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#12 #191 #191 #150 Coach-baggage #130 #30

C&S Combination Car #30

(5) Former Colorado Central chair car #12, now C&S coach-baggage #30, at South Denver in June 1918. Otto Perry photo at Digerness1-117(d), Ferrell/C&S-93(d), Kindig-406(d) and online (Image OP-6205 in the Denver Public Library’s Western History Collection).

HISTORY (Continued)

C&S coach #149 would not remain a coach long. In 1902, as traffic dwindled, the C&S needed more all-purpose cars, and coach #149 was rebuilt to a combination coach-baggage car and assigned #130 in sequence with other combination cars. In the 1906 renumbering it became #30.

It appears that after passenger service was discontinued in 1937, coach-baggage #30 was used as a tool car. Poole has a photos of it in Leadville dated 1939, and Osterwald {10} says its body, minus trucks and couplers, was to be seen in Leadville as late as 1959. (The Maxwell Collection has a photo of it as a shed in 1956.)

C&S coach-baggage car #30, left side

C&S coach-baggage car #30. Left side above (6). Right side below (7). Denver, 1937. Photo #7 by Richard B. Jackson at Ferrell/C&S-208.

C&S coach-baggage #30, right side
C&S coach-baggage #30, truck detail

In the 1906 renumbering, C&S coach #149 was renumbered #61. It was dismantled 27 July 1939.


(Photos with Source and Page in blue are best to show car details.)

(1) c. 1884 M.E. Chase Stony Point Digerness2 124 CH CC chair car #11 closest to lens
Ferrell/SoPk 175 MF
Kindig 399(u) CH
  1886 Unknown Boreas Pass Digerness2 122 DD CC coach #10 or chair car #11 far right
  1890s G.E. Mellon Platte Canyon Ferrell/SoPk 220 MF UPD&G chair car #190 or #191, 3rd car
(2) 1894 / late 1890s? H.H. Buckwalter Atlantic Siding Digerness2 322 RR UPD&G chair car #190; middle car; see the tank for the Baker heater?
Helmers 157(d) CH
Ferrell/SoPk 153 WA
Kindig 311(u) FM
Speas 80 RR
DPL WHC #CHS-B117 or #CHS-B273 CH
 Aug 7
Unknown Empire Digerness3 294 DD UPD&G #190, last car in string
Hauck 101(u) KS
Morgan/GTL 12 NM
Poor 283 JT
  1890s H.H. Buckwalter Pine Grove Digerness1 173(u) CH UPD&G chair car #191 (car to the left behind box car) [the one Ferrell says is a standard gauge car]
Ferrell/SoPk 225 BJ
Kindig 388(u) CH
(3) 1890s Unknown High Bridge Kindig 233(d) RR UPD&G chair car #190 [contra caption], 2nd from left
 May 5
Unknown Platte Canyon Digerness2 31 RR C&S coach #150
Ferrell/SoPk 297 MF
Kindig 192 WC
  1910 Unknown Alma/London Junction Chappell 119(m) CM C&S coach-baggage #30
Kindig 301 EP
Digerness2 260(u) DD
  1910 Unknown London Junction Digerness2 260(d) DD C&S coach-baggage #30
  c. 1910 Unknown Unknown Poole 189 MN C&S coach-baggage #30
(5) 1918 Jun O.C. Perry South Denver Digerness1 117(d) DD C&S coach-baggage #30
Ferrell/C&S 93(d) JT
Kindig 406(d) OP
  c. 1920 Unknown Silver Plume Hauck 128(u) CM C&S coach-baggage #30
  no date Ottomar O'Donell Georgetown Loop Hauck 133 RJ C&S coach-baggage #30
  1929 R.B. Jackson Denver Chappell 211(d) NA C&S coach-baggage #30
Ferrell/C&S 92(u) RJ
  no date O.C. Perry Unknown Beebe 156 OP C&S coach-baggage #30
(7) 1937 R.B. Jackson Leadville Ferrell/C&S 208 RJ C&S coach-baggage #30, right side
  ca. 1937? Wm. A. Gibson Leadville Digerness1 395 DD C&S coach-baggage #30, left side
 June 4
R.H. Kindig Leadville Kindig 390 RK C&S coach-baggage #30, right side
Osterwald 137(d) RK
Poole 188 RK
 Jul 28
Unknown Leadville Poole 16 PO C&S coach-baggage #30, apparently serving as a crew car
 Jul 23
Unknown Leadville Poole 48 TW C&S coach-baggage #30, apparently serving as a crew car
 May 30
J.W. Maxwell Leadville Digerness1 333(u) JM C&S coach-baggage #30
  1956 J.W. Maxwell Leadville Maxwell 56-01 JM C&S coach-baggage #30, body as shed


12 May 2007

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