Railway Car Builders of North America

An ever-growing list of all independent builders.

Company Plant Location Date Successor, Comments or Cross-reference
Abbott Downing Co. Concord, NH
Agents in Boston, Chicago, New York and San Francisco
1873(c1880)-??? Old-line coach and wagon builder founded 1873 by "surviving partners" of the Concord Coach and Wagon Mfg. Co. Built all kinds of wagons, coaches and buggies. No mention of car building in 1876 publication. Apparently built some afterward but info. hard to come by.
ACF Industries
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Huntington, WV
Milton, PA
1954-2003+ From American Car & Foundry
ACF-Brill Motors Philadelphia 1944-1954 Bus building division of the Brill Corporation. Probably never built any railway cars.
Adams & Price Locomotive & Machine Works Nashville, TN 1883-c1900 Produced locomotives; not known to have produced any cars.
Adrian Car Co. Adrian, MI 1869-1883 To Peninsular Car Company (1880)
Ahern & Soper Car Works Ottawa, ON 1891 To Ottawa Car Company
Aiken, Walter Franklin, NH 1869-1870 Produced locomotives; not known to have produced any cars.
Akron Car Co. Akron, OH 1893-  
Alabama Car Works Anniston, AL aft 1887 (?) Renamed Anniston Car Works after purchase by Knoxville iron (?)
Albany Coach Manufactory Albany, NY 1813-?? Unclear whether this was a DBA or actual name of business.
See James Goold & Company
Albany Iron Works Albany, NY    
Allegheny Car Co. Swissvale, PA c1873-1882 Bought by Woodruff Sleeping Car Company
Allegheny Foundry Co. Warren, PA 1916 To Allegheny Steel Tank Car Company
Allegheny Steel   1919  
Allegheny Steel Tank Car Co. Warren, PA c1917-c1919 From Allegheny Foundry Company.
Built cars for United Refining Co., Crew Levick, Valvoline, et al. May also have built circus cars.
To Warren Car Company
Allison Car Works     Murphy & Allison
Allison, John, & Co.
(John Allison & Co.)
Hazelton, PA 1887 John Allison & Co. is listed under “Car Builders” in 1877 edition, Poor’s Directory of Railway Officials as proprietor of Hazelton Iron Works.
Allison Mfg. Co. Philadelphia, PA 1836-1851 To Murphy & Allison
Allison Mfg. Co., Inc. Philadelphia, PA 1883-1900? From W.C. Allison & Company
Allison, W.C., & Co.
(W.C. Allison & Co.)
Philadelphia, PA c1870-1883 From W.C. Allison & Sons.
To Allison Manufacturing Company, Inc
Allison, W.C., & Sons
(W.C. Allison & Sons)
Philadelphia, PA 1866-c1870 From Murphy & Allison.
To W.C. Allison & Company
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Montreal, QC 1998-2003+  
Altoona Mfg. Co.
Altoona Car Works
Altoona, PA c1870-1900? Altoona Car Works  is listed under “Car Builders” in 1877 edition, Poor’s Directory of Railway Officials.
Aluminum Company of America      
Amcar Division   1980s New name for ACF Industries rail car division.
American Car Co.     Many newspaper references to the “American Car Company” actually mean the American Car & Foundry Company.
American Car Co. Basic City, VA 1893-  
American Car Co. Chicago, IL 1852-1856  
American Car Co. Detroit, MI
Molino, FL
Pensacola, FL
1900 Related to Russell A. Alger
American Car Co. Humphreysville (Seymour), CT c1850-1857  
American Car Co. Moline, IL   A reportorial error; should be Molino, FL. See American Car Company, Molino, FL.
American Car Co. Philadelphia, PA 1863- See Union Car Works
American Car Co. St. Louis, MO 1891-1931 Acquired by J.G. Brill Co. 1902 but operated under American Car name until 1931.
To J.G. Brill of Missouri
American Car Co. Springfield, IL c1853  
American Car Co. Trenton, NJ est. 1899  
American Car Mfg. Co. Jeffersonville, IN c  
American Car & Equipment Co. Chicago Heights, IL 1908-1912 Incorporated in South Dakota. Allegedly involved in fraudulent transactions relative to car repairs for the IC RR.
To United Car Company
American Car & Equipment Co. New York, NY
New Jersey
c1891 Dealer in new and used street cars. Offices at 10 Wall St. in New York City and rebuilding plant in New Jersey.
American Car & Foundry Co. By early 1920s
 had 16 plants
 in 9 states.
1899-1954 To ACF Industries
American Car & Foundry Co. Berwick, PA 1899-1962 Plant closed early 1960s. Reopened 1962 by Berwick Forge & Fabricating Corp.
American Cylindrical Car Co. W. Superior, WI c1892  
American Equipment Co.   1901-1902  
American Fire Proof Steel Car Co. Bridgeport, AL?
Des Plaines, IL?
Glasgow, VA?
offices in Chicago
1888-1892? May have had a few cars built for it, but probably never built one of its own.
American Hoist & Derrick Co.      
American Locomotive Co. Schenectady, NY 1901(1906)-(1910)1969 Combination of 8 independent loco builders formed to compete with Baldwin: Brooks, Cooke, Dickson, Manchester, Pittsburgh, Rhode Island, Richmond and Schenectady.
Built some steam-driven self-propelled passenger cars in early 1900s. Fabricated trucks for cars built by AC&F for NY Central suburban service.
American Palace Car Co.   c1896 Was sued by the Harris Car Company of Portland, Maine, for infringement of its patent for improvements in sleeping cars.
American Railcar Industries
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Paragould, AR
Marmaduke, AR
1994-2003+ An affiliate of ACF Industries; a spin-off of its former Shippers Carline Division.
American Railway Equipment Co. Toledo, OH    
American Steam Carriage Co. Philadelphia, PA 1831- Founded

