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Union Pacific Railway Denver Shops

Apparently the property for the 7th Street Yards was acquired in 1900 by the Colorado & Southern.

Union Pacific Railroad shops in Denver sometime between 1890 and 1900. William H. Jackson photo at DPL WHC, Images CHS.J80, CHS.J79, and WHJ-742.

Poor-297(ME) says --

Since its organization the [Colorado & Southern] had been a tenant in the old Union Pacific shops in the northern part of (Denver), which had been long been utilized by the Union Pacific Denver & Gulf, the Union Pacific having transferred their principle shop facilities to Cheyenne.

A number of cars owned by the South Park are attributed to the Union Pacific as builder. It is our opinion that these cars were actually assembled by the South Parks Denver shops, probably using parts manufactured by one or more of the eastern car builders. These cars were attributed to the Union Pacific because after January 1881, the South Park Railroad was merely a division of the Union Pacific. Therefore records could rightly say Union Pacific.

11 April 2006

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