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A Rogue's Gallery of The Cars They Built
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The Denver South Park & Pacific railroad had its shops in Denver. There is no evidence that they had the kind of facilities necessary to build passenger cars “from scratch.” But most eastern car builders of the day were more than happy to construct cars, then disassemble them and ship them out to be assembled again elsewhere, sometimes by their own men and sometimes by the railroad’s men. We suspect that is how the South Park shops were able to “build” the cars they did. But it is evident looking at them that they added their own little “twists” to what they produced. (Click any pic for an enlargement.)

CC baggage car #2 with coach #3 or #4 near Beaver Brook Station, c. 1875 Baggage car #2
Out-shopped June 1873
26'-2" over endsills
Shown about 1875
Roster slot vacated 1891?
CC coach #3 or #4 in Clear Creek Canyon c. 1875 Coaches #3 and #4
Out-shopped September and November 1873
30'-9" over endsills
#3 burned 11 February 1880
#4 burned 4 August 1897
Coach-baggage #5 at Guy Gulch siding in lower Clear Creek Canyon prior to 1885 Coach-baggage #5
Out-shopped November 1877
33'-2" over endsills
Body sold to DIM August 1930 and became their caboose #903
CC coach-baggage #5 at Beaver Brook Station, c.1880 Coach-baggage #6
Out-shopped February 1878
32'-4" over endsills
Became wrecking outfit 1925
Became museum piece at Central City 1941

No photo available

Coach #7
14 Apr 2006

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