Original name of Norris Locomotive Works.

American Steel Foundry Co.   1900-1901  
American Tank   1926  
AMF Transport Beaird, TX? 1964-1977 Tank Cars
1998 to ALSTOM/Transport?
Amherst Industries Charleston, WV 1880s  
Amoskeag Mfg. Co. Manchester, NH 1831(1849)-(1856)1876+ This builder of machinery for cotton and other mills began building locomotives about 1849. Gave it up again about 1856 to build steam fire engines.
Apparently never produced cars of any kind.
Anderson, J.R.
(J.R. Anderson
    (See Tredegar Iron Works)
Anniston Car Co. Anniston, AL 1883-1887 Said to have been purchased by the Knoxville Iron Co. per the list of “Car Builders” in the 1877 edition, Poor’s Directory of Railway Officials.
To Alabama Car Works (?)
Anniston Electric Anniston, AL 1922  
Apex Equipment Co.   1902-1903  
Appomattox Iron Works   1872-?? May have produced logging equipment.
Appomattox Iron Works Petersburg, VA 1850s May have been a D/B/A for Uriah Wells, known to have built locomotives, and possibly cars.
Archer Iron Works Chicago c1910 Advertised: Standard one-ton locomotive coal charging buggies.
Archimedes Works     Henry M. Dunham
Armour   1917  
Arlington Car Mfg. Co. Arlington, VT 1872-c1884  
Arms Palace Horse Car Co. Chicago, IL c1910 Appears to have been the operator of a fleet of cars for transporting horses. Cars probably built for them by a third party.
Arthur Koppel     See Arthur Koppel Company.
Atlantic Car Co.
Atlantic Car Works
Salem, MA c1872-1873 Closed for 4 years following panic of 1873. then re-opened to make furniture.
Atlantic Car & Equipment   1902  
Atlantic Equipment Co.   1911 Better known as an equipment dealer
Atlantic Seaboard Despatch Chicago, IL 1898-1902 Max Epstein brokered the sale of 20 second-hand refrigerated cars; used his commission to make a down-payment on 28 more which he leased out. Four years later he incorporated as the German-American Car Company, named after the German-American Provision Co., a packing firm in Chicago. Built no cars.
Atlas Car & Mfg. Co. Cleveland, OH
Had offices in NYC, ca. 1930
1896-1960s Railroad and industrial machinery : cars (block, bottom, brick, coke quenching, dryer, dump, flat, kiln, mud, ore, oven, quarry, rack, side-dump, slate, smelter, transfer); locomotives (electric, industrial, mining, storage battery); trucks (battery, car, crane, elevator, fork lift, freight, platform); locomotive cranes, turntables, axles ...
Listed under "Car Builders" in White-Orr's 1930 Classified Business Directory NYC section.
Atlas Iron Works Pittsburgh, PA 1870s Reportedly built light locomotives, probably not cars.
Atlas Steel Car   1920-1959  
Aurora Locomotive Works Aurora, IN 1853-?? Apparently never actually built a locomotive, let alone any railway cars.
Au Sable Car Works Au Sable, MI?
Au Sable, NY?
(also Austin Western [no hyphen]
Company Plant Location Date Successor, Comments or Cross-reference
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