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U.P. 1885 DL&G 1889 C&S 1899 C&S 1906
#050 #025 Rebuilt 1886 to U.P. Officers Car #06 Gone Gone
    Second #025 #B-3 #912

If you're looking only for second #025, it has a page of its own.


Office car #050 was begun in the South Parks Denver shops in May of 1880 and completed that October. It was renumbered #025 in 1885 by the Union Pacific, then almost immediately rebuilt (1886), put on standard gauge trucks and transferred to the Oregon Short Line & Utah Northern Railroad as U.P. Officers Car #06 (2nd). It was sold in 1912 to the narrow gauge Nevada-California-Oregon Railroad, where it became their business car Fairport. It passed to the Southern Pacific (narrow gauge) in 1926 when it took control of the N-C-O. In 1928 it became their #20 and was used as a replacement for their business car Esmerelda. It later became their MOW #5. It was taken out of service in 1944 and was used for awhile as a bunk house in San Jose, CA, where it was destroyed by fire.

Southern Pacific Business Car #20

(4) above. Left side of S.P. business car #20 (assuming observation end (right) is toward end of train). This is the same orientation as photos #1 and #2 above. (5) below. Right side of S.P. business car #20 (assuming observation end (left) is toward end of train). Photos can be found at Turner-68 and Ferrell/SP-xx.

Southern Pacific Business Car #20

For some reason, the Denver, Leadville & Gunnison decided to replace U.P. #025 on its roster with a new officer car. That is a whole new story, and will be told on a new page devoted to SECOND #025.


(Photos with source and page in blue are best to show car details.)

(1) 1884 Mar 29 W.H. Jackson Georgetown Loop Ferrell/C&S 27 CH DSP&P officer car #050
Ferrell/SoPk 97(u) AM
Hauck 82 CH
Kindig 220 CH
Mangan 134 CH
Wagner 12* CH
(2) 1885/86 W.H. Jackson High Bridge Kindig 231 CH DSP&P officer car #025
(3)           KM U.P. business car #06
(4) no date Unknown Unknown Turner 68(m) NA S.P. business car #20.
(5) no date Unknown Unknown Turner 68(d) NA S.P. business car #20.
Ferrell/SP xx  
  1946 Unknown Bayshore, CA Ferrell/SoPk 97(d) AM Unlettered car identified as S.P. work car MW5 (former DSP&P #050)
* Very small.

There is a not-to-scale floor plan of #050 ca. 1885 in Ehrenberger/UP. The same floor plan, together with a scale drawing and floor plan of Southern Pacific #20, will be found in Barger/UP. (But note that the platform roof on Bargers drawing is not representative of either set of photos.)


DSP&P No. #050
1885 U.P. No. #025
1889 DL&G No. Gone from property
1899 C&S No. Gone from property
1906 C&S No. Gone from property
Car Type Officer (1885)
Capacity 2 Sections,
1 Stateroom,
1 Office
Delivery Date October 1880
Acquired From DSP&P Denver Shops
Length Over Endsills 42'-5" (43'-3" S.P./Barger)
Length Over Buffers 49'-1 5/8" (S.P./Barger)
Truck Centers 40'-5" (S.P./Barger)
Wheel Size 24" (1885)     36" (S.P. Barger)
Truck Wheelbase 6'-6" (S.P./Barger)
Width 8'-2" (S.P./Barger)
Height of Body 8'-9 " (S.P./Barger)
Body Above Rails 3'-9" (S.P./Barger)
Weight 90,650 lbs.  (S.P./Barger)
Platform Roof Bullnose (From earliest photos onward --
Barger's looks like a crumpled broken duckbill, perhaps a convention of the S.P. passenger car diagrams)
Heating Baker heater (1885)
Safety steam hot water circulation (S.P./Barger)
Lighting Pintsch Gas (S.P./Barger)
Interior Finish Unknown
Termination Date c. 1886
Termination Method Rebuilt and taken off property by U.P.

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