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C&S coach #58, 1929.
(1) C&S coach #58, possibly in Leadville, 1929. Richard B. Jackson photo at Chappell-180 and Poole-193.


We have only a 1929 photo of U&N coach #16 at about age 46. Should we be so bold as to try to say what it looked like when new? Most likely ...

It had 14 double pane windows, with a very modest arch to the top. There was a modest sized panel between the windows that set them apart, and a belt-rail beneath that ran from end-to-end of the car. It probably had windows in the end walls. And it most likely had the same bullnose profile to the platform roofs that it had in the photo above. To say more than this would be sheer speculation.


The C&S car diagram page for coach #58 says it was built in 1883 by the Union Pacific. We have no reason to dispute that information, though taking it with a grain of salt, knowing how incorrect is some of the other builder information recorded on these pages. All four published rosters concur as to both date and builder.

The Wagner roster says coach #58 was originally built for the OSL (it also says erroneously that it became UPD&G #187), but the Poole roster says it was built for the Utah & Northern (under common ownership by the Union Pacific).

Chappel {5} says U&N coach #140 came to the UPD&G with U&N Coach #131 (which became UPD&G #192). The two came in 1896, in exchange for standard gauge mail car #1162, after it was discovered that U.P. subsidiaries had surplus narrow gauge cars, several lines having been converted to standard gauge. The two were placed on standard gauge trucks and delivered to Denver.

U&N coach #140 became UPD&G coach #189. (Not to be confused with CC #3, which burned in 1880, and which on the 1885 renumbering list became #189 with the notation, “Being rebuilt in Omaha,” but never returned.)

When the UPD&G property was reorganized as the Colorado & Southern in 1899, it became coach #151. During the 1906 renumbering, it became #58. It was rebuilt in 1915 as were so many other C&S passenger cars, and it survived until May of 1939, when it was dismantled and the body sold to Chris Sorenson of Longmont, Colorado.


(Photos with Source and Page in blue are best to show car details.)

  c. 1920 R.B. Jackson Unknown Chappell 180(m) RJ C&S coach #58 interior
Ferrell/C&S 229 RJ
Poole 197 RK
(1) 1929 R.B. Jackson Denver Chappell 180(d) RJ C&S coach #58
Ferrell/C&S 209(ur) NA
Poole 193 GB
  1938 Feb 13 R.H. Kindig Waterton Poole 22 NA C&S coach #58

We are aware of no drawings or plans for this car.

C&S coach #58 diagran
Car diagram for C&S coach #58 updated through 1916. (Note that this is not a scale drawing.) Click pic for enlargement.


Utah & Northern No. #16
U&N 1885 No. #140
UPD&G No. (1896/97) #189
1902 C&S No. #151
1906 C&S No. #58
Car Type Coach
Capacity 24 seats
Delivery Date 1890? / 1896?
Acquired From Union Pacific
Length Over Endsills (1916) 41'-11"
Length Over Buffers (1916) 49'-5"
Truck Centers (1916) 31'-11"
Wheel Size (1916) 26"
Truck Wheelbase (1916) 5'-6"
Width (1916) 8'-2"
Height of Body (1916) 9'-7"
Body Above Rails (1916) 36"
Weight 1912 20 tons
1916 39,860 lbs.
Platform Roof  
Heating Stoves
Lighting Oil lamps
Interior Finish Maple stained mahogany
Termination Date May 1939
Termination Method Dismantled
13 April 2006

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