Passenger Cars of the Colorado Central

Baggage Car #2

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CC baggage car #2 with coach #3 or #4 near Beaver Brook Station, c. 1875

(1) CC baggage car #2, sandwiched between coach #3 or #4 and what appears to be a homemade boxcar, near Beaver Brook Station sometime between 1874 and 1876. Joseph Collier photo is at Hauck-42.


Colorado Central baggage car #2 ...

CC baggage #2 above Central City, c. 1879 (2) CC baggage car #2 above Central City, c. 1879. Chas. Weitfle photo at Hauck-69 and Poor-71.


1873 began propitiously for the Colorado Central. Track had been completed to Black Hawk and attention turned to the Georgetown extension from Forks Creek. By February 24, track reached Floyd Hill. The passenger car fleet was trebled with the addition of a baggage car and another coach. But locomotives were now the problem. The little 0-4-0Ts could haul only two freight cars at a time upgrade (probably only one passenger car).

Fortunately, as Hauck says, two new locomotives had been ordered, and the first arrived at the end of April. This would become loco #4 a hefty 0-6-0T. But it could handle four, and sometimes even five, cars upgrade.

In June, the shops in Golden produced another baggage car: the tiny 26'-0" #2. One cant help but wonder if this tiny car wasnt built on a box car frame, as was 26'-0" DSP&P business car (second) #025, which was produced by the DSP&P's Denver shops.

In 1885, baggage car #2 was renumbered #1035 by the Union Pacific, and it was the shortest passenger car in the 1885 renumbering list. What happened to it is a mystery, as the roster slot existed under the Union Pacific, Denver & Gulf, but was empty.


14 April 2006

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