by Francis B. Rizzari, Richard A. Ronzio, and Charles S. Ryland, three long-time collectors of Colorado photographs. Hard cover, 264 - 9¾" x 12" pages, map in pocket inside back cover titled "New Sectional Map of Colorado 1885," with period advertisements. ($55-70)

Reprint of republication — Boulder, CO: Johnson Books, 1981.

Paperback, 264 pages, map in pocket inside back cover. ($20-35)

Crossen, Forest. “South Park Railroaders.” Western Yesterdays, Vol. XI. Boulder CO: Robinson Press Inc, 1979.

Authentic stories of the rugged railroaders who kept the trains running over the South Park as only they could tell it to the author. Well illustrated with b/w photos and a map. 87pp. Paper ($10-$24)

Crossen, Forest. The Switzerland Trail of America.

Traces the development of narrow gauge rail lines running west from Boulder, Colorado, from the early days of the Greeley, Salt Lake & Pacific to those of the Denver, Boulder & Western & the Colorado & Northwestern. Colorado Central cars also ran on these lines. 417 pp., 370 photos, 4 paintings (1 by Richard Ward, 3 by Howard Fogg), 2 maps laid in.

1st edition - Boulder, CO: Pruett Press, 1962. Limited edition of 4,000 signed copies. (This edition is often touted as “rare.” Don’t believe it!) ($60-325) ($31 on eBay 15 October 2003)

2nd edition - Ft. Collins, CO: Robinson Press, Inc. 1978. Limited edition of 10,000 signed copies. This edition contains an additional chapter that relates the life and adventures of Bill Tipps, the railroad’s senior engineer as told by his son, and some unpublished photographs added to the final chapter. ($70-150)

Cushman, Samuel and J.P. Waterman.  Gold Mines of Gilpin County, Colorado; Historical, Descriptive, Statistical. Central City, CO: Register Steam Printing House, 1876. Partial reprint (96 pages) under the title Central City, Black Hawk and Nevadaville: from the earliest settlement until statehood, 1859-1876: with a description of the gold mines of Gilpin County, Colo. Aurora, CO: John Osterberg, 1991.

136 pages, hardcover. ($1,400-1,600. Reprint-on-Demand $60-70. Osterberg reprint $40±)

Dallas, Sandra.  Colorado Ghost Towns and Mining Camps.  Norman, OK: University of Oklahoma Press, 1985.

Covers 147 towns & camps illustrated with 290 photographs & 14 maps. Town histories are traced from their boom beginnings, through the declines to present days. ($15-50)

Dallas, Sandra.  No More Than Five in a Bed: Colorado Hotels in the Old Days. Norman, OK: University of Oklahoma Press, 1967.

“Here is the story of Colorado’s old hotels -- some lavish, some lascivious, a few just long ago forgotten. Before the turn of the century, when travel was arduous, not to mention downright dangerous, voyagers to the Rocky Mountains wanted to lower their travel-weary limbs into plush chairs’ nibble oysters, and sip champagne. No luxury was spared them when they arrived at Colorado hotels.” Profusely illustrated with cuts and photographs, index, maps, 208 pp. ($10 -65)

Reprint: 1977, 1984 ($6-10)

Danser, A.C. Polk's Directory of Towns 1884-1885 (Colorado Vol. 1). Chicago, IL: R.L. Polk & Co. 1885.

Davis, Elmer O.  "The Argentine Central Railway." The Colorado Magazine. Vol. 25, No. 6, November 1948.

Dempsey, Stanley and James E. Fell, Jr.  Mining the Summit - Colorado’s Ten Mile District, 1860-1960. Norman, OK: University of Oklahoma Press, 1986.

Presents a history of Colorado's Ten Mile Mining District north of Leadville and south of Copper Mountain which was first settled in 1860. Photos, maps, bibliography, index. ($18-66)

Digerness, David S.  The Mineral Belt. Silverton, CO: Sundance Publications, LTD.

Vol 1 - Old South Park - Denver to Leadville. 416 pp with City of Denver map in rear cover pocket.
                (First printing November 1977 [$89-250])
                        (Signed/numbered edition of 846+ [$104-125])
                (Second printing 1979 [$100-150])

The 1st printing of this volume appears to be marginally better when it comes to photo reproduction. However, “muddy” photos in the 2nd printing may be just as muddy in the 1st, only lighter.

Vol 2 - Old South Park - Across the Great Divide. 416 pp. with station map of Como and copy of Georgetown Courier dated Thursday June 12, 1879 in rear cover pocket. This is by far the most available of the three volumes.
                (First printing July 1978 [$130-175])
                        (Signed/numbered edition of 2879+ ($95-200);
                                $60 on eBay 27 Mar 2004!!!)
                (Second printing 1980 [$70-159])

We were disappointed to find virtually no difference in photo reproduction between the 2nd printing of this volume and the 1st. (Of course, we have seen only one copy of each, and photo quality may differ between volumes.)

Vol 3 - Georgetown - Mining - Colorado Central Railroad. Railroad map of Colorado in rear cover pocket. This seems to be the rare one of the three volumes, probably because it has the fewest railroad photos.
                (First printing 1982 [$159])
                        (Signed/numbered edition of 617+ [$295])
                (Second printing 1984 ($

It seems to our unpracticed eye that photo quality is better in this volume on the 2nd printing (but then there are far fewer railroad photos in this one than in the other two).

(Sets, generally a mixture of printings and signed/unsigned, run around $500-700.) (Except, of course, when 3 vol. set, all first printings, went for $306 on eBay 7 July 2003. Or first 2 vols., 1st printing, and vol. 3, 2nd, went for $224 on 12 October 2003! WOW!!!)

Dorset, Phyllis Flanders.  The New Eldorado; The Story of Colorado's Gold and Silver Rushes.

Colorado’s gold and silver rushes, the boom and bust years between 1858 and 1910. Cherry Creek, Central City, Leadville, Creede, Cripple Creek, etc, and the colorful characters, H.A.W. Tabor, Baby Doe, Meyer Guggenhein, Jefferson Randolph “Soapy” Smith, Molly Brown, Bat Masterson, etc. Illustrated with b/w photographs. Notes, bibliography and index. Six text maps plus 38 illustrations. 434pp.

New York, NY:  The MacMillan Company, 1970. ($10-75)

London. MacMillan, 1970 (1979?)  ($28-40)

Barnes & Noble, NY. 1994 Reissue ($13-   ) (Hold out for the real thing. There’s LOTS of copies available at $30 or less.)

Draper, Benjamin.  Georgetown Pictorial: An Illustrated Story of a Colorado Mining Town. Denver, CO: Old West Publishing Company, 1964. (Softbound, $25-   ) (Appears 1972 reprint same pub.)

Dyer, Mary.  Echoes of Como, Colorado 1879-1973. Dillon, CO: Litho by D & L Printing, Inc., 1974, 1978.

A local history of the town that became the hub of the DSP&P. (Softbound, $25)

Eberhart, Perry.  Guide to the Colorado Ghost Towns and Mining Camps. Chicago, IL: Sage Books/Swallow Press, 1970.

Directory of Colorado mining towns. Illustrated with maps and photos.
 ($18-  )

Ehernberger, James L.  Union Pacific Equipment List & Renumbering - June 1, 1885. Cheyenne, WY: Self published, 1989.

Reprint of a guidebook printed by the railroad to help its workers identify cars and locomotives on the line during the renumbering that followed consolidation of many lines into the Union Pacific in 1885, together with selected illustrations.

Ehernberger, James L. & Francis G. Gschwind.  Colorado & Southern: Northern Division. Callaway, NE: E & G Publications, 1966.

A look at the railroad’s standard gauge operations. Included are sections on the locomotives, Santa Fe joint line, the Denver Terminal, the Northern Division and the Climax Spur. Profusely illustrated with black and white photographs and map endpapers. 64 - 11¼ x 8¾" pages. ($20-51)

Ellis, Erl H. The Saga of Upper Clear Creek: A detailed history of an old mining area: its past and present. Frederick, CO: Jende-Hagan Book Corporation, 1983. Limited edition of 400.

An excellent local history of the mining area above Georgetown and Silver Plume Colorado. Photographs, maps, drawings. 266 pages. Dealers asking $200-500, but that seems a lot when lists (Oct 2006) 10 copies available. Probably available at eBay for less.

Emmons, Samuel Franklin, Whitman Cross and George Homans Eldridge. Geology of the Denver Basin in Colorado. (USGS Monograph Volume 27). Washington, DC: Government Printing Office, 1896.


Felton, James.  U.S. Narrow Gauge Mail Routes & Postal Markings. Marstons Mills, MA: Mobile Post Office Society, 2001.

Includes the history of narrow gauge railroading, routes in alpha order, station agents, routes by state, references, and terms and conventions. ($12)

Ferrell, Mallory Hope.  C & S ng - Colorado & Southern Narrow Gauge. Boulder, CO: Pruett Publishing Company, 1981.

The final years of the C&S narrow gauge operations in the Colorado high country -- the bear trap stack era -- told largely in b/w photos. Maps, rosters, index. 238 - 9 x 12" pages, more than 300 photos and maps. ($50-125)

Ferrell, Mallory Hope.  Rails, Sagebrush & Pine. San Marino, CA: Golden West Books, 1967, 1968, 1970, 1978, 1990.

The complete story of the Sumpter Valley Railway and the logging carriers who were born and thrived there in its heyday. 128 pp. ($25-60)

Ferrell, Mallory Hope.  Southern Pacific Narrow Gauge. Edmonds, WA: Pacific Fast Mail, 1982.

Ferrell’s usual good work. Reportedly includes photo of former DSP&P Officer car #050, converted to N-C-O business car Fairport.

Ferrell, Mallory Hope.  The South Park Line. Mukilteo, WA: Hundman Publishing, Inc., 2003.

New book on the C&S. 368 pages, 600 photos, 8-1/2 x 11 format. ($76.46 from Caboose Hobbies; $150 from publisher signed, numbered, & embossed)

Ferrell, Mallory Hope.  The Gilpin Gold Tram: Colorado's Unique Narrow-Gauge. Boulder, CO: Pruett Publishing Company, 1970.

