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Car J [left], is a Third Class or Emigrant Passenger Car, seating twenty-six (26) passengers alongside of car facing each other. Length, in body twenty-two (33) feet, width, seven and a half (7˝) feet. This car can be made longer to carry more passengers and either narrower or wider with only a small additional expense.
Car M [right], Combination Second Class Passenger Car, one-third (⅓) for luggage and two-thirds (⅔) for passengers, seating twenty-four (24) passengers alongside of car with slat or cushioned seats, as preferred, saloon, lamps, stove, water cooler, and all other necessary conveniences. Length in body thirty (30) feet; length over all thirty-six (36) feet; width seven (7) feet; can be built seven and a half to eight (8) feet wide, with seats in regular way reversible or stationary as preferred. These cars have 24 inch wheels and 3 3/8 inch axles.
Car MM [left], is a Second Class Passenger Car 6˝ feet wide, seating 36 passengers side-ways facing each other, is 30 feet long or 36 feet over all. By adding 5 feet more to its length it will seat 44 passengers. It can be made 7 feet wide and 35 feet long and seat 36 passengers, with reversible seats 3 abreast, half the number of seats for 2 passengers and the other half for 1 passenger, —or by making car 8 feet wide will seat 4 abreast, i.e., 2 seats of two passengers each, and seat 47 passengers.
The [right] cut represents a First Class Passenger Car seven feet wide. Length of body 35 feet, length over all 41 feet, will comfortably seat 36 passengers. The seats are double on one side and single on the other, this arrangement being reversed in the centre of the car, so that each side carries half double and half single seats, which secures a proper balance of weight when the car is full. By adding one foot to width of car we can make all the seats double on each side, seating four abreast , and will seat 47 passengers. This car is mounted on our “Patented Truck” with 24 inch wheels and 3 3/8 inch axles.
Car X [left], is an Eight-wheeled Double Drop Bottom Patent Coal Car. Weight about nine thousand (9,000) pounds. Capacity, eighteen thousand (18,000) pounds. Will relieve itself of its load without shoveling and can be adapted to carry coke, lime and ores.
Car Y [right], is a First-Class Baggage and Express Car, with swing bolsters. It can be built seven and a half (7˝) to eight (8) feet wide, increasing its carrying capacity. The car as shown in [right] cut is seven (7) feet wide.
Car Z [left], a Four-wheeled Side Dump Car. Weight about forty-five hundred (4500) pounds. Capacity, nine thousand (9,000) pounds of lime, limestone, iron and silver ore. These cars are extensively used to carry silver and other ores in the Rocky Mountains, and for lime, limestone and iron ore in Penn’a., can be easily dumped at any point on either side of track without detaching car from train, are made perfectly secure by our improved supports and stays from danger of tilting while in motion.


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