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C&S business car #911 on standard gauge trucks

(5) C&S business car #911 was mounted on standard gauge trucks from time to time. Notice how much smaller it is than the preceding car, and the extension steps. Here it appears to be in use as an inspection car being pushed down the line. Note the huge observation windows and the rear view mirror. Richard B. Jackson photo at Ferrell/C&S-207 and Wagner-340(m).


(6) Left below. C&S car #911 in storage at the Black Hills Central in Hill City, South Dakota, while apparently being used in a Gunsmoke episode. It appears to be resting on standard gauge trucks. Note etched glass in end doors and extension steps to compensate for additional height of standard gauge trucks.

Back End C&S #911 Front End C&S #911

(7) Right above. The front end of #911. Notice the ice box taking up half the platform. Both photos by Ken Martin at Martin/Business.


Truck detail

(8) Narrow gauge trucks from car #911 awaiting the bodys return. Ken Martin photo at Martin/Business.


13 April 2006

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