The Gilpin two-foot gauge railroad ran from the mines above Central City to the smelters at Blackhawk. Includes a look at the gold rush in the clear creek area, the Colorado Central line to Black Hawk, the Gilpin Tramway's planning and construction, ore shipments, the Gilpin Mines, the Shay locos used by the line, operations under the Colorado & Southern, abandonment of the line, the Ore Cars used, and more. 108 old photos, maps, sketches & scale drawings; handsome watercolor frontispiece by Howard Fogg, drawings by Fogg. Reportedly contains some C&S photos, including a shot of the backside of C&S coach #59 (formerly South Park #21). 112 - 9 x 11½" pages plus 17 x 22" route map in back pocket. ($35-95; signed $120)

Ferrell, Mallory Hope, Cornelius W. Hauck and Rex Myers. Idaho Montana Issue.
Colorado Rail Annual No. 15.
Golden, CO: Colorado Railroad Historical Foundation, 1981.

Includes articles “Utah Northern” by Ferrell: a history of the Ogden-Butte line of the Union Pacific; “Montana” by Hauck: a profusely illustrated story of the operations on the Butte line after standard gauging; and “Gilmore & Pittsburgh” by Myers: a virtually unknown standard gauge line in Idaho’s Salmon River country. 316 pages, more than 200 photos, rosters and maps, hardcover. (Available winter 2003/04 direct from CCRM at $24.95 + S/H)

Fisher, Charles E.  “Mason's Bogies.” R&LHS Bulletin #41, pp. 15ff.

Fleming, Dale.  The South Park Sketchbook. Canton, OH: Railhead Publications, 1988.

Excellent, if sometimes imaginative artwork. Author does good research, but acknowledges “using his imagination” when necessary.

Forrest, Kenton and Charles Albi.  Denvers Railroads; The Story of Union Station and the Railroads of Denver. Golden, CO: Colorado Railroad Museum, 1981. Rev. 1986

This volume expands on the railroads’ histories that relate to Union Station in Denver, Colorado, including the yards and shops. The last chapter covers the electric interurbans that ran in the Denver areas. Illustrated with duotone photography, frontispiece color painting of the station. 244 pp. ($20-85)(Rev. Ed. $32-40 ($Generally under $35 on eBay 2003)

Fossett, Frank. Colorado—Its Gold and Silver Mines, Farms & Stock Ranges, Health & Pleasure Resorts! A Tourist Guide to the Rocky Mountains. New York, NY: C.G. Crawford, 1879.

“Its contents are descriptive, statistical, and historical, and embrace a detailed account of the State’s resources, production and progress”; “offers one of the most extensive and detailed descriptions of the mining operations in all of Colorado.” Folding maps, tables and illustrations throughout. 540 pages.

1st edition ($35-125)

Expanded 2nd edition ($

1880, 3rd edition. “Third and best edition, containing an expanded text and the folding maps and panorama not found in the first two editions.” “3 folding maps, 4 full-page maps, 108 wood-engravings in the text, many full-page.” 592 pages. ($140-450)

Reprint of the 2nd edition - Glorieta, NM: The Rio Grande Press, Inc., 1976. 624 pages [Harder to find than the original.] ($55-75)

Frost, Aaron.  Idaho Springs: Its mines and mineral waters.  Georgetown, CO: Georgetown Courier, 1880.

40 pages. ($  -  )

Fulcomer, Ed.  Colorado & Southern, Southern Division -- Color Pictorial. La Mirada, CA: Four Ways Publishing, ca. 1995.

Almost entirely a pictorial of the line that ran from Denver to Texline on the New Mexico-Texas border. The color photos are vivid, mostly from the diesel era, but some steam locomotives shown as this railroad was one of the last to use steam engines, nearly to 1960. For the modeler there are illustrative views of various differences in paint schemes for both steam and diesel locomotives. There is also a chapter on C&S's leased locomotives as well as a salute to C&S's joint line partner, Santa Fe. 128pp. ($15-45)

Gardiner, Harvey.  Mining Among the Clouds: The Mosquito Range and the Origin of Colorado's Silver Boom. Denver, CO: Colorado Historical Society, 2002.

Focus on the mines up above Alma on Mt. Lincoln and Mt. Bross. Since these mines would have been a possible source of traffic for the railroad you might find this book interesting. It also has information on early smelting processes and how the development of various mills and smelters around Colorado affected the Alma area mines. Soft Cover. 132 pp, index, bibliography, notes, photos, illustrations, maps. ($10)

Gillette, Ethel Morrow.  Idaho Springs: Saratoga of the Rockies: a History of Idaho Springs, Colorado. New York, NY: Vantage Press, 1978.


Gilliland, Mary Ellen.  Summit - A Gold Rush History of Summit County, Colorado. Silverthorne, CO: Alpenrose Press, 1980, 1983, 1987, 1992, 1995, 1997.

A fairly comprehensive history of Summit County, Colorado from the pre-rush days when the Ute Indians were the only inhabitants, through the finding of gold and the heady years of the gold rush. Includes information on Breckenridge, Montezuma, Dillon, Frisco, Ghost Camps, the railways. mining (by pick, pan and blasting), pre-rail transport, the old newspapers and journalism and finally the early days of Summit skiing-the era of white gold. 336pp, index, bibliography, maps, numerous b&w illustrations. (1980 ed. HC $12-18; all others are paper $4-18)

Grandt, Robert L. (ed.), George L. Coleman, (auth.).   Motive Power of the Colorado & Southern. Narrow Gauge Pictorial Vol. VI. Union City/Oakland, CA: R. Robb Ltd., 1986, 1989, 19XX, 2001

224 - 11" x 81/2" pages, stiff pictorial wrappers, b/w photos, maps, drawings diagrams

Grenard, Ross B.  Colorado & Southern: A Personal Memory of the Standard Gauge. Blairstown, NJ: Andover Junction Publications, 1987.

A photo album of the C&S standard gauge in the last days of steam and the first diesels. 64 page soft cover book in horizontal format. Map showing The abandoned narrow guage, abandoned standard gauge and (then) operating standard gauge across WY, CO, NM, NE and TX. ($8-13)

Griswold, P.R. “Bob,” Richard H. Kindig and Cynthia Trombly.  Georgetown and the Loop. Denver, CO: Rocky Mountain Railroad Club, 1988.

The old loop narrow gauge sightseeing rail line from 1884 until its demise by 1939, and the rebuilding of the loop in the 1970s. 254 - 9 x 11½" pages. ($30-70)

Griswold, Don L. and Jean Harvey. The Carbonate Camp Called Leadville. Denver, CO: University of Denver Press, 1951.

282 - 8" x 10" pages. Indexed / Illustrated. Pictorial endpapers (Leadville plat maps). ($120-165)

Griswold, Don and Jean. “The Denver, South Park & Pacific Builds the High Line.” Denver Westerners Monthly Roundup, Volume XXIV, No. 12 December 1968.

13 page article, well illustrated with b/w photos, including n.g. loco #76 at water tank near Birdseye, n.g. tracks & snowshed with harp switch on January 1927 near Kokomo, 15 August 1943 photo of C&S officials with n.g. engine No. 76 & s.g. engine No. 638 as operations changed from narrow to standard gauge. 6" x 9" stapled paperback. ($   )

Griswold, Don L. and Jean Harvey. History of Leadville and Lake County, Colorado; From Mountain Solitude to Metropolis.             , CO: University Press of Colorado, 1996.

2,374 - 10" x 12" pages in 2 volumes ($100-150)

Hafen, LeRoy R. “The Counties of Colorado: A History of Their Creation and the Origin of Their Names.” Colorado Magazine.  8.  (1931)

Hagie, E.C. “Gunnison In Early Days.” Colorado Magazine.  8.  (1931)

Hall, Frank.  History of the State of Colorado. Chicago: Blakely Printing Company, vol 1, 1889, vol. 2, 1890, vol. 3, 1891, vol. 4, 1895.

Really good information on the early days in Colorado, mining, ranching, lawmen, outlaws, military, etc. Good information on Colorado counties. Extensively illustrated with portraits, views of Indian ruins, etc.  (all engravings?) 574 pages. ($75-150 each vol. $400-500 the set)

Harrison, Louise C.  Empire and the Berthoud Pass. Denver, CO:  Big Mountain Press, 1964.

Well researched history of Empire County from its mining camp days to transcontinental travel to the early days of the ski industry on Berthoud Pass. 86 illustrations from public and private collections, full bibliography and index. 482 pgs. ($25-125)

Reprint: 1974 HB ($35)

Hart, Arthur A. and Henry R. Griffiths. Steam Trains in Idaho in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries. Boise, ID: Idaho State Historical Society, 1960s?

Reportedly contains P&IN, U&N, OSL, among others. B/w photos. 24pp, spiral bound, ($7-15)

Harvey, Mrs. James. “The Leadville Ice Palace of 1896.” Colorado Magazine.  17.  (1940)

Hauck, Cornelius W.  Narrow Gauge to Central and Silver Plume. Colorado Rail Annual #10. Golden, CO: Colorado Railroad Museum, 1972.

History of the first narrow gauge railroad to push west into the Rockies. Begun in 1872 as the Colorado Central, it became part of the Union Pacific and eventually the Colorado & Southern. Built to serve the mining communities of Gilpin and Clear Creek countries, its famed Georgetown Loop became a popular tourist attraction. 220 pp, over 300 photos. (Softbound $13-20); Hardback $40 [$11 on eBay 8 Feb 2004; $7.05 5 Jun 2004!]) (Available winter 2003/04 direct from CCRM at $39.95 + S/H)

Helmers, Dow.  Historic Alpine Tunnel.

The story of perhaps the most historic railway project in the world. Built by the DSP&P Railroad, the Alpine Tunnel pierced the Saguache Range of the Continental Divide in central Colorado more than 2 miles above sea level to connect Denver with the Pacific Coast.


Denver, CO: Sage Books. Signed Ltd. edition (445+ copies), 200 pages, index, 178 b/w illustrations, 20 page reproduction of a rare document: an old Time Table and General Orders of the South Park. ($95-236)

Chicago, IL: Sage Books/Swallow Press. (As above but un-numbered and generally unsigned.) ($80-113)


Chicago, IL: Sage Books/Swallow Press. Rev. 2nd ed. 208 pages, approx. 166 b/w illustrations. HC ($64-90; $31 on eBay 2 Mar 2004)

Colorado Springs, CO: Century One Press. Trade paperback.  208pp. ($26-85)


Colorado Springs, CO: Century One Press. (Paper $60-70)

We usually suggest you seek a first edition if you are interested in clarity of photographs. But in his review in The Bogies & The Loop, Bob Schoppe indicates that although there are a few less photos in the reprint edition (brownish cover with white/blue/black dust jacket), photo quality is noticeably better than in the first edition (reddish cover with yellow/green/black dust jacket)!

