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Allison (Allison Mfg. Co. / Allison Car Works / W.C. Allison & Sons)
American Car Company (St. Louis)
American Fireproof Steel Car Company

American Car & Foundry
Amoskeag Manufacturing Company
Added March 2006
Baker Iron Works

Barber Car Company
Barney & Smith
Billmeyer & Small
Bloomsburg Car Mfg. Co.
Bowers, Dure & Company
Brandon Car Company
Briggs Carriage Company
J.G. Brill & Company
Brinkley Car & Mfg. Company
Brownell & Wight / Brownell Car Company 
Completely re-written Feb 2005.
Buffalo Car Company
Buffalo Car Works (Townsend & Coit)

California Car Works
Canada Car & Manufacturing
Carter Brothers, Builders
Casebolt & Van Gulpin
Thomas Castor Carriage Works
Central Locomotive & Car Works
Central Transportation Company
Chattanooga Car & Foundry
Chicago Car & Locomotive Works
  Additional info Jan 2006
Chicago, New York & Boston Refrigerator Company
  Added Apr 2005
Cincinnati Car Company
  Additional info added Dec 2005
Cobourg Car Company
Columbia Steel Car Company
Crossen Car Manufacturing Co.
Cummings Car & Coach Company
Danville Car Company
Davenport & Bridges
  Added Dec 2005
Dayton Car Works
Dean, Packard & Mills
  Information added Dec 2005
Delaware Car Works
Detroit Car Company
Detroit Car & Manufacturing Company
Dure Car Manufacturing Company
Eaton, Gilbert & Company
  Additional illustration Jan 2006
Elliott Car Company
Elmira Car Works
Empire Car Works
Ensign Manufacturing Company
Erie Car Works
Etna Car Works
Fairbanks, Morse & Company
Fales & Gray
  Additional information Jan 2006
M. Feigel & Son
J. P. Flanders & Company
Gilbert, Bush & Company
  Additional illustration Jan 2006
Goodwin Car Company
Grice & Long
Grove Car Works
  Additional information Jan 2006
Gunderson, Inc.
Gunn & Black (Brinkley Car Works)
J. Hammond & Company
Harlan & Hollingsworth
Harrisburg Car Company
Hicks Locomotive & Car Works
Hicks Stock Car Company
Jackson & Sharp
Jackson & Woodin
Jewett Car Company
  Rewritten Nov/Dec 2005
J.M. Jones’ Sons
Junction Car Works
Kilby Locomotive & Machine / Kilby Car & Foundry
  Added Sep 2005
Kimball & Davenport
  Added Dec 2005
Kimball Carriage & Car Mfg. Co.
Koppel (Koppel Car Co., Arthur Koppel Car Co., Arthur Koppel Industries, Koppel Industrial Car & Equipment Co., Orenstein-Arthur Koppel Co., Orenstein & Koppel Co.)
G.C. Kuhlman Car Company
Laclede Car Company
Laconia Car Works
Lafayette Car Works
A. Latham & Company
Lenoir City Car Company
Madison Car Company
Magor Car Company
Manchester Locomotive Works
  Added March 2006
Mann Boudoir Car Company
Mathews-Davis Railway Motor Company
  Added March 2006
McGuire-Cummings Car Company
McKeen Motor Car Company
  Added March 2006
McLean (McLean & Wright / McLean & Fleck / McLean, Wright & Co.)
Memphis Car & Foundry

Michigan Car Company
Michigan-Peninsular Car Company
Milton Car Works
Middletown Car Works (Company)
Minerva Car Works
Missouri Car & Foundry Company
Mount Vernon Car Manufacturing Co.
Murphy & Allison
Murray, Dougal & Company
National Car Company
National Steel Car Company
Nettleton & Bartlett
  Added Jan 2006
New England Car Company
ubstantially revised Dec 2005
Newhall, George T.
New Haven Car Company
  Added Jan 2006
New York Elevated Railroad
Niles Car & Mfg. Co.
Ohio Falls Car Company
Osgood Bradley
Pacific Car & Foundry
Patten Car Company
Peninsular Car Company
Pennock Bros.
Perley A. Thomas Car Works
Philadelphia Car Works
Pressed Steel Car Company
Prosser Twin Cylinder Car Company
Pullmans Palace Car Company
Ranlett Manufacturing Company
Robbins & Lawrence
  Added Jan 2005
Robbins Cylindrical Steel Car Company
St. Charles Car Company
St. Louis Car Company
Schall & King
H.H. Scoville & Sons
  Additional info Jan 2006
Sheffield Velocipede Car Co.
Smith & Perkins Locomotive Works
Southern Car Company
Southern Car & Foundry
Springfield Car & Engine
Standard Steel Car Company
The Steel Car Company
John Stephenson Car Company
Taunton Car Company/Taunton Locomotive Works
Terre Haute Car & Manufacturing Co.
  Additional info added Jan 2006
Perley A. Thomas Car Works
  Additional illustration Jan 2006
Tiffany Refrigerator Car Company
Toronto Car Factory (McLean)
Townsend & Coit
Tracy & Fales
  Additional information Jan 2006
Twohy Brothers Company
Union Car Company (Depew, NY)
Union Palace Car Company
United States Car Company
United States Car Company (Boston)
United States Rolling Stock Company
Virginia Locomotive & Car Works (Smith & Perkins)
Wagner Place Car Company
  Additional illustration Dec 2005
Wason Manufacturing Company
  Additional illustrations Dec 2005
Wells & French
Western Steel Car & Foundry

Whipple Car Company
  Added Apr 2005
Wilmington Car Works
Woeber Bros. Carriage Co.
Wonham-Magor Engineering Works
T.T. Woodruff & Company
Woodruff Sleeping & Palace Car Company
Woodruff Sleeping & Parlor Coach Company
York Car Works

Miscellaneous —

Appliances, Interiors, Etc. - What makes the cars work and be comfortable

Baker Heater
Creamer’s Automatic Ventilators
Creamer’s Emergency Brake
 Added Dec 2005
Eames Vacuum Brakes
Horton Reclining Chairs
Miller Hook
  Additional information Dec 2005
Paper” Wheels
  Additional information Dec 2005
Ramsey's Car Truck Shifting Apparatus
Searle Heater
Spear Anti-Clinker Heater
Tiffany Summer and Winter Car

Other Stuff —

Early Vermont Car Builders
Railway Car-Builders’ Dictionary
Railway Car Builders of North America (list)
Selective Chronology of the United States
Site Map & Log - You are here!
Springfield’s Four (The four companies at Springfield, Mass. in mid-1800s) 
Added Jan 2006

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