Passenger Cars of the South Park

Coaches #11 - #15


U.P. 1885 DL&G 1889 C&S 1899 C&S 1906
2nd #2 Coach #55 Dropped from roster 1887 Gone Gone
#11-15 Outfit cars #50-54 Gone Gone Gone


No one is quite sure what these cars looked like, as there are no identifiable photos of them. This is the one that most authorities feel is the best candidate. The grounded car is the C&S station at Baileys, c. 1929. This photo can be found at Digerness2-58 and at Ferrell/C&S-99(d). It is part of a much larger picture.

There has been much speculation over the years about what these cars looked like before they came to the South Park, and we have to admit what follows is only our own best guess. (On PAGE 2 we will present some of the other possibilities.)

The first 16 cars built for the New York Elevated Railroad were very small and light, tailored to be safe on the lightly built elevated structure and to help passengers feel safe, too. They were only 35'-0" long including the end platforms, and probably weighed 6 tons or less (authorities disagree). The cars on the left and right in the photo below are some of these.

NY Elevated RR cars

The first cars on the NY Elevated RR had the floors between the trucks depressed to a few inches above the running rails to overcome passengers' fear of the cars tipping over. They were known as shad-belly cars. Some of these were rebuilt in 1878 to the more ordinary style of the car in the middle. See New York Elevated Railroad page for details.

The next 23 cars built for the New York Elevated railroad were considerably longer and heavier. They were 41'-6" long including the end platforms, and weighed possibly as much as 8 tons. They were much more conventional, but had a door in the middle for faster loading. The car in the middle of the photo above, and the cars in the photos below are some of these.

We think these were the cars, six of which were sent to the South Park in 1880.

New York Elevated Cars
Scene from an old stereo view card of the New York Elevated Railroad. Note the caboose! See New York Elevated Railroad page for details.


08 April 2006

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