Henderson, Charles W. Mining in Colorado; a history of discovery, development and production. Washington, DC: Government Printing Office, 1926.

263pp. Paper ($40-50)

Hilton, George W. American Narrow Gauge Railroads. Palo Alto, CA: Stanford University Press, 1990, 1995.

The first half traces the rise and fall of narrow gauge railroading. The second half gives capsule histories of every major narrow gauge common carrier in the U.S. This is an economic history rather than a pictorial, and as such, quite interesting. 580 pages illustrated by photographs, map endpapers, engineering drawings. (1990 HC, 1st ed. $35-80; 1995 Paper $17-55)

Hollenback, Frank R.  The Argentine Central, a Colorado Narrow-Gauge. Denver, CO: Sage Books, 1959.

History of the Argentine Central, built to tap the ores of the Argentine (Colorado) area, and went to the highest point attained by railroad, well over 13,000 feet above sea level. The mining adventure never paid off, but the railroad became a popular tourist train operating under different names (Argentine & Grays Peak Railway Co., and Georgetown & Grays Peak Railway Co.). 51 illustrations, including original factory drawings of the Shay engines, maps, and photos from private collections never before published. (HB limited edition of 300, $250)(Softcover, same date, $32-95)

Hollenback, Frank R.  Central City and Black Hawk Colorado Then and Now. Denver, CO: Sage Books, 1961.

B/w photographs, 128 pp. (Softcover, $25-40)

Hollenback, Frank R.  The Gilpin Tram. Denver, CO: Sage Books, 1958.

A short but very good history of the two-foot gauge railway built for transporting mining ores in Gilpin County, CO. Ilustrated by photographs and a fold out map. 64 pp. (HB limited edition of 200. $120-150) (Softcover, same date, $25-30)

Hollister, Ovando James.  The Mines of Colorado.

The author was the editor and proprietor of the Colorado Mining Journal. He fully covers the geography, geology, mineralogy, climate and agriculture of the region; early efforts at settlement and self-government; and the discovery of gold, silver, and other precious ores.

Springfield, MA: Samuel Bowles & Co., 1867. ($     -200)

New York: Promontory Press, 1974. Facsimile reprint of 1867 ed. 450 pp. ($5-50)

Howe, M. Hazel.  The Story of Silver Plume. Idaho Springs, CO: Self-published (various printers), 1960, 1975, 1983.

History of Clear Creek County Colorado, illustrated with old black & white photos; bibliography; 38 pgs.

Hutchinson, W.I.  History of the gold camps of Gilpin County, Colorado and report on forests, floods, and erosion in the Central City district, 1859-1915.           , 1915.

48 pages.

Hynes, Frank W.  Nature’s Romance, “Over the Loop,” Clear Creek Canon and Adjacent Scenery.

(This appears to be a small cord-bound souvenir book of 20 to 30 pages, depending on the edition.)

Denver, CO: The Colorado News Co.

1896  ($125)

1898   ($40)

1900 Scenes of the Rocky Mountains including railroading, gold mines, various peaks, etc.  ($250)

1902 18 full page illustrations and one double page illustration from photographs. Places includes are Golden, Central City, Idaho Springs ($25-39)

1903 ($39)

Denver, CO: Frank S. Thayer, Publisher

1903 (from Photographs by the Smith-Hassell Co., Denver Notations by Frank W. Hynes  ($40)

1906 Idaho Springs, Georgetown, and Silver Plume  29 pages ($100)

Jessen, Kenneth. Georgetown: A Quick History Including the Georgetown Loop. _____ : JV Publications 1996.

96 pages, softbound. ($8-28)

Jessen, Kenneth. Ghost Towns, Colorado Style. Loveland, CO: JV Publications. 3 vols.

"The most complete ghost town guide ever published on Colorado."

Vol. 1 - Northern Region. 1998, 2001. More than 150 town histories, 60 maps, 220 b&w photos. Paperback, 508 pp. ($12-48)

Vol.   - Central Region. 1999. Eagle, Garfield and Pitkin Counties; Park, Lake; Teller, Chaffee, and Gunnison Counties - over 250 town histories; 80 detailed maps; 228 historic and contemporary photographs. Organized by geographical area; easy to use and easy to read. Drawing, photographs, maps. 616pp. ($30-35)

Vol. 3 - Central Region. 2001. ($25-50)

Jessen, Kenneth. Railroads of Northern Colorado. Boulder, CO: Pruett Publishing Company, 1982.

Includes a look at the history and development of the Denver Pacific, Colorado Central, Greeley Salt Lake & Pacific, Great Western, Denver Laramie & Northwestern, Colorado & Southern, Union Pacific and the Laramie Hahns Peak & Pacific. Profusely illustrated with maps, drawings, and b/w photographs. Index, bibliography. 287 - 9¾ x 12" pages ($32-75)

Jones, James R.  Denver & New Orleans: In the Shadows of the Rockies. Denver, CO: Sundance Publications, 1997.

One of Colorado’s first standard gauge railroads: John Evans’ Denver & New Orleans. A graphically detailed work, this volume contains 376 fact filled pages. Built on the rolling hills of the high plains—in the shadow of the Rockies— the Denver & New Orleans began its life in the Mile High City. The book describes the D&NO and its successors as the line slowly laid steel from Denver southward—along the front range to Colorado Springs and Pueblo—eventually reaching Ft. Worth, Texas. Becoming part of the renowned Colorado & Southern Railway, the original D&NO route was finally merged into the vast Burlington Northern system. Hardcover, 376 - 8½ x 11" pp, 378 b/w photos, index; with many maps and a 4-page panoramic then-and-now foldout of the community of Elbert ($26-45)

Jones, William C. and Elizabeth B. Jones.  Photo by McClure; The Railroad, Cityscape and Landscape Photographs of L.C. McClure. Boulder, CO: Pruett Publishing, 1983.

Collection of 300 L.C. McClure photographs of the Front Range and mountains of Colorado with emphasis on his cityscapes and landscapes but including some railroad material for which he was best known. Includes Denver Union Station, Denver Tramway, Colorado & Southern, Argentine Central, Switzerland Trail, Pikes Peak and the West, Moffat Road, Denver, The Front Range, Scenery, Farming and Ranching, Mining and much more. 264 pages. ($25-50)

Kamphausen, Dana Dunbar.  The Central City Story. Idaho Springs, CO: The Dana Co., 1976.

Profusely illustrated with historical photographs (b/w), softbound, 64pp. ($6-15)

Kelsey, Harry E. Jr. Frontier Capitalist; The Life of John Evans. Denver, CO: State Historical Society of Colorado, 1969.

John Evans, the universal man that most Americans dreamed of becoming in the nineteenth century golden age of individualism, was a pioneer in medical practice in the Old Northwest, a successful land speculator and developer in Chicago in the 1850's, governor of Colorado Territory during the Civil War, and a large scale railroad promoter in and around Colorado in the 1870s and 1880s. 371 pp. Index, extensive bibliography. ($20-45)

Kemp, Donald C.  Colorado's Little Kingdom. Denver, CO: Sage Books, 1949. Limited edition of 1,000 copies.

Comprehensive history of 'Lode-Mining" in Gilpin County Colorado. Pictures and text showing the Little Kingdom's development from the time of its inception through its heyday and decline to the present day. 153 pages illustrated by 60 b/w photographs. Two fold-out maps, one mounted at rear. ($45-125)

Kindig, R.H., E.J. Haley and M.C. Poor.  Pictorial Supplement to Denver, South Park and Pacific. Denver, CO: Rocky Mountain Railroad Club, 1959; also available in an abridged edition: Lakewood, CO: Trowbridge Press, 1986.

(1959 limited (4,000 copies) ed., $35-115) (Abridged ed. $58-75) (Hold out for the “real thing” — generally sells for less than $100 on eBay.) (Went for $201 on eBay 15 Jul 2004; couldn't get a single bid 22 Feb 2005 at $300 minimum)

Klein, Maury.  Union Pacific - The Birth of a Railroad 1862-1893. Garden City, NY: Doubleday & Company, Inc. 1987.

Very little on the Colorado roads per se. Excellent book on title subject. ($35-48)

Klinger, Tom & Denise. C&S High Line Memories and Then Some. Wheat Ridge, CO: Tom Klinger, 2004.

Based on memories and accumulated materials of A.A. Anderson, fireman and engineer on the High Line from 1909 to 1943. More than 400 b/w photos, mostly from Anderson’s collection, and many from his own camera. Most have never before been published. Also included is data from Anderson’s original time books - logs on daily operations, wreck extras, and rotary plow extras. 280 pages, copy of timetable. Glossary, index. (Hardbound, $55 from publisher; street price as low as $49.25)

Koch, Don.  The Colorado Pass Book - A Guide To Colorado's Backroad Mountain Passes. Boulder, CO: Pruett Publishing Co., 1980, 1987, 1992(?), 2000.

A Comprehensive guide to mountain pass roads. Full of intriguing historical narratives, photographs of breathtaking vistas, tips for four-wheel driving. Latest edition includes section on using Global Positioning (GPS). 125 pages, photos, maps, directions. ($10-35) SUGGESTION: If you're actually going to drive this, use only the most up-to-date version.

Lathrop, Gilbert.  Little Engines and Big Men. Caldwell, ID: Caxton Printers, LTD, 1954.

Lathrop’s reminiscences of working on the narrow gauge railroads, mainly the D&RG. But chapters 8-10 relate to the C&S, Alpine tunnel, etc. 326 pp. A "good read" in any event. A few photos. ($41-85)

LeMassena, Robert A., Comp., with R.A. Ronzio, C. S. Ryland and Jackson C Thode. Colorado's Mountain Railroads.

Alphabetical listing of the railroads with a brief history and statistical information. A description of motive power through the steam years. Includes maps and hundreds of vintage photographs. A valuable work with information on the Atchison Topeka and Santa Fe; Chicago, Burlington & Quincy; Colorado Central, Colorado-Kansas, Colorado & Southeastern, Colorado & Wyoming; Denver, Laramie & Northwestern; Denver & Rio Grande; Denver, Utah & Pacific, and many others.

Originally published in 5 volumes, softbound, by The Smoking Stack Press, Golden, CO.

Complete $95-120
V. 1 1963 $10-32, $53 signed
V. 2 1965 $20
V. 3 1964 $15-35
V. 4 1966 $15-32, $50 signed
V. 5 1968 $20-35

HC reprint by Sundance Books, Denver, CO, 1984.

