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“Bowers-Dure Coaches


U.P. 1885 DL&G 1889 C&S 1899 C&S 1906
#16 #59 #59 #155 #50
#17 #60 #60 #156 #51
#22 #61 #61 #157 #52
#24 #62 Gone Gone Gone

DL&G #59 at Pine, CO, in the 1890s.

(4) DL&G #59 at Pine Grove, in the early 1890s, with a nice new paint job, lettering and striping. (Click pic for enlargement.) H.H. Buckwalter photo at Digerness1-173(u) (close-up of the car at p. 402), Ehernberger/UP-49, Ferrell/SoPk-225, Kindig-388(u), and online (Image CHS-B247 in the Denver Public Library's Western History Collection).

HISTORY (Continued)

At some pointwhich may not have been the same for all three remaining coaches the distinctive platform roofs were replaced with the more conventional bullnose configuration which was obviously tin-covered, as in the next photo. From studying the available photos, this appears to have occurred in the early 1890s. Notice how the letterboard overhang has been reshaped as well.

Bowers-Dure coach at Atlantic (again), 1894.

(5) Unidentified Bowers-Dure coach at Atlantic (again), 1894. H.H. Buckwalter photo at Digerness2-322 (a two-page spread), Ferrell/SoPk-153 and Speas-80. A second exposure of the same scene is at Helmers-157(d), Kindig-311(u), and online (Image CHS-B117 or CHS-B273 in the Denver Public Library's Western History Collection). The train and the viewpoint are unchanged, but some of the people have moved.

In 1899 the Colorado & Southern took over the three remaining coaches. #59 - #61 became its #155 - #157, and in its 1906 renumbering #155 - #157 became #50 - #52. These coaches apparently weren't too well thought of by C&S personnel, as they were often used on a stand-by basis rather than being regularly assigned. Just why this would be, we haven't been able to figure out. We thought it might be a matter of tare weight, since these cars were notably shorter than others, but their capacity to weight ratio seems to be in the ball park with other cars. If you have a suggestion (other than the tiny windows), won't you share it with us?

Coaches #50 - #52 were rebuilt by the C&S about 1915, and continued in service until dismantled.

C&S coach #17 at Denver, 1929 (1936?)

(6) C&S coach #17 at Denver, 1929 (1936?). Richard B. Jackson photo at Ferrell/C&S-209, Ferrell/SoPk-358, Kindig-389 and Poole-192.

uthorities do not agree on just when these cars were dismantled. (See Discussion of rosters on the RESOURCES page.) But it appears to be sometime between 1928 and 1939. Perhaps the three were dismantled at different times. This could account for the difference in dates.

Roster Pub.
Date of
Kindig 1959 Sep 1927 ca. 1939
Wagner 1970 N/A Oct 1928
Ferrell/C&S 1981 1927 ca. 1939
Poole 1991 1936 Oct 1928


31 July 2006

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