Passenger Cars of the Colorado Central

Baggage-Mail-Express #3 - #5

CCRR U.P. 1885 UPD&G 1890/97 C&S 1899 C&S 1906
B-M-X #3 #1323 #1323 / #28 #110 #10
B-M-X #4 #1324 #1324 / #29 #111 #11
B-M-X #5 #1325 #1325 / #30 #112 #12


Colorado Central B-M-X #1325 at GTL ca. 1887

(1) Colorado Central B-M-X #1325 on the Georgetown Loop sometime between 1885 and 1890. Detail from a cabinet card owned by Ken Martin.


We can’t be sure exactly what Colorado Central baggage-mail-express cars #3, #4 and #5 looked like originally, as we have no early photos of them. Our best guess is that they probably looked pretty much like the 1894 photo above, except they may have had a different contour to the platform roofs. At 40'-0" over endsills, they were substantially longer than most of the early cars on the CC. They had end platforms at both ends, a moderately wide letterboard into which two arch-topped doors extended considerably. The central and larger of these was the baggage-loading door, and the smaller one, with elevated threshold, was the mailroom door. The elevated threshold seems to have been designed to allow handing mail bags in and out from ground level while providing some element of safety. The windows were single-pane and had arched tops. It is impossible to know whether they opened up of down (or even opened at all). Considering that the letterboard was later widened considerably (see photo #2) we would guess they opened upward.

UPD&G B-M-X #30 at Empire Junction, 7 August 1894

(2) UPD&G Baggage-Mail-Express car #30 at Empire Junction, 7 August 1894. Photo at Digerness3-294, Hauck-101(u), Morgan/GTL-12 and Poor-283(ME).


Baggage-mail-express cars #3 - #5 were built for the Colorado Central by the Union Pacific Railway in December 1880. They were renumbered #1323 - #1325 by the Union Pacific in 1885. They kept these numbers in the Union Pacific, Denver & Gulf reorganization, but apparently were renumbered #28, #29and #30 sometime before 1894.

The Colorado and Southern numbered them #110 - #112 in 1899, then renumbered them #10 - #12 in 1906. By this time they apparently were no longer used for express service as they were designated baggage-mail cars on the 1906 roster.

C&S baggage-mail #110 or #112 at Denver, about 1900 (3) The car nearest the camera is either C&S baggage-mail #110 or #112 at Denver, about 1900. This photo can be found at Digerness3-379(d), Hauck-120 or Kindig-244.


10 June 2007

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