Complete  ($50-110)
V. 1 1987 $32-
V. 2 1989 $20-
V. 3 19__ $
V. 4 19__ $
V. 5 19__ $

LeMassena, Robert.  Union Pacific in Colorado 1867-1967. Denver, CO: Hotchkiss and Nelson, 1967.

Pictorial survey of the first century of the Union Pacific Railway in Colorado. Illustrated with numerous b/w photographs, maps. 40 - 6"x9" pp. ($9-32)

LePak, Gregory. Rails to the Rockies. Littleton, CO: Alpine Publishing, 1976.

An 1880s to 1970s pictorial presentation of railroading in the Colorado Rockies. 126 pages with 220 photographs, equipment diagrams, three paintings including one in full color, several maps, timetables and passes.

First (limited) edition of 1200 copies signed by LePak. ($80-125)
Reprint, same date. ($40-70)

Leslie, Darlene, with Kelle Rankin-Sunter and Deborah Wightman. Edited by William D MacKenzie.  Central City "The Richest Square Mile On Earth;" and the History of Gilpin County. Black Hawk, CO: TB Publishing, 1990.

80 pages.

Lewis, Allan C.  Colorado & Southern Railway -- Clear Creek Narrow Gauge. Mt. Pleasant, NC: Arcadia Publishing, 2004.

In 1860, thousands journeyed to the Colorado Territory, beckoned by reports of gold discoveries in the mountains west of Denver. In the early 1870s, W.A.H. Loveland built a railroad connecting Denver to the Clear Creek Mining District—the Colorado Central Railroad. Over the next 28 years, other lines were established, bought, sold, extended, and merged to service the mining towns of Black Hawk, Central City, and more. Author Allan C. Lewis maintains an impressive personal library of over 180,000 images relating to military, mining, railroading, and other facets of the American West. He has written and published extensively on rail topics, including another Arcadia title, Railroads of the Pike's Peak Region: 1870-1900. This book is part of Arcadia's "Images of America" series. 128 pages,  200 b/w photographs, soft cover. ($16-40)

Lind, Richard F.  Rails Along the Foothills. Barrington, IL: Richard F. Lind, 1966.

Pictorial with some paragraph length captions. Deals primarily with standard gauge steam along the front range, but does have some pix of operations around Leadville, c. 1940 to 1960. 80 - 11" x 8½" pp. (Paper, $25-26)

Litvak, Dianna. “Colorado’s Railroad to Nowhere: Building and Rebuilding the Georgetown Loop.” Colorado Heritage Magazine, Spring 1999.

Recounts the building of the Georgetown Loop in 1881, its removal in 1939, and its rebuilding in 1984 . 13 pages.

Lotta, Robert. “Denver in the 1880s.” Colorado Magazine.  18.  (1941)

Mangan, Terry Wm. Colorado On Glass; Colorado's First Half Century As Seen By the Camera.

Rich history of Colorado from the Gold Rush in 1859 until early part of the 20th century is provided in both text and fabulous photographs, largely from the State Historical Society of Colorado. With photographs and the original photographers’ accounts, this book is a unique look at evolving history in Colorado as well as photography. William Gunnison Chamberlain, William Henry Jackson, George Wakely and several more are included. Apparatus, the women in photography, color, speed, motion, albums, etc., are all provided. Includes bibliography, index, directory of early Colorado photographers 1853-1900 by Opal Murry Harber. 406 - 10¾" x 8¼ pp. More than 50 full-color photos; more than 350 b/w views. Some Jackson photos of D&RG, few of anything else in railroads.

1st edition, 1st printing - Denver, CO: Sundance Ltd., 1975.

Limited edition of 250, signed by author, with original silver gelatin photograph from Jackson negative mounted on board and bound in book. Image apparently differs from book to book. ($300-500)

Limited edition of (numbers seen 02373, 02580, 987)     ($     -225)

2nd printing - Silverton, CO: Sundance Limited, 1977   ($85-125)

3rd printing - Denver, CO. Sundance, 1980     ($60-75)

Reprint - Denver, CO: Sundance, 1997   ($40-60)

McConnel, Virginia (See Simmons, Virginia McConnel)

Merrifield, Charlotte with Suzy Kelly.  Memories of St. Elmo (Colorado). Self-published, 1992.

Oral history of a woman who lived in St. Elmo as a child and whose father worked in the area. This book contains a number of previously unpublished photographs from her family scrapbook.

Morgan, Gary.  Georgetown Loop: Colorado's Scenic Wonder. Ft. Collins, CO: Centennial Publications, 1976, Rev. 1984.

Includes a look at the discovery and early plans for RRs in the loop, the building of the Colorado Central and the Union Pacific’s involvement with the line, The loop line and High Bridge, the sale of the line to the Colorado & Southern, the abandonment of the line the reconstruction of the line in the 1970s and excursion runs. 40 pp. Photographs. Unique view of train on the high bridge from inside the loop. ($4-18)

Morgan, Gary.  Rails Around the Loop: The Story of the Georgetown Loop. Ft. Collins, CO: Centennial Publications, 1976, 1977, 1983.

40 pages, no mention of photographs.

Morgan, Gary.  Three Foot Rails; A Quick History of the Colorado Central Railroad. Colorado Springs, CO: Little London Press, 1974.

38 pages, with many illustrations both current and views dating back to the original operation. ($6-12)

Mulina, Tim.  Colorado & Southern B-4C Class Locomotive #60. Quick Pic Book Series. Blue Springs, MO: BHI/Rail Systems, 2003.

Photographic reference book. 100 b/w photos, comb bound, color cover, 58 - 8½ x 5½" pp. ($19.99 + S&H)  See sample pages.

Mulina, Tim.  7015-7064 series, Phase I, Narrow Gauge Stock Cars. Quick Pic Book Series. Blue Springs, MO: BHI/Rail Systems, 2003.

Photographic reference book. 119 b/w photos, comb bound, color cover, 54 - 8½ x 5½" pp. ($17.99 + S&H) See sample pages.

Mulina, Tim.  Colorado & Southern Railway Post Office, Mail & Baggage car #13. Quick Pic Book Series. Blue Springs, MO: BHI/Rail Systems, 2003.

A photographic reference to this well-known car, which is currently in storage and unavailable to the public. 128 different original b/w photos (many 4 x 5" or larger) as well as 4 photos in full color. 94pp. ($24.99 + S&H)  See sample pages.

Mulina, Tim.  Colorado & Southern Coach #76. Quick Pic Book Series. Blue Springs, MO: BHI/Rail Systems, 2003.

A photographic reference to this well-known car, which is currently in storage and unavailable to the public. 135 different original b/w photos (many 4 x 5" or larger) as well as 4 photos in full color. 94pp. ($24.99 + S&H)  See sample pages.

Nicholls, Maureen.  Gold Pan Mining Company and Shops Breckenridge, Colorado. Breckenridge, CO: Quandary Publishing Company, 1994.

History of the Gold Pan Mining Company. South Breckenridge turned the heads of the mining world in the early 1900s with its hydraulically excavated placer mining pit. This pit is now Maggie Pond. Learn where and why the company built the most up-to-date machine shops west of the Mississippi. Turn-of-the-century entrepreneurs dreamed big. In this book, 75 historic photos depict their efforts. ($14)

Ormes, Robert M.  Railroads and the Rockies; A Record of Lines in and Near Colorado. Denver, CO: Sage Books, 1963.

A history of the development of the railroad in the west and information for the rail fan. A few of the railroads included are: C&S, Colorado Midland, Denver & Salt Lake, South Park & Leadville, F&CC, Silver Cliff Lines and RGS. Profusely illustrated with vintage photos, drawings and maps. Index, 406 pp. ($22-87)

Ormes, Robert M.  Tracking Ghost Railroads In Colorado.

A complete field guide for those who enjoy exploring old railroad grades. The routes are there, shown on 71 color maps. This includes lines from the Great Western RR, Denver & Interurban, Lehigh Branch of the D&RGW, Florence & Cripple Creek, Denver & New Orleans, San Luis Valley line of the D&RGW, San Luis Southern, Denver South park & Pacific, Gilpin Tramway, Argentine Central, Midland Terminal, Colorado Midland, and many more. More than 160 then-and-now photographs make the routes come alive. The text gives an historical summary of each line and tells the reader what can be seen and how to find it.

Limited first edition of 1,000 signed/numbered - Colorado Springs, CO: Century One Press, 1975  ($45-175)

Revised edition - Colorado Springs, CO: Century One Press, 1976 ($75 -100)

Trade paperback - Colorado Springs: Century One Press, 1980 ($15-115)

Osterwald, Doris.  High Line to Leadville, A Mile by Mile Guide for the Leadville, Colorado & Southern Railroad. Lakewood, CO: Western Guideways, 1991.

A mile by mile guide to the last remaining section of the old Denver, South Park & Pacific. Includes detailed maps of the line, milepost by milepost guide with special attention to the history, geology, geography, flora and fauna of the line. Many photos. Some Color. Also contains a year by year list of events relating to railroad history. ($6-12)

Overton, Richard C.  Gulf to Rockies: The Heritage of the Ft. Worth and Denver - Colorado and Southern Railways, 1861-1898. Austin, TX: University of Texas Press, 1953. Reprinted 1977.

Good text, few pictures, pen sketches by Reginald Marsh. 410 - 6" x 9½" pp., index and bibliography. ($33-150; one sold on eBay 5 Nov 2003 at $5!; reprint $12-24)

Page, Charles. Tour guide to historic Alpine Tunnel. Gunnison, CO: Page Books, 1978.

Poole, Derrell W. and Kenneth W. Martin.  C&S Freight & Passenger Cars. Narrow Gauge Pictorial Vol. VIII. Oakland, CA: R/Robb LTD, 1991.

Excellent manual for identification of C&S cars. Concentrates on side views good for modeling. Rosters and descriptive detail as well. ($14-28)

Poor, M.C. "Mac."  Brief History of the Argentine Central Railway Co. R&LHS Bulletin #64, pp. 75ff

Poor, M.C. (Meredith Clarence).  Denver, South Park & Pacific.

Denver, CO: Rocky Mountain Railroad Club, 1949.

The resource on the DSP&P (and incidentally on the CCRR). 467 pages, five maps laid in. ($128-275; signed $221 on eBay 15 Jul 2004)

WOW! $61 on eBay 27 September 2003, described as "like new and perfect"

Denver, CO: Rocky Mountain Railroad Club, 1976.

