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Baggage Car #1

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Colorado Central baggage car #1 at Georgetown, 1878

(1) Colorado Central baggage car #1 at Georgetown, 17 August 1878. Photo at Digerness3-268, Hauck-57(u), Poor-14(d)(ME) and Speas-8.


Colorado Central baggage car #1 was a little over 35' long, with a square-topped central baggage door that extended about of the way up through the fairly wide letterboard. There were two windows on each side of the door that give no sign of how they opened. These windows appear to contain a square-topped sash within a frame that had gussets at each top corner, giving them the look of arched windows. Baggage #1 had end platforms at both ends, and the platform roofs were of the duckbill type.

Colorado Central baggage car #1036

(2) Colorado Central baggage car #1036 on the switchback between Black Hawk and Central City. The dating of this photograph is interesting. Ferrell says it is "an early passenger train," and Digerness dates it to the "late 1870s." But it is a very small part of a huge William Jackson photo that is otherwise dated between 1885 and 1889, and this is borne out by the number on the locomotive (out of picture to right), which has the after-1885 UP style digits on its tender. Photo at Ferrell/C&S-22 and Digerness3-410 (also at Digerness3-406 and Poor-107 F-A-R away on lower leg of wye).


Track was completed to Black Hawk (21.07 miles) 11 December 1872, and attention was shifted to the Georgetown extension, where track reached Floyd Hill on 24 February 1873. Meanwhile, the road had received two more passenger cars: coach #2 and baggage car #1.

Colorado Central baggage car #1 was out-shopped by the Union Pacific Railway in January 1873 at a cost of $2,300. At the 1885 renumbering by the Union Pacific it was renumbered #1036, a number it kept when the road was reorganized as the Union Pacific, Denver & Gulf.

When the bankrupt UPD&G was sold to the Colorado & Southern, baggage car #1036 became C&S #101. When the C&S renumbered cars in 1906, baggage car #101 became #3. By 1915, when it was rebuilt, the windows had been sheathed over and the end the platforms had been removed.

Baggage car #3 was retired January 1939, and as late as 1965 the body was being used as a shed at Longmont, Colorado. (According to Ferrell/SoPk, it was still there as that book was written in 2003.)

C&S baggage car #3 near Denver, 1918

(3) C&S baggage car #3 at South Denver, July 1918. Otto Perry photo at Kindig-406.


29 September 2006

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