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J. M. Jones' Sons

If you can put this puzzle together, please let us know. We can't.

Arnold says

Began Watervliet, NY 1864 as Jones & Company, established by J.M. and Richard Jones as successor to family wagon building firm (but see advert above)

Produced horse streetcars - sold throughout US

reorganized 1886 as J.M. Jones' Sons Car Co.

Arnold continues

J.M. Jones' Sons Car Company, Watervliet, NY, succeeded Jones & Co. in 1864 (???) and began building electric streetcars

Believed to have stopped building cars ca. 1912

Arnold adds

J.M. Jones' Sons Company [sic] of West Troy, NY, succeeded Jones & Co. in 1874, building many electric cars before ceasing production in 1912.

J.M. Jones Advertisement

From Middleton, citing Charlton

Jones' Sons Car Company, Watervliet, NY. 1839-1922 (? both dates)

Early entrant in electric car building, began building electric streetcars in 1864 and as early as 1886 was said to be building 300 streetcars a year.

Great export trade; many to New England and east coast

Ceased production 1912.

11 April 2006

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