Known as the “Memorial Edition,” it is more affordable, and thus more generally cited. But be forewarned, the page numbering is different, and many feel the pictures are not as clear. (Note: all photos from Poor on this website are from the Memorial Edition.) Here’s what the publisher has to say, for whatever it’s worth: “This is a reprint almost of the original 1948 edition. Only 4 of the original photos could not be obtained and were replaced by almost duplicate photographs. The only changes made were the correction of minor typographical errors, enlarging and relocating a few of the photos, printing the entire 1883 timetable, adding to the index, and updating the locomotive roster.” 493 pp ($55-270, usually under $100 on eBay; $69 on eBay 3 March 2005 with 1 bid [no dust cover] and $58.77 same day with 11 bids; $103.60 with 9 bids 12 June 2005)

Poor, M.C.  History of the Denver, Boulder & Western Railroad. R&LHS Bulletin #65, pp 43ff.

Poor, M.C.  Locomotives of the South Park Railway. R&LHS Bulletin #74 (1948), pp. 23-35.

Reeves, Stephen M.  Wendover Acme & Virginia Point; A Contemporary Look at the Colorado & Southern & Fort Worth & Denver. London: Weidenfeld and Nicholson, 1964?; Wichita Falls, TX: Red River Publishing Co. 1981 (1983?).

History of the two companies along with a contemporary look at two important subsidiaries of Burlington Northern Railroad. A look back into earlier diesel eras features white F-units, the red and grey of the old Burlington route, and the hodge-podge of post-merger BN paint schemes. Maps, power assignment information. Many b&w photos. 158pp. ($25-74)

Rogers, James Crafton.  My Rocky Mountain Valley. Pruett Press, 1968.

A one-year diary of life in the Georgetown-Silver Plume area.

Ronzio, Richard A.  Silver Images of Colorado: Denver Album & The 1866 Business Directory. (Denver, CO: Sundance Books, Vol. I, 1986) (can find no evidence of anything beyond vol. 1)

Yes, this is the Richard Ronzio whose photo collection features so prominently in so many different works on Colorado. Unfortunately it has been dispersed by his estate among various private entities, and some municipal depositories.

The book is based on J.E. Wharton and D.O. Wilhelm’s History of Denver and 1866 Business Directory published by the Rocky Mountain News. Pages from that work and its text serve as a framework for more than 200 vintage b/w photos of things Denver taken largely from Ronzio’s personal collection. Laid in is a facsimile reprint of an 1892 “Guide Map and Street Index” for Denver. A fascinating look at the business of early Denver, but few railroad photos. ($65-125)

Root, George A. “Gunnison in the Early Eighties.” Colorado Magazine.  9.  (1932)

Rudnick, Ron.

Denver, South Park & Pacific Modeling Guide. Phoenix, AZ: Self-published, Version 4.1, 1998. 36pp.

Union Pacific, Denver & Gulf / Denver, Leadville & Gunnison Modeling Guide. Phoenix, AZ: Self-published, Version 6.1, 2000. 32pp.

Colorado Central Modeling Guide. Phoenix, AZ: Self-published, Version 5.1, 1997. 32 pp.

No photos, but these books are loaded with illustrations, and with historical information available nowhere else. We feel it safe to say that no one has researched the primary records any more thoroughly than Ron Rudnick. $15 each from Coronado Scale Models in Phoenix.

Simmons, Virginia McConnel.  Bayou Salado - The Story of South Park.

Sage Books, Denver, CO, 1966.
   (This is the only HC ed. -- 275 pp., large folding map, index, map endpapers: $35-50)

   (All below are softbound, $5-15)
Century One Press, Colorado Springs, CO, 1982. ($18)
Fred Pruett Books, Boulder, CO, 1992. ($10)
Century One Press, Colorado Springs, CO, 1996.
University Press of Colorado, Boulder, CO, 2002.

“History of Colorado’s South Park area which includes the Ute Native Americans who originally claimed the land, early French, Spanish and American explorers, trappers, gold rush miners, coal mining and labor troubles, the Denver and South Park railroads, cattlemen, sheepmen and ranchers, little known and sometimes forgotten ghost towns, profusely illustrated with b/w photos.” “The book was originally printed in 1966 and is still being printed 26 years later. It has a life of its own, meaning it's a valuable piece of writing.”

Smiley, Jerome C., ed.  History of Denver; With Outlines of the Earlier History of the Rocky Mountain Country. Denver, CO: The Denver Times, Times-Sun Publishing Co., 1901.

Second edition: Denver: J.H. Williamson & Company, 1903 (850 autographed copies).

Reprinted 1971 under sponsorship of the Colorado State Historical Society, published by Unigraphic, Inc., Evansville, IN (number of copies unknown).

It appears a limited edition (350 copies) of this book was reprinted in 1978 by Old Americana Press of Denver. ($150)

Cited by Mac Poor in Denver, South Park & Pacific as “a reliable source of information” in his chapter on the Colorado & Southern. Many illustrations, but few of railroads. No photographs.

Dr. Colorado says, “Centuries from now, Smiley will probably still be the definitive and the longest-winded biographer of 19th-century Denver. A booster history written with amazing grace, wit, and insight. Crackerjack 37-page index.” (We agree, having spent many enjoyable hours with Smiley.)

Sowell, Merle L.  Historical Highlights of Idaho Springs Mining Camp Days. Idaho Springs, CO: Idaho Springs Friends of the Library, 1976.

Detailed historic tribute to the early Western settlers who pioneered this region of Colorado's high country. Includes sections on gold mining, logging, regional history, education, culture, etc. 83 pgs. Illustrated. ($20-30)

Speas, Sam, as told to Margaret Coel.  Goin’ Railroading. Boulder, CO: Pruett Publishing Company, 1985.

Colorado stories by Sam Speas as told to Margaret Coel . These stories are a collection of two generations worth of high country railroad adventures from the early days on the narrow gauge lines in South Park to the final days of steam along the front range. 30 photos, some not reproduced elsewhere. (HC, $30-95; other editions exist) (softback 180 pp. incl. 14 pp. illust. $6.05 eBay 21 Oct 2003)

Strahorn, Robert Edmund. To the Rockies and beyond; A Summer On the Union Pacific Railway and Branches. Omaha, NE: Omaha Republican Print, 1878. 2nd Edition, Revised and Enlarged, Omaha, NE; New West Publishing Company, 1879.

“Saunterings in the Popular Health, Pleasure, and Hunting Resorts of Nebraska, Dakota, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, Montana and Idaho, with Complete Descriptions of the Black hills, Big Horn and San Juan Regions, and Special Articles on Stock Raising, Farming, Mining, Lumbering and Kindred Industries of the Trans-Missouri region.” (Rev. Ed. 215 pages, $85)

Southworth, Dave.  Colorado Mining Camps. Round Rock, TX: Wild Horse Publishing,

Presents 207 communities that were significant to the Colorado mining boom. Includes Alpine, Alpine Station, Beaver City, Black Hawk, Central City, Como, Elkton, Empire, Fairplay Georgetown, Hancock, Idaho Springs, Independence, Jefferson, Keystone, Leadville, London Junction, Pitkin, Romley, Saint Elmo, Silver Plume, Ward, and lots more. 336 pages, 125 photographs, 30 maps, bibliography, glossary and index. ($30)

Sweet, Ira L. “DENVER & INTERURBAN” - The Denver and Interurban Railroad. The Kite Route. Interurbans Special No.  5. October, 1947.

History, Photos, Maps, Car Diagrams, Time Tables. 24 - 8½ x 11" pages. ($10)

Sibell, Muriel V. Cloud Cities of Colorado. Denver, CO: Smith-Brooks Pub. Co., 1934.

A pictorial record of Leadville, Kokomo, Robinson, Climax, Fairplay Breckenridge. 28 illustrations by the author. ($30-40)

Simmons, Beth.  A Quick History of Idaho Springs. Lake City, CO: Western Reflections Publishing Co.,  2004.

Tales of the golden era of mining and tourism abound in Idaho Springs, a National Historic District cradled between the mountains in central Clear Creek County, Colorado. Gold and mineral hot springs provided the foundation for the growth of this quaint mountain town that has often been referred to as the "Buckle of Colorado's Mineral Belt."  (Paperback, $10 at [Jan 2007])

Swift, Kim. Heart of The Rockies - A History of the Salida Area. Colorado Springs: Century One Press, 1980. 1985, 1996.

The Utes, pioneers, iron horses, hard money, etc. Illustrated with many early photographs. 96 - 7¾ x 9¾" pages. Staple bound. ($7-12)

Thode, Jackson C., Editor; Terry Wm. Mangan, Introduction. William Henry Jackson's Rocky Mountain Railroad Album: Steam and Steel Across the Great Divide. Silverton, CO: Sundance Books, 1976. Limited edition of 3,000.

A set of 76 Jackson mountain railroad sepia photos together with introduction and photo captions. The images vary in size but are all about 16" x 20". A magnificent production in honor of the US Bicentennial with some of the most impressive photographs of mountain railroads in the steam era ever produced, taken from private collections. Contains 6 full size loose photographic plates which duplicate 6 that are bound in. (Leather bound $500-900)

Tremblay, Kenneth R. and Lawrence von Bamford.  St. Elmo: Building a Mining Camp on Colorado's Continental Divide. Loveland, CO: Architecture Research Press, 2001.

Sold to tourists visiting this historic town. Apparently concentrates on the historic buildings. 58 pages.

Turner, George.  Slim Rails Through the Sand. Long Beach, CA: Johnston & Howe, 1963.

A graphic presentation of the Carson & Colorado - Southern Pacific narrow Gauge Railroad. Photographs, diagrams and rosters. 104 pp. (Includes photos of N-C-O business car #20 (former DSP&P #050, renumbered #025).) ($23-75; other editions exist)

Van Wagener, Theodore F. “Silver Camps of Colorado.” Colorado: A Collection of Thirty-Two Articles.  (1919) 1919.

Vickers, William B. History of the City of Denver, Arapahoe County, and Colorado. Chicago, IL: O.L. Baskin & Co., Historical Publishers, 1880.


Wagenbach, Lorraine and Jo Ann Thistlewood. Golden: The 19th Century; A Colorado Chronicle. Littleton, CO: Harbinger House, 1992.

Describes the settling and development of Golden, beginning with the Indian tribes who inhabited the area for centuries, and continuing through the end of the 19th century. Describes some of the town’s early leaders, such as George West (who built the first store in town and started the Transcript newspaper); W. A. H. [William Austin Hamilton] Loveland, and E. L. [Edward Lewis] Berthoud. Also describes the railroads, newspapers, and businesses that shaped Golden, as well as the schools that were founded there in the last century. Lavishly illustrated with drawings, historical maps, and photographs. 113 pp. (Soft cover $13-40) May still be available from Golden Pioneer Museum.

