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These photos are all by Todd Hackett and were posted to the DSP&P Forum at WARNING! Be sure to have a handkerchief close at hand. These photos are pretty sad.

(2) Coach #56 as she sat on the Sundown & Southern property sometime before the property came to auction. Note the 2nd window from left is filled in. This is not indicated on our C&S passenger car diagram, so it was apparently done after 1916. It is a common feature in other cars, where the window appears to have been covered in order to add a cooler to the outside wall of the restroom.

The photos below were all taken by Todd Hackett at auction time.

(3) Same side at auction time.

(4) Exterior of end door. This is why they think it's #56.

(5) Interior detail. Exploded view!

(6) Roof construction detail.

(7) Floor construction detail.


08 Apr 2006

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