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CCRR U.P. 1885 UPD&G 1890 C&S 1899 C&S 1906
#1 #182 #182 Scrapped Gone
#2 #183 #183 #140 Scrapped

CC coach #1 or #2 between Black Hawk and Central City (4) Coach #1 or #2 between Black Hawk and Central City, probably sometime in the early 1880s. Charles Weitfle photo at Kindig-61(d).

HISTORY (Continued)

At the Union Pacific renumbering in 1885, coach #1 became #182 and coach #2 became #183. Both cars kept these numbers under the UPD&G.

Coach #182 was scrapped in January 1897, more than likely after being in a wreck, as January seems an odd time to be scrapping cars in Colorado for fun and profit.

Wrecked Coach #182 (5) Colorado Central Coach #182, close to the end (pardon the pun) on the GSL&P. This may not be the wreck that ended the life of #182, as the photo was obviously not taken in January! Photo is at Crossen/Switzerland-52. Click pic to see enlargement of entire scene.

Coach #2/#183 made it to the Colorado & Southern roster and became C&S #140. It was reportedly scrapped in February of 1901, again more than likely after being in a wreck, as February in Colorado is little better than January. However, it is possible it was not actually scrapped until sometime after November of that year. During that summer (1901), the Denver City Tramway Company had incorporated the Denver & Northwestern Railway to build electrified lines to various towns west of Denver. The C&S was not happy about this. When a line to the coal mines at Leyden needed to cross the C&S tracks at Arvada, the C&S parked four broad gauge cars directly in the path of the interloper. Three of these were boxcars and the fourth was a flatcar with an old coach body on it. Harry Buckwalter was present with his camera the day the impasse was resolved, and snapped a photo that is now in the Western History Collection of the Denver Public Library. Take a look at it. We think the coach body on the flatcar is that of C&S n.g. #140. What do you think? [If this link doesn't work, go to and do a call number search for image CHS-B234.]


(Photos with Source and Page in blue are best to show car details.)

  1873/4 Joseph Collier, or Perry & Bohm Forks Creek Digerness3 331 DD CC coach #1 or #2
Hauck 38 DP
(1) c.1875 Charles Weitfle Clear Creek Canyon Beebe 161(u) DP CC coach #1 or #2
Digerness3 323 DD
Hauck 41 NM
Poor 56(ul)(ME) FR
  1878 Charles Weitfle Central City Hauck 69 CH CC coach #1 or #2
Poor 71(ME)(l) DP
  1878 Aug 17 Unknown Georgetown Digerness3 268 DD CC baggage #1
Hauck 57(u) CH
Poor 14(d)(ME) RK
Speas 8 RR
(3) 1879/80 Charles Weitfle Mountain City Kindig 62(u) DP CC coach #1 or #2
Poor 61(ME) DP
(4) n.d. Charles Weitfle Black Hawk - Central City Kindig 61(d) FR CC coach #1 or #2
  1884 Lachlan McLean Guy Gulch siding Digerness3 368(d) DD CC coach-baggage #5
Kindig 48 BB
(2) 1886 Aug 1 J.B. Sturtevant Horse Shoe Curve on the GSL&P Kindig 180 MP CC coach #182 or #183
Speas 28(d) EH
(5) Aft 1885 A.A. Paddock Below Sunset on the GSL&P Crossen/Switzerland 52   CC coach #182, end view
  1890 J.B. Sturtevant Near Sunset on DB&W Kindig 182 FR CC coach #182 or #183
  no date J.B. Sturtevant Sunset on DB&W Kindig 178 MP CC coach #182 or #183
  early 1890s J.B. Sturtevant Crisman on the DB&W Kindig 348(u) MP CC coach #182 or #183
Poor 88(u) MP

We know of no published plans or drawings for CC coaches #1 or #2 and there is no C&S diagram page for either because they didnt survive long enough.


CC No. #1 #2
1885 U.P. No. #182 #183
1891 UPD&G No. #182 #183
1899 C&S No. Gone #140
1906 C&S No. Gone Gone
Car Type Coach
Capacity 18 seats
Delivery Date Oct 1872 Jan 1873
Acquired From Union Pacific Railway
Cost $3,300 $4,700
Length Over Endsills 35'-2"
Length Over Buffers Est. 42'-6"
Truck Centers Est. 25'-2"
Wheel Size 24" (1885) / Est. 26" (1916)
Truck Wheelbase Est. 5'-0"
Width Est. 7'-7" to 7'-10"
Height of Body Est. 8'-11" to 9'-1"
Body Above Rails Est. 30"
Weight Est. 35,000 to 39,000 lbs.
Platform Roof Est. duckbill or broken duckbill
Heating Stoves
Lighting Oil lamps
Interior Finish Est. ash finished oak
Termination Date Jan 1897 Feb 1901
Termination Method Scrapped Scrapped
Estimates are based on other coaches that survived to 1916 and were included in the C&S passenger car diagrams.

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