Passenger Cars of the South Park

The U&N Pullmans

— three of which became UPD&G coaches #174, #175 and #178 —


Name Assigned 1889 1892 1904 1906 1939
Advance 1880 Assigned to D&RG Service Converted to UPD&G coach #174 Coach #144 Destroyed by fire at Denver Gone
Argo 1880 Rebuilt for service in Mexico Gone Gone Gone Gone
Rambler 1880   Converted to UPD&G coach #178 Coach #147 Rebuilt as coach-RPO Retired & Dismantled
Progress 1881 Rebuilt for service in Mexico Gone Gone Gone Gone
Security 1881 Assigned to D&RG Service Converted to UPD&G coach #175 Coach #145 Destroyed by fire at Denver Gone
All were 10-section, Plan 73a.

This is one of two plan 73A sleepers-become-coaches in this DL&G train at Morrison in 1895. It could be UPD&G #174 (former Advance), #175 (former Security) or #178 (former Rambler). DL&G’s own two plan 73A sleepers had been rebuilt by Pullman and shipped to Mexico three years earlier. Photo at Digerness1-122/23 (fifth and last cars from right).


1879 Oct -- South Park assigned to DSP&P
Oct -- DT reports (Chappell-40) on South Park (good quote)
Nov -- Bonanza, San Juan and Leadville assigned to DSP&P
Railway Age comments on DSP&P sleepers (n.d.) Poor-321 (good quote)
1880 Jan issue of National Car Builder quoted by Poor-351 re Pullmans
Jun-Sep -- Advance, Argo and Rambler assigned to U&N
Jul 21 - DSP&P schedules daily passenger service from Leadville to Denver
1881 Mar 19 -- Gunnison Review reports train wreck involving sleeper (Poor-321)
Sep -- San Juan burns in Denver shops of DSP&P
Sep -- Progress and Security assigned to U&N
1882 Sep -- Hortense and Kenosha assigned to DSP&P
Oct 7 -- RMN says UPRR just obtained shipment of new sleepers (Poor-321)(good quote)
Oct -- Sleeper service between Denver and Gunnison inaugurated (Poor-332)
Oct 22 -- Poor-321 quotes unknown newspaper re. wreck
1884 May -- Association set up between UPRR & Pullman. UP got ¾ interest in 28 Pullman cars then in use on its lines (10 n.g.) thus ¾ of earnings went to RR and ¼ to Pullman.
Incl. all named here.
1885 UPRR Annual Rept dated 31 December 1885 notes “association” between UPRR & Pullman set up in 1884 (to give Union Pacific a share in the profits from operation of the cars). Poor-322/Chappell-XXX
1886 Poor-322 quotes timetable re Denver, Leadville, Gunnison sleeper service
1887 Jul -- Gunnison sleeper service discontinued; cut off at St. Elmo (Poor-322/332)
Nov -- All sleeper service on Gunnison Div. dropped (Poor-322)
1889 Advance and Security assigned to D&RG service (1889-1892)
Jan -- Argo, Hortense and Kenosha withdrawn from UP Association and rebuilt for service in Mexico
Aug - Bankrupt DSP&P reorganized as Denver, Leadville & Gunnison (still owned by U.P.)
1890 Apr - 12 other railroads owned by U.P. combined into Union Pacific, Denver & Gulf Railroad
Proposal that the idle narrow gauge Pullmans be used on the night freight to Leadville. Idea shelved. Used on specials, and on the Alpine excursions which involved over night travel for two nights.
1892 Mar -- Advance and Rambler sold to UPRR for service on UPD&G: rebuilt as coach #174/#178
Mar -- Security, South Park, Bonanza and Leadville sold to UPRR
Sep -- Security, South Park, Bonanza and Leadville sold to UPD&G as coaches #175/#176/#177/#179
1893 Oct 13 - U.P. into receivership
Dec 12 - Trumbull appointed receiver for UPD&G
1894 South Park rebuilt to business car #1
Aug 4 - Trumbull appointed receiver of BOTH DL&G and UPD&G
     Two operated almost as if one line from here on.
1896 Denver-Leadville sleeper service dropped per Poor-322/336
April -- Gulf people offered to trade 3 10-sec sleepers to Pullman for 4 Tourist Sleepers.
May 22 - Car #466 checked to see if usable (8'-2" at eaves)
May 25 - OK'd deal for #466 at $1,250 exclusive of “equipment” became Gulf coach #193
1904 Last two still equipped for sleeper service” (The only explanation of this is that two supposedly converted to coaches had not had sleeping apparatus removed. Could this be Advance & Security?) were placed in storage, one stripped of furnishings which were placed in the other, stored in the Golden roundhouse.
1906 Feb -- Advance and Security destroyed in fire at Denver shops
May 3 -- remaining 3 ex-Pullmans (#146 Bonanza, #147 Rambler, #148 Leadville) were delivered to Pullman shops at Denver to be rebuilt as coach-RPO
July 14 -- returned done #41-43 Costs ranged $2,285-2,402.
Aug 25 - 4th car delivered new from Pullman at $2,789 became #40
1928 Oct -- Bonanza retired
1929 Bonanza dismantled
Business car #910 (former San Juan) retired and dismantled
1939 Apr -- Leadville retired and dismantled
May -- Rambler retired and dismantled -- car body end Silica Branch (?)


13 April 2006

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