Builders of Wooden Railway Cars ... and some of other stuff

Hicks Freight Cars

Hicks-built gondola car
Hicks built these 36-foot 80,000 lb. capacity gondolas about 1907 for the Chicago & Illinois Midland Railroad.
Hicks-built flat cars 1907

60,000 lb. capacity low side gondolas and flat cars built by Hicks about 1907.

Hicks-built flat cars 1907
Hicks-built box and flat cars
60,000 lb. capacity flat and furniture cars built about 1907 for the Grand Trunk Railway System.
Hicks-built stock car

Hicks built these stock cars about 1907 for the Chicago Great Western Railway.

Hicks-built caboose
Hicks/Central built this 4-wheeled caboose for the Carolina Clinchfield & Ohio about 1908.

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09 April 2006

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