Wagner, F. Hol Jr.  The Colorado Road - History, Motive Power & Equipment of the Colorado Southern, and Fort Worth and Denver Railways.  Denver, CO: Intermountain Chapter, National Railway Historical Society, Inc., 1970.

415 pages of historical text on the Colorado and Southern Railroad and the Fort Worth and Denver Railroad. 650 photographs, many from original glass plate negatives, nearly 100 locomotive and equipment plans and diagrams, maps, yard layouts and timetables. Coverage of the narrow gauge predecessors is limited. (Regular ed., $20-90; Limited ed., signed, boxed, $50-205) (2006 May 3 limited edition went for $19.05 on eBay, apparently because the box showed significant wear - book itself described as "mint!")

Ward, Louisa A. Chalk Creek, Colorado. Denver, CO: John Van Male, 1940.

Warman, Cy. Tales of an Engineer. New York, NY: Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1895.

A collection of short stories and poetry of the railroad. ($65-185)

Warman, Cy. The Story of the Railroad. New York, NY: D. Appleton & Co., 1905


Wetzell, David N. The Georgetown Loop; A Capsule History and Guide. Denver, CO: Colorado Historical Society, 1986.

A look at the gold and Silver rushes in the area, the mines, the construction of railroads in Colorado, the Colorado Central, the construction of the Georgetown Loop, traveling along the High Line, the creation of the Georgetown Loop Historic Park, rebuilding the High Bridge, the Lebanon Mine and Mill and the Silver Plume Depot and Yards. 64 pp. Spiral bound. ($5-13)

Wiatrowski, Claude and Margaret. The Georgetown Loop Railroad. Woodland Park, CO: Mountain Automation Corp., 1993.

The Georgetown Loop is a reconstruction of one of Colorado's most famous railroads. It carries passengers and is operated by the Colorado Historical Society. Color photos with captions, some text, map. 24 pages, softcover. ($6-86)

Wiatrowski, Claude. Railroads of Colorado; Your Guide to Colorado's Historic Trains and Railway Sites. Stillwater, MN: Voyageur Press, 2002.

“Inspirational” look at a number of Colorado railroads, with a brief history of each and information you may need to visit what’s left of them or ride those that still operate. Includes trolley lines and strictly mining railroads as well as common carriers. Reviews describe color photos as “beautiful,” “breathtaking,” etc. 160 - 11½" x 9" pp, 165 color photos, 25 “historic” b/w photos, map of 30 lines, bibliography and index. ($21 at

Wilhelm, D.O.  History of the City of Denver. Denver, CO: Byers & Dailey, 1909.

Reprint of a history of Denver written by J.E. Wharton and D.O. Wilhelm and published by the Rocky Mountain News in 1866. ($178) Largely republished as a part of Ronzio, Silver Images of Colorado.

Wilkins, Tivis E. (compiler).  Colorado Railroads, Chronological Development. Boulder, CO: Pruett Publishing Company, 1974.

Year by year chronicle of the rails that were laid in Colorado. Starts in 1867 with the Union Pacific and runs through 1966. For each entry it includes the railroad that laid the track, a brief bit of information about the work done and how many miles the track covered. This also covers the abandonment of lines in the state. 250 b/w photos, 15 maps, notes, bibliography and index. 309 pp. ($20-60)

Wilkins, Tivis E. Shortline to Cripple Creek; The Story of the Colorado Springs & Cripple Creek District Ry. Colorado Rail Annual #16. Golden, CO: Colorado Railroad Museum, 1983.

The formation and construction of the Colorado Springs & Cripple Creek District Ry, Early operations and expansion, sale to the Colorado & Southern, consolidation into the C&S system, operations under the C&S, it abandonment, a station list, a look at the tunnels and bridges of the system and a roster of equipment. Over 150 photographs, a unique collection of 15 postcards, and other advertising material reproduced in full color. Also includes a packet containing maps of the Cripple Creek system, Colorado Springs station grounds, Clyde and vicinity, St. Peters and Duffields, plus a CS&CCD travel folder. 150+ b/w photos, 180pp. ($18-62) (1988 2nd ed. $25-50 [available winter 2003/04 new, direct from CCRM at $29.95 +S/H])

Wolle, Muriel Sibell (see also Sibell, Muriel V.)

Wolle, Muriel Sibell.  Stampede to Timberline; The Ghost Towns and Mining Camps of Colorado.

Ms. Wolle (1898-1977) was Professor of Fine Arts at the University of Colorado, which sponsored, but did not publish this book. She abandoned her east coast city upbringing in 1926 to teach art at the University. After a trip to Central City, she wrote, “The place was full of echoes, and memories, and history, and I felt strangely stirred by it . . . . it challenged me.” She spent every summer sketching remote mining towns, finishing her drawings later with black crayon or watercolors. Two hundred and forty of Colorado’s mining camps from the 1850s onward are included here, with emphasis on the human side, and 212 “on-the-spot” sketches. (No photographs.)

First Edition. 544pp.

Boulder, CO: Self-published, 1949. ($40-206)
Boulder, CO: Self-published, 1950, 1952, 1954, 1957, 1959. ($15-70)
Denver, CO: Sage Books, 1962, 1963, 1965, 1967. ($10-50)
Chicago, IL: Sage Books/Swallow Press, 1969, 1971. ($6-20)

Second Edition, revised and enlarged. 583pp.

Chicago: Sage Books/Swallow Press, 1974. HB ($13-25)
Athens, OH: Swallow/Ohio University Press, 1991. Large trade paperback.
($25 new at

Wood, Nancy C. and Myron. Central City; A Ballad of the West. Colorado Springs, CO: Chaparral Press 1963

Photographs by Myron Wood, text by Nancy C. Wood.

101 full page, award winning b/w photographs by Myron Wood. Slick cover with photos and photo illus. endpapers. This is one of the finest studies ever done of old historic Central City. 79 - 9¾" x 12" pages. (softcover, $11-27)


Denver Public Library - Western History Collection

The name Western History Collection is generally but incorrectly applied to all the collections of photographs held by the Denver Public Library.  These collections, which contain more than one million items, document the history of Colorado and the American West. Almost 100,000 of these images have been digitized and are available on their online database at .

Ted Kierscy Collection

Mr. Kierscey is a longtime collector of photographs of Colorado’s railroads. A great number of his photographs have been digitized and are available at .

Maxwell Collection

John W. Maxwell was a life-long railfan, especially interested in the Colorado narrow gauge lines. He took, and collected, photographs, and made plans from his photographs and measurements. His son Bruce has kept this treasure available through his website, The John Maxwell Collection. Maxwell has photographs available as well as plans. The following plans are of particular interest to South Park/C&S fans.

C-003 C&S Coach/Baggage cars #22 and #23.
C-104 C&S Coaches #70-74. 40' body.
C-105 C&S Coach-baggage #20. 30'-0" Central City. Body.
MC-248 C&S Coach-baggage #20. 30'-0" Central City. Cross-section.
C-108 C&S baggage-mail #10-12 with end platforms.
C-114 C&S baggage #1-4. All floor plans.
C-115 C&S Excursion cars #120-148.
MC-187 C&S Passenger truck, 5'-0" wheelbase on coach #70
MC-201 C&S Details of truck coach #70: inside and outside end pieces.
MC-072 C&S Table of proposed changes in passenger car numbers.
MC-170 C&S Coach-mail cars #40-43.
MC-171 C&S Proposed combine mail, baggage-express, coach.
DSP-002 DSP&P Mail, Baggage, Express Car. 34'-0"
DSP-103 DSP&P 10 Section Pullman Built in Detroit - 1879/1880. 42'-5"
DSP-104 DSP&P Coach No. 9. Later C&S 80/81. 42'-0"



The following listings reflect only articles that primarily discuss 1:1 scale trains (i.e., prototype). There are many more, such as Harry Brunk’s Up Clear Creek Series in Narrow Gauge & Short Line Gazette, that are oriented mainly to modeling, that are not listed. Use The Model Train Magazine Index to find other articles. Note that we have consistently used “C&S” for brevity even though the railroad name may be spelled out in the title of the article.

FineLines —

DL&G gondola (drawings) Jan 1968 p 10
DSP&P four wheel way car (drawings) Jul 1968 p 6
C&S Caboose (drawings) Mar 1969 p 12
C&S Narrow Gauge Reefer (drawings) Jul 1969 p 10
C&S Ry 30,000 Gallon Water Tower (drawings) Sep 1969 p 8
C&S Narrow Gauge Gondola (drawings) Sep 1969 p 10
DSP&P 12-ton Refrigerator Car (drawings) Mar 1971 p 8

FineScale Railroader

We understand this magazine went to monthly issues in 1995, which would make the following bi-monthly listings incorrect. If you can tell us which month's issue actually has the named articles would you let us know?

C&S Boxcars 7353-7615 Feb/Mar 1997 p 79
DSP&P Coal Cars (drawings) Aug/Sep 1997 p 53
DSP&P Moguls Numbers 39,40, and 69-73 (drawings) Dec 97/Jan 98 p 68
Milk train - final days on the C&S. (Reinberg) Aug/Sep 1998 p 56
C&S Combine Number 22 (Former DSP&P #1) Oct/Nov 1999 p 71
Build a DSP&P Tiffany Refrigerator Car (with plans) 2004 Narrow Gauge Annual
C&S Mogul #22 (plans) 2004 Narrow Gauge Annual

Light Iron Digest —

C&S Gondola #4296 (drawings) Jun/Jul 1999 p 15
UPD&G/C&S Kitchen Car 053 (drawings) Dec 99/Jan 00 p

Model Railroader —

DSP&P 2-6-0 (drawings) Jun 1960 p 36
DSP&P Mason Bogie 2-6-6T Sep 1960 p 48
The C&S's Leadville station (drawings) May 1989 p 80
Cooke Locomotive Works' South Park 2-6-0's (drawings) (corrected Jan 1999 p49) Dec 1998 p 100

