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Coach #7

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CC coach #1 at Georgetown, 1878 (1) CC coach #7 at Georgetown, 1878. Photo at Digerness3-268, Hauck-57(u), Poor-14(ME) and Speas-8.


Coach #7 had large windows that were let down, making an opening nearly 2' x 5' in size. In order to do this, it had no letterboard. At 33'-6" over endsills, it was a short car, but just right to fit in with the other early CC passenger cars. It apparently had the broken duckbill roof which was so characteristic of the early CC cars.


Coach #7 was built by the Colorado Central shops at Golden in July of 1878. It was the last narrow gauge car built at Golden.

Nothing is known of this car after the 1885 renumbering. It just sort of evaporated ...


(Photos with Source and Page in blue are best to show car details.)

(1) 1878 Aug 17 Unknown Georgetown Digerness3 268 DD CC coach #7
Hauck 57(u) CH
Poor 14(ME) RK
Speas 8 RR

We know of no plans or drawings for this car.


CC No. #7
1885 U.P. No. #180
1890 UPD&G No. Gone
Car Type Coach
Capacity 24 seats
Built by Colorado Central Railroad (their last)
Build date 1878
Length Over Endsills 33'-6"
Wheel Size 26"
Platform Roof Broken duckbill
Heating Stoves
Termination Date Between 1885 and 1890
Termination Method anybody’s guess


10 June 2007

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