Passenger Cars of the Colorado Central

Coaches #3 & #4

CCRR U.P. 1885 UPD&G 1890 C&S 1899 C&S 1906
#3 (#189) Gone Gone Gone
#4 #181 #181 Gone Gone

CC baggage car #2 with coach #3 or #4 near Beaver Brook Station, c. 1875

(1) CC coach #3 or #4, with baggage car #2 and what appears to be a homemade boxcar, near Beaver Brook Station sometime between 1874 and 1876. Photo is at Hauck-42.


Since coaches #3 and #4 were out-shopped by the Golden shops of the Colorado Central within 2 months of each other, and reportedly were of the same length, it is reasonable to believe they were sisters. They had 11 double-pane windows with a moderate arch, board and batten siding with an oval name panel centered on the car, and broken bullnose platform roofs.

CC coach #3 or #4 in Clear Creek Canyon c. 1875

(2) CC coach #3 or #4 in Clear Creek Canyon c. 1875. Photo at Hauck-41, Kindig-49 and Speas-14.


Coach #3 was out-shopped by the Golden shops of the Colorado Central in September 1873. It was said to be the first passenger car built in Colorado. Coach #4 was out-shopped two months later.

Coach #3 burned at Georgetown on 11 February 1880: a fate all too common to wooden passenger cars heated by coal stoves that were often over-stoked to try to heat the length of a drafty car. She was sitting at the station, having arrived with the evening train from Golden, but the hose of the firemen was too short to reach the car, so the car was rolled to meet the hose, but too late.

When it came time to assign numbers at the 1885 renumbering by the Union Pacific, coach #4 became #181, and coach #3 became #189, with the footnote, being rebuilt at Omaha. But it apparently became the car that never returned, because when the UPD&G Receiver reassigned numbers in 1891, it didnt make the roster.

But then coach #181 didnt make the Colorado & Southern roster either in 1899, being retired 4 August 1897 and apparently dismantled. Sad. Only 24 years old. Hardly more than a teen-ager compared to many of the narrow gauge passenger cars.

Coach #3 or #4 in Clear Creek Canyon, 1878 (3) Coach #3 or #4 with a different train in Clear Creek Canyon, 1878. Photo at Digerness3-347 and Kindig-53.


(Photos with Source and Page in blue are best to show car details.)

(1) 1874/76 Joseph Collier Beaver Brook Station Hauck 42 DF CC coach #3 or #4
(2) c. 1875 / early 1880s? Charles Weitfle Clear Creek Canyon Kindig 49 DP CC coach #3 or #4
Hauck 41 DP
Speas 14 EH
(3) 1878 L. McLean Clear Creek Canyon Digerness3 347 DD CC coach #3 or #4
Kindig 53(u) DP
  late 1870s Alex Martin above Black Hawk Poor 48 EH CC coach #3 or #4
  1878 Charles Weitfle Central City Kindig 65(d) FR CC coach #3 or #4
  n.d. W.G. Chamberlain Beaver Brook Station Kindig 51 PR CC coach #3 or #4
  late 1880s J.B. Sturtevant near Sunset on the GSL&P Beebe 146(d) EH CC coach #181
Ehernberger/UP 49 RK
Kindig 348(d) MP
Poor 88(d) MP

We know of no plans or drawings for CC coaches #3 or #4.


CC No. #3 #4
1885 U.P. No. (#189) * #181
1891 UPD&G No. Gone #181
1899 C&S No. Gone Retired
1906 C&S No. Gone Gone
Car Type Coach
Capacity   15 seats
Delivery Date Sept 1873 Nov 1873
Acquired From CCRR Golden shops
Length Over Endsills 30'-9"
Length Over Buffers    
Truck Centers    
Wheel Size   24"
Truck Wheelbase    
Height of Body    
Body Above Rails    
Platform Roof    
Heating Stoves
Interior Finish    
Termination Date 11 Feb 1880 4 Aug 1897
Termination Method Burned Retired
* "Being rebuilt at Omaha." (But never returned.)
08 June 2007

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