Narrow Gauge & Short Line Gazette

DSP&P Consolidation #63 (drawings) May/Jun 1974 p 24
DSP&P RR Hancock Depot (drawings) Jan/Feb 1976 p 26
D.S.P.& P. #63 May/Jun 1976 p 18
C&S Depot, Central City. (drawings) May/Jun 1976 p 28
C&S Baggage/Mail no. 13 (drawings) May/Jun 1977 p 38
Eames Brake System Jul/Aug 1977
C&S Mogul #9 (drawings) Mar/Apr 1978 p 28
Forks Creek Station and Eating House
(Brunk/Up Clear Creek part 1) (drawings)
Jan/Feb 1980 p 48
Forks Creek Section House
(Brunk/Up Clear Creek part 2) (drawings)
Mar/Apr 1980 p 38
C&S Coal Cars (Brunk/Up Clear Creek part 3) (drawings) May/Jun 1980 p 34
Black Hawk Station (Brunk/Up Clear Creek part 4) (drawings) Jul/Aug 1980 p 42
C&S and RGS Box Cars (Brunk/Up Clear Creek part 5) (drawings) Sep/Oct 1980 p 36
Corner of Railroad and Gregory Streets in Black Hawk
(Brunk/Up Clear Creek part 6) (drawings)
Nov/Dec 1980 p 36
Detailing early South Park Mason Bogies Jan/Feb 1981 p 33
Black Hawk Boiler Works (Brunk/Up Clear Ceek part 7) (drawings) Jan/Feb 1981 p 37
The Machine Shop - Blacksmithing & Horseshoeing
(Brunk/Up Clear Creek part 8) (*drawings)
Mar/Apr 1981 p 48
C&S Combine #20 (Originally CCRR #6)
(Brunk/Up Clear Creek part 9) (drawings)
May/Jun 1981 p 38
C&S Business Cars (drawings) May/Jun 1981 p 68
TheMetcalf Grocery and Black Hills Post Office
(Brunk/Up Clear Creek part 10) (drawings)
Jul/Aug 1981 p 61
The Saloon and Cafe in Black Hawk
(Brunk/Up Clear Creek part 11) (drawings)
Sep/Pct 1981 p 38
The Gilpin Hotel
(Brunk/Up Clear Creek part 12) (drawings)
Nov/Dec 1981 p 48
Forks Creek Revisited
(Brunk/Up Clear Creek part 14) (drawings)
May/Jun 1982 p 64
C&S and RGS Refrigerators
(Brunk/Up Clear Creek part 15)(drawings)
Jul/Aug 1982 p 46
HOn3 C&S #22 at Hilltop Mill Jul/Aug 1982 p 84
The Argo Mine and Mill
(Brunk/Up Clear Creek parts 17, 18, 19) (drawings)
Nov/Dec 1982
Jan/Feb 1983
Mar/Apr 1983
Scratchbuilding C&S Steel Frame "Coal Car" Gondolas Mar/Apr 1983 p 52
Idaho Springs Depot
(Brunk/Up Clear Creek part 20) (drawings)
May/Jun 1983 p 48
Idaho Street and 17th Avenue in Idaho Springs
(Brunk/Up Clear Creek part 21) (drawings)
Jul/Aug 1983 p 30
The DSP&P Facilities at Alpine, Co. Part 1 (drawings) Jul/Aug 1983 p 88
The DSP&P Part 2: Structures at Alpine, Colorado (drawings) Sep/Oct 1983 p 42
The DSP&P, part 3: Facilities at Alpine, Colorado Nov/Dec 1983 p 70
Notes on Lettering the Colorado Lines - Part 1 Jan/Feb 1984 p 30
Notes on Lettering the Colorado Lines - Part 2 Mar/Apr 1984 p 59
C&S Coal Car supplement (Brunk/Up Clear Creek part 24) (drawings) Jan/Feb 1984 p 52
C&S/RGS Stock Cars (Brunk/Up Clear Creek part 26) (drawings) May/Jun 1984 p 24
Full Circle - the story of the Georgetown Loop high line Jul/Aug 1984 p 64
C&S 2-6-0 #22 in 1/2 Inch Scale (drawings) Jan/Feb 1985 p 42
C&S Cabooses (Brunk/Up Clear Creek part 31) (drawings) Mar/Apr 1985 p 52
C&S Truss Rod Bridge (Brunk/Up Clear Creek part 32) (drawings) May/Jun 1985 p 54
DSP&P Roundhouse, Turntable, and Watertank at Gunnison, Colorado Mar/Apr 1986 p 89
Gilpin Tramway One-Cord Ore Car (drawings) Jul/Aug 1986 p 40
C&S/RGS Refrigerators (Brunk/Up Clear Creek part 15) (drawings) Jul/Aug 1986 p 48
C&S Railroad Coaches 155, 156, 157 (Former DSP&P #16, #17 and #22 - three of the Bowers-Dure cars) (drawings) Jul/Aug 1986 p 50
C&S Cabooses - One More Time (Brunk/Up Clear Creek part 40) (drawings) Sep/Oct 1986 p 59
The C&S Connection; My On3 C&S Boxcars (Poole) Mar/Apr 1987 p 39
The Georgetown Loop (Brunk/Up Clear Creek part 44) May/Jun 1987 p 68
Modeling the Georgetown Loop (Brunk/Up Clear Creek part 45) (drawings) Jul/Aug 1987 p
Building C&S Rotary No. 99200 w/ C&S folio Sheet courtesy of Hol Wagner (drawings) Nov/Dec 1987 p 18
The Jefferson Water Tank in ½" Scale (drawings) Nov/Dec 1987 p 34
C&S/RGS Stockcar Roundup (Brunk/Up Clear Creek part 47) (drawings) Nov/Dec 1987 p 58
C&S Combine #20 in ½" Scale (drawings) Mar/Apr 1988 p 24
The C&S Runs Again in Central City: A Reborn Narrow Gauge Sep/Oct 1988 p 65
C&S 2-6-0 #22 (drawings) May/Jun 1989 p 50
C&S Narrow Gauge Baggage Car #1 and Postal Baggage Car #11 (Former DSP&P #40 and CCRR #4 respectively) (drawings) Jul/Aug 1989 p 50
C&S Coach #76 and Combine #30 (#30 was former CCRR #11) (drawings) Sep/Oct 1989 p 50
Rolling Stock Variety (C&S Side-Dump Cinder Cars) (Brunk/Up Clear Creek part 64) Sep/Oct 1990 p 60
The Narrow Gauge Scene: Passenger Equipment of the C&S Sep/Oct 1990 p 70
Special Service Box Cars of the C&S (Brunk/Up Clear Creek part 65) Nov/Dec 1990 p 68
Refrigerator Cars of the C&S, Part 1 (Poole) Sep/Oct 1991 p 18
Refrigerator Cars of the C&S, Part 2 (Poole) (drawings) Nov/Dec 1991 p 45
Refrigerator Cars of the C&S, Part 3 (Poole) Jan/Feb 1992 p 40
Refrigerator Cars of the C&S, Part 4 (Poole) Mar/Apr 1992 p 69
The Gilpin Line - Snapshots in Time, Part 1 - Right of Way Mar/Apr 1993 p 44
The Gilpin Line - Snapshots in Time, Part 2: Operations May/Jun 1993 p 38
C&S Class B3C 2-6-0 (drawing) Nov/Dec 1994 p 50
Scratchbuilt On3 Engine Similar to C&S #21 Mar/Apr 1995 p 87
Colorado Shays, part 1: Shays of the Gilpin Tramway (Dan Abbott) Mar/Apr 1995 p 48
Rebuilding my Georgetown Loop (Brunk/Up Clear Creek part 101) Mar/Apr 1997 p 51
The [Georgetown] Loop Terrain (Brunk/Up Clear Creek part 102) May/Jun 1997 p 39
The [Georgetown Loop] High Bridge
(Brunk/Up Clear Creek part 103)
Jul/Aug 1997 p 78
Colorado Central 0-6-0 #30 (drawings) Sep/Oct 1997 p 54
The Turntable Bridge (Brunk/Up Clear Creek part 108) May/Jun 1998 p 64
The Last Pin Truss Bridge (Brunk/Up Clear Creek part 109) Jul/Aug 1998 p 69
The Gilpin Ore Cars - Western Two-Footers (drawings) Sep/Oct 1998 p 30
Iron Horses in a Barn - The Gilpin Tramway Co. Engine House (drawings) Sep/Oct 1999 p 52
Rotary Snowplows of the Colorado Narrow Gauges: Pt 4 - the DSP&P May/Jun 2000 p 74
Rotary Snowplows of the Colorado Narrow Gauges, part 5; The South Park Snowplow Trials) Jul/Aug 2000 p 74
The Utah & Northern Railway Nov/Dec 2001
The other C&S/Rio Grande Southern stock cars May/Jun 2003 p 70
Two little HOn3 cabooses: DSP&P 79 and Colo. & Southern 1002 (drawings) Jul/Aug 2002 p 63
Modeling Another C&S/RGS Stock Car Jul/Aug 2003 p 78
The Ridgeway Bear Trap May/Jun 2005 p 83
Two Foot Gauge Gilpin Tramway Shay #1 May/Jun 2005 p 57
C&S Class B-4e 2-8-0 #73 (drawing)Clear Creek Jul/Aug 2005 p 86
The Polar Star Mill; Black Hawk, Colorado (incl. drawings, photos) Nov/Dec 2005 p 61

NMRA Bulletin —

DSP&P Mason Bogie (drawings) Jan 1972 p 6
The Ames Engine (former DSP&P (Mason Bogie) No.24) Jan 1972 p 11
DSP&P Mason Bogie 2-6-6t (drawings) Jan 1972 p 12

Outdoor Railroader (now FineScale Railroader)

DSP&P Waycar (Caboose) no. 73 (drawings) Jan/Feb 1992 p 33
C&S Narrow Gauge Stock Car 7064 (drawings) Aug/Sep 1993 p 63
D.,S.P. & P. Way Car (drawings) Aug/Sep 1993 p 79
C&S Phase Two Coal Car (drawings) Aug/Sep 1994 p 36
C&S Phase One 25-Ton Coal Car No.4319 (drawings) Dec 94/Jan 95 p 75
Identifying C&S Narrow Gauge Freight Cars (Poole) Feb/Mar 1995 p 68
The South Park Line: A Brief History Of The DSP&P And C&S Railroads. (Reinberg) Apr/May 1995 p 46

