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HISTORY (Continued)

When the DL&G was merged into the Colorado & Southern in 1899, Auraria, her name long forgotten, was renumbered C&S #122.

C&S #122 at Morrison, 1905
(4) Colorado & Southern #122 at Morrison, 1905. Courtesy of Littleton Historical Society. Photo at Poole-204.

At the 1906 C&S renumbering, #122 became simply #22.

In 1911, the end platform was removed from the baggage end of coach-baggage #22, and in 1915 the car was again rebuilt. Apparently part of the last rebuild was to enlarge the toilet compartment and install a water cooler, necessitating the filling-in of the next-to-last window from the photographer’s point-of-view in the photo below. (This was apparently quite a common installation.)

C&S #22 without baggage end platform (5) Colorado & Southern #22 shorn of end platform at the baggage end. Poor says the photo was taken “about 1905,” but that doesn’t agree with company records. Photo at Ferrell/SoPk-304(u) and Poor-325(ME). A similar photo taken before the lavatory window was filled in is at Helmers-142(u).


In May 1917, coach-baggage #22 was assigned to the Buena Vista - St. Elmo “stub run.” Chappell {37} says:

“After the [Alpine] tunnel was closed in October 1910, a tri-weekly train was scheduled to make runs from Buena Vista up the Chalk Creek valley to St. Elmo, Romley and Hancock, as there was still considerable traffic from the mines of that region. Westward they still bore the old designation Train No. 94, eastward Train No. 93.”

Coach-baggage #22 replaced coach-baggage #21 on this run, and was assigned there until track was removed 15 November 1926. It was then moved to Leadville with flanger #016 and two outfit cars. All were sold to the A.T. Herr Supply Co. in (1925, or June 1926?). Herr reportedly could not find a buyer for this equipment, and it was burned for its hardware in July 1928. The South Park’s first passenger car met an ignominious end after serving almost exactly 54 years. Not bad for a wooden car!

Combine C&S #22 on way to St. Elmo

(6) Heading upgrade toward St. Elmo in the early 1920s. This was the last segment of Alpine Tunnel approach track on the east slope still in use. Engine #62 on the head-end, combine #22 bringing up the rear. Photo at Chappell-153, Digerness2-296, Helmers-137(d), Kindig-22 and Wagner-57(d).


08 April 2006

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