Passenger Cars of the South Park

South Park Denver Shops

A Rogue's Gallery of The Cars They Built
Average working life 70 years!
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The Denver South Park & Pacific railroad had its shops in Denver. There is no evidence that they had the kind of facilities necessary to build passenger cars “from scratch.” But most eastern car builders of the day were more than happy to construct cars, then disassemble them and ship them out to be assembled again elsewhere, sometimes by their own men and sometimes by the railroad’s men. We suspect that is how the South Park shops were able to “build” the cars they did. But it is evident looking at them that they added their own little “twists” to what they produced. (Click any pic for an enlargement.)

Coach-baggage #6
out-shopped June 1879
35'-0" over endsills
Shown 1886 as DSP&P #701
Sold February 1923
Coach #7
out-shopped September 1879
40'-4" over endsills
Shown 1885 as DSP&P #56
Converted to coach-baggage
     c. 1904
Converted to standard gauge test
     outfit October 1922
Dismantled June 1936
Body restored and still in use
Baggage-mail-express car #42
     (middle car)
out-shopped September 1879
39'-10" over endsills
Shown 1900 as C&S #105
Converted to baggage car c. 1902
Dismantled January 1939
Chair car #8
out-shopped December 1879
40'-4" over endsills
Converted to coach-baggage
     before 1885
Shown as DL&G #702 c. 1894
Sold February 1923
Baggage cars #40, 41 and 45
out-shopped 1879
34'-0" over endsills
Shown 1880s
#41 burned 1902, #40 dismantled
     1939, #45 still going strong at
     the Stuhr Museum of the Prairie
     Pioneer in Grand Island, Nebraska
Coach #9
out-shopped April 1880
42'-0" over endsills
Shown 1885 as DSP&P #9
Converted 1892 to coach-baggage
Dismantled November 1942
Coach #10
out-shopped April 1880
42'-0" over endsills
Shown 1880s
Converted to coach-baggage
     before 1889
Destroyed 25 December 1898
Office car #050
out-shopped October 1880
42'-5" over endsills
Shown 29 March 1884
Converted to std gauge and
     hijacked by U.P. c. 1886
     (Must have been a nice car!)
Burned sometime after 1944
Pay car #051
out-shopped October 1880
36'-2" over endsills
Rebuilt as business car c. 1894
Shown 1895 as DL&G B-2
Exhibited at NY World's Fair 1939
Exhibited at Chicago Railroad Fair
Now at Georgetown Loop RR in
     Silver Plume
Business car (second) #025
out-shopped sometime between
     1886 and 1890
26'-0" over endsills
Shown 1898 as DL&G #025
Converted to water Service
     foreman's car 1926
Dismantled November 1940
15 September 2006

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