Down the Road on the Narrow Gauge, 4: A C&S Coal House

Apr/May 1995 p 52
C&S Boxcar No.8072 (drawings) Apr/May 1995 p 61
The DSP&P Hancock Depot Apr/May 1995 p 64
The South Park's Tiffany Refrigerator Cars - Study The Details (Poole) Apr/May 1995 p 72
Number 4310 And The American Steel Foundry Coal Cars (Poole) Jun/Jul 1995 p 67
C&S Caboose Number 1006 Aug/Sep 1995 p 61
C&S Water Tank At Como. (drawing) Aug/Sep 1995 p 66
History Of C&S Cabooses - The South Park Days. (Poole) Aug/Sep 1995 p 68
DSP&P Waycar Number 64 (drawings) Aug/Sep 1995 p 69
History Of C&S Cabooses, 2 - Renumbering From South Park To C&S. (Poole) Oct/Nov 1995 p 72
History Of C&S Cabooses, 3: 1899-1917. (Poole) Dec 1995/Jan 1996 p 58
Caboose Number 1002: The C&S's Only Center Cupola Caboose Feb/Mar 1996 p 72
C&S Caboose Number 1006 (drawing) Aug/Sep 1996 p 6

Railroad Magazine —

The Alpine Tunnel Route June 1941

The Curse of Alpine Tunnel

April 1955

Railroad Modeler —

The winds of Boreas (Pass), on the South Park Feb 1980 p 60

Railroad Model Craftsman

Colorado’s Alpine Tunnel Depot (drawings)

Sep 1982 p 54
C&S RPO 13. (former DSP&P #43) (drawing) Oct 1984 p 90
C&S NG Baggage and Postal Baggage Cars #1 and #11. (#1 was DSP&P #40) (drawings) Oct 1984 p 90
DSP&P/C&S Depot at Dickey, Colorado (drawings) Aug 1996 p 61

S Gaugian —

Gilpin Tramway Equipment (drawings) Nov/Dec 1983 p 40

Slim Gauge News (predecessor to Narrow Gauge & Shortline Gazette)

Central City's Railroad: Colorado Central N.G. Ry. Summer 1973 p 38
The Paleontological Ferroequinologist; Colorado Central Porter, Bell Locomotives (drawings), Colorado & Southern Coaling Docks, Colorado and Southern 4 Wheel Caboose #1009 Spring 1974
Alpine Tunnel (drawings), Alpine Engine House, The Colorado Central and South Park Brooks Moguls, C&S #9, The Case of the Mixed - Up Moguls Summer 1974
The Colorado Central and South Park Brooks Moguls Summer 1974 p 38
The Case of the Mixed-Up Moguls Summer 1974 p 44
Mount Princeton Station (drawings) Fall 1974 p 15
Georgetown Loop Work Trains Winter 1974 p 8
South Park and C&S Box Cars and Cabooses. (Sloan) (drawing) Winter 1974 p 14

Trains Magazine

South Park souvenir (photo and etching of Denver, South Park & Pacific 2-6-6T) Apr 1943 p 24
The Old South Park by Al Kalmbach (Includes a map and about 10 photos) Nov 1943 p 8
A Narrow Gauge Boomer; 2-8-0 that served four railroads (C&S 74/RGS 74) by John W. Maxwell Jan 1950 p 42
Night Train to Gunnison by Ed Haley Dec 1960
Last train from Leadville by Mal Ferrell Mar 1981 p 20
My last ride to Leadville by Ed Haley Dec 1982 p 26
Those South Park Moguls by George Coleman Dec 1998 p 68



Audio Tape:  Iron Rails and Iron Men - The story of the Denver, South Park & Pacific Boreas Pass Highline, 1882-1937. Breckenridge, CO: Summit (County) Historical Society, date unknown.

Self-guided driving tour over Boreas pass. 60 min. audio cassette. ($10)

CD: Steam! Pleasant Hill, CA:Con Brio Recordings, 2001.

"Welcome to the exciting sounds of steam locomotives, featuring the engines of the Colorado Railroad Museum and the Georgetown Loop Railroad. Recorded from in the cab and standing trackside, this CD samples the breathtaking realism of these engines and puts the listener in the center of their world." Compact disk, duration unknown, but you can see for yourself just what it contains, and you can listen to any or all at the CD Baby Website. ($15)

1. Shay No. 14 passing Devil's Gate boarding area
2. Taking on water at Silver Plume depot
3. Starting up from inside the cab
4. In the cab, heading down from Silver Plume - lots of air brake
5. In the cab, approaching Devil's Gate boarding area
6. Engine No. 346 pushing a load of tourists
7. Shoveling and breaking coal
8. Whistle - engine moves away - whistle
9. Loud whistle
10. Train approaches the end of the line
11. Turbine whine, water fill up, moving away
12. Train moves away followed by the Galloping Goose
13. Ready, in the cab, starting up
14. Shay passing by
15. Passing over high bridge at Clear Creek
16. Shay's Westinghouse 2 cylinder compressor at work
17. Pee Wee gasoline switch engine moves away, No. 346 rolls
18. Shaking the grate, coupling cars in the yard, pulling out
19. Shay No. 14 passes by
20. In the cab, backing under the high bridge, stopping; steam-up, more...
21. Leaving Silver Plume, riding in the cab
22. Run by of Engine No. 40 from near low bridge on Clear Creek
23. In the cab, Engine No. 40, backing under Devil's Gate - to end of track
24. Crossing Devil's Gate high bridge over Clear Creek
25. In the cab, heading around the high hill; approaching Silver Plume
26. No. 40 passes with distant whistle - way above the valley

DVD:  Colorado & Southern Narrow Gauge. Machines of Iron, 2002.

“In the 1940s, Rocky Mountain Railroad Club member, Otto Perry and railroad photographer Woodrow Gorman captured the last remains of the once vast Colorado & Southern Narrow Gauge System on film. Scenes on the dramatic Clear Creek Line cover the Idaho Springs and Blackhawk/Central branches. Current footage of the rebuilt Georgetown Loop is included and vintage photos add another dimension to this program. The last remnant of the South Park Line from Leadville to Climax is shown just prior to standard gauging.” Appropriate sound with narration. DVD, 55 minutes. $24.95

Or you can buy through the Rocky Mountain Railroad Club...

DVD:  Storming the Devil's Gate. Cloud Peak Video Productions. P.O. Box 1998, Franklin, NC 28744.

Spectacular tour of the Georgetown Loop Railroad behind ex-West Side Lumber Company shay #14. Includes brief history of the line, preparation of the loco for the trip, trip down the line and across Devil's Gate Bridge (the "high bridge") to Silver Plume, then back again, finally putting up the loco for the night. Color, narration, sound. DVD, 60 minutes. $20 plus $2 S/H. Call (828) 369-8431 or email .

LP/CD:  Colorado & Southern Steam; The Sound of Trains in Action. Maplewood, NJ: New Jersey Recordings, 1957. (Also available on CD.)

33 1/3 RPM sound recording of steam train sounds - apparently all (then) contemporary standard gauge. Includes

- Freight on the Greeley Branch 2-8-2 #806
- Switching at Windsor, CO 2-8-0 #60
- Beet train, Ft. Collins, CO 2-8-0 #648
- R&LHS special between Denver and Cheyenne 2-10-2 #902
- Beet train on Black Hollow Branch 2-8-0 #646
- Engine # 909 at Denver Engine House, USRA 2-10-2
- Freight starting at Westminister, CO #909.

(LP -- $10-21)
(CD -- $12-13)

LP:  All Steamed Up; Narrated Sound Stories of Colorado & Southern Railway Steam Action.      : OWL Recordings, 19??

Side one: heading passenger extra through Louisville Co., Extra 902 South departs Boulder, Extra 4978 North leaves Boulder, running light North out of Boulder, argues with cherry Meadowlark, Extra 646-900 coupled South Along Co. Hwy 119 near Boulder, Extra 807 coupled North take water, then depart Boulder, and side two has very similar sounds. 33 1/3 RPM monaural microgroove recording. ($5- )

Video:  America's Historic Steam Railroads: Georgetown Loop Railroad. Camarillo, CA: Goldhil Entertainment, 1985, 1993, 1997.

"Located in the Rocky Mountains of central Colorado, the Georgetown Loop Railroad was built in the 1870’s to serve the booming mining towns of Georgetown and Silver Plume. This narrow gauge line was an engineering wonder of its time, rising over six hundred feet between the two towns, making numerous sharp curves and actually looping over itself to negotiate the grade in a spectacular canyon. In addition to the beautiful scenery and fascinating history, the ride includes a tour of the old Silver Plume mine. The boom days of the Old West come alive at the Georgetown Loop Railroad. 30 minute VHS tape. ($11-15) Order direct from publisher at their website.

Video:  3-Truck Shays on the Georgetown Loop.         : Gandy Dancer Productions, 19___ .

Former Westside Lumber, 3-truck Shays, on the world famous Georgetown Loop Railroad. Award winning videographer, George E. Voightmann captures all the sights, sounds and excitement of clashing gears as doubleheaded Shays thunder up grade around the historic loop and across the 95-foot high Devil's Gate Bridge. VHS tape. ($7-23)

Video: The Alpine Tunnel — The Inside Story.     : Historic Video Productions. 1992.

This professionally produced video contains actual footage from the west portal to the eastern cave-in and back. The entire trip was recorded in stereophonic sound. Hike with six intrepid adventurers through the 100 year old tunnel while in the safety of your living room.

Video: The Georgetown Loop Railroad (A Video Documentary, 1992). Mountain Auto Corp., 1992.

We currently know nothing about this except that it is a VHS videotape. ($15-40)

Video: Gilpin Ghost. Digital Video Images, Inc., n.d.

Gilpin Ghost with Joe Crea is the first historical video of the Gilpin Tramway, Colorado's only two-foot-gauge railroad. The program covers the entire era of the Gilpin Tram from 1886 to 1917 when the company ceased operations. This video contains many previously unpublished pictures of this highly interesting Colorado railroad. Motion photography and special effects gives the viewer a sense of being there during the time of the gold boom. In addition to current views, there are over 75 historic photographs and interviews with persons who were knowledgeable about Tram operations. Approximately 82 minutes. Available in DVD and VHS Tape format. ($20)

Video: Mines and Mills in the Colorado Rockies. Digital Video Images, Inc., n.d.

Covers the history of the most famous mines and mills in the Black Hawk, Central City, Cripple Creek, Leadville, Idaho Springs and Victor areas. Joe Crea explains the reasons for different types of mining structures. He reviews the various milling machinery and their applications in the Colorado mining scene. Joe demonstrates how some of the mining equipment was used. Documented are some of the fast disappearing mining structures of Central Colorado. Also featured is the operational stamp mill at the Western Museum of Mining and Industry in Colorado Springs, Colorado, with seven minutes of uninterrupted audio sounds of the stamp mill, which can be used for adding to your background sounds! Approximately 90 minutes. Available in DVD and VHS Tape format. ($20)

16 October 2007

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