Railway Car Builders of North America

An ever-growing list of all independent builders.


Company Plant Location Date Successor, Comments or Cross-reference
California Car Works     J.S. Hammond & Company
Calumet Car Co. Calumet (Chicago), IL 1880s-1900  
Cambria Iron Co. Johnstown, PA    
Cambria Iron Works Johnstown, PA c1873 To Cambria Steel Company?
Cambria Steel Co. Johnstown, PA 1901-1922 To Midvale Steel
Cambridge City Car Co. Cambridge City, IN 1868-1871  
Campbell & Whittier Cambridge, MA 1866 Built 1st loco for Mt. Washington Cog Railway; no cars.
Canada Car & Mfg. Toronto, ON 1872/1874-1875 From Toronto Steel, Iron & Railway Works Company, Ltd.
(Attempted to employ prison labor.)
Canada Car Co. Turcot (Montreal), QC 1904-1909 To Canadian Car & Foundry
Canada Switch & Spring Co. Montreal, QC 1882-1898 To Montreal Steel Works
Canadian Brill Co