Passenger Cars of the Colorado Central

Coaches #1 & #2

CCRR U.P. 1885 UPD&G 1890 C&S 1899 C&S 1906
#1 #182 #182 Scrapped Gone
#2 #183 #183 #140 Scrapped

CC coach #1 or #2 in Clear Creek Canyon c. 1875

(1) Colorado Central coach #1 or #2 in Clear Creek Canyon c. 1875. Photo at Beebe-161(u), Digerness3-323(d), Hauck-41 and Poor-57(ME)(ul)


Since coaches #1 and #2 were out-shopped by the Union Pacific within three months of each other, and reportedly were of the same length, we presume they were look-alikes. This is reinforced by the fact that we have no identified photos of one or the other and have seen nothing in the photographs that would suggest individual differences.

Coaches #1 and #2 had thirteen double-pane windows with only the slightest arch at the top, board-and-batten siding with an oval name panel, and broken duckbill platform roofs. The clerestory roof was fitted with what appear to be Creamer's Automatic Ventilators (the six small boxes spaced among the clerestory windows).

Colorado Central coach #182 or #183 (2) Colorado Central coach #182 or #183 (probably the former) at Horse Shoe Curve below Sunset on the GSL&P 1 August 1886. (The GSL&P had no equipment of its own; note “C.C.R.R” on the box car.) Greatly enlarged detail of a J.B. Sturtevant photo at Kindig-180 and Speas-28(d).


Tracklaying had progressed to Forks Creek (13.30 miles) by the end of August 1872. Hauck-25 says the Golden Transcript reported that the  U.P. Omaha shops were “building a passenger train for the Western Division,” and that one coach was now finished and “other parts pf the train” were due soon. According to another source, the 6 November issues of the Denver Daily Times and of the Golden Transcript reported coach #1 had been used for the first time two days before. It had been out-shopped by the Union Pacific the prior month.

Track was completed to Black Hawk (21.07 miles) 11 December 1872, and attention was shifted to the Georgetown extension, where track reached Floyd Hill on 24 February. Meanwhile, the road had received two more passenger cars: coach #2 and baggage car #1. Coach #2 was received from the Union Pacific January 1873.

Whether the two coaches were actually built by the U.P. no one knows. They were more than likely knock-downs provided by some eastern builder such as Jackson and Sharp and merely assembled by the U.P. shops.

Colorado Central coach #1 (3) Stove side of Colorado Central coach #1 near Mountain City about 1880. Charles Weitfle photo at Kindig-62(u) and Poor-61(ME). (Either Weitfle was shooting through a pine tree, or the negative has been badly damaged.)


28 September 2006

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