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Reading between the lines, it appears that a reorganization took place, probably by parties in interest to the debts of the company, that produced a new firm incorporated in Delaware, named Goodwin Car & Manufacturing Company. {435} This firm almost immediately exercised the option to buy the leased 25 acres at the southwest corner of 67th Street and Cicero Avenue for $28,750.

In October of 1921, one Howard Van Scoy of Chicago applied for a patent on an improved dumping mechanism “embodied in a vehicle of the Goodwin dump car type.” He was issued Patent No. 1,459,315, dated 19 June 1923, with assignment to the “Goodwin Car & Mfg. Company, Inc., of Wilmington, Delaware, a Corporation of Delaware.”

Here are two of the drawings from U.S. Pat. No. 1,459,315. The essence of the patent is best understood from the end views, below. A single control cylinder can be swiveled so its hook (green) can engaged the links (red) attached to the ends of any of the several levers that release, open or close the various longitudinal doors that hold in the cargo.

What happened with this company between 1920 and 1927 is as yet a mystery to us. If you know anything about it, would you share the information with us? And who is Howard Van Scoy? What is his relationship to Goodwin?

What we do know is that its plant and the aforementioned 25 acres was sold to the Clearing Industrial District. {437} And as late as 1930 Goodwin had offices in New York City. {438}

For More Information

Goodwin Car Co. Goodwin Car Co., owners and operators of Goodwin patents, manufacturers and lessors of Goodwin cars, vessels ... Boston, MA: The Sparrell Print, 190-?.

It appears that the New York Public Library has the only copy of this.

Goodwin Car Co. Cars, vessels, bins, barges ... New York, NY: _____, 1911.

The New York Public Library classifies this as a dealer’s catalog, and appears to have the only copy.

Goodwin Car Co. Collection of photographs of Goodwin dump car [at University of Chicago].

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09 April 2006

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