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 U.P. 1885  DL&G 1889  C&S 1899  C&S 1906
#18 #68 #68 #163 #79
#19 #69 #69 Gone * Gone
#20 #66 #66 #162 #78
 #21  #67  #67  #161  #59

* Dropped from equipment 1890, declared vacant December 1895.

C&S coach #59 on Georgetown Loop, 1927 (3) C&S coach #59 on the Georgetown Loop high bridge, September 1927. Richard B. Jackson photo at Ferrell/C&S-65 and Hauck-130(d).


HISTORY (Continued)

In 1899, when DL&G #66, #67 and #68 became the property of the Colorado & Southern, they were renumbered #161, #162 and #163, but again, not in the same sequence as their old numbers (see table at top of page). When the three were renumbered in 1906, something about them apparently differed, as #161 was renumbered #59, while #162 and #163 were renumbered #78 and #79. Our guess, based on the following tablewhich in turn is based on the C&S passenger car diagrams, updated through 1916—is that #78 and #79 were “first class” coaches, while #59 was “second class” (or whatever else non-first class might be called).

Differences between coaches #59 and #78/79 c. 1916
#59 #78/#79
Divided into two compartments
(probably smoking and non-smoking)
Two stoves, one for each compartment One Searle circulating hot water heater
13 windows on stove side
(stoves at either end on same side of car)
14 windows on stove side
(Searle heater at only one end)
25 Seats 23 Seats
C&S Seats Scarritt Seats *
Toilet at each end only Toilet at each end, one of which has a water cooler "built in"
5'-6" wheelbase trucks 6'-0" wheelbase trucks
36,800 lbs (probably the weight of that partition!) 36.700 lbs
* Scarritt seats were not only reversible, but could be reclined as well: not too different from current Amtrak seats except for their exposed mechanisms.

After the C&S began to operate these unique cars, they were used almost exclusively on the Georgetown Loop line. The "Tourist Coach" (i.e., the open-air excursion car) might do for the man-on-the street, but those who went first class could ride the Pullman with the "picture windows." And if they truly needed fresh air, the windows could always be raised (see photo above). And these cars outlasted the excursion cars by several years, being dismantled in May 1929.

C&S #59 at Denver, 1929

(4) Colorado & Southern coach #59 at Denver, 1929 (probably awaiting dismantling). Richard B. Jackson photo at Chappell-180, Kindig-390 and Poole-194.


31 July 2006

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