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C&S combine #26 at Alma, 1902

(4) But this is a different car! Or did they just move the baggage door? DL&G coach-baggage #705 at Alma in 1902. John Marks photo at Ferrell/SoPk-280(u) and Poor-272(d)(ME).

HISTORY (Continued)

The 1902 photo above shows a distinctly different placement of the baggage door in what would have been a 13 window coach (count the clerestory windows) with a distinct beltrail connecting the windows. The roof has a bullnose profile (which was usual when roof work was required). But the eave line, which before was flat, now has a significant droop, and most cars with a flat eave line kept that feature through roof rebuilds. Furthermore, the stoves are now on the same side. It seems to have escaped the covering-over of lavatory and stove windows so frequently done about this time, probably because of the wider-than-usual corner panel.

When the C&S renumbered cars in 1906, DSP&P #26—after being DL&G #705 and then C&S #127—became C&S #26: the only car in the C&S fleet to go out with the same number with which it started. ( ... or was it the same car?) The C&S rebuilt it again in 1915, and undoubtedly removed the baggage end platform if it hadn’t been removed already.

C&S coach-baggage car #36 at Leadville ca. 1937

(5) Left side of C&S coach-baggage car #26 at Leadville ca. 1937. Photo by Otto Perry can be found at Wagner-329.

Coach-Baggage #26 was sent to the shops for repairs and for a "thorough inspection" in mid-1926, as it had been derailed a half-dozen times within 30 days. No doubt part of the problem was the intensive use then being made of combination cars.

Sometime between 1916 and 1937, most likely when it officially became a tool car in 1937, an additional stove was placed in the middle of the right side of #26. The window beside it, and the window beside the stove near the passenger compartment door, were patched over (see photo #5). It was stationed at Leadville, and was apparently used as part of the rotary consist. Ed Haley writes of riding in “C&S red combine 26 in rotary consist  ... June 1937.” {48} It was dismantled 23 September 1942 and its body sold.

Ferrell/SoPk-325 has a photo of what is thought to be its body sitting on the ground at Leadville. No date is given, but the implication is that it is current.

C&S coach-baggage car #36 at Leadville ca. 1937

(6) Right side of C&S coach-baggage car #26 at Leadville ca. 1939. It can be found at Poole-186.


There are several possibilities —


DL&G #705 was wrecked or burned so badly in 1893 that it was replaced with a U&N combine that hadn’t been sold when that line was standard-gauged.


DL&G #705 was wrecked or burned so badly in 1893 that it was totally rebuilt as virtually a new car using parts salvaged from  the former car: something well within the capabilities of of the DSP&P’s Denver shops. (About 10 years later they would rebuild C&S coach #25 so well that it came out of the shops 5'-0" longer than it went in!)

3.   We are wrong in identifying the photos from the 1880s as South Park coach-baggage #26.


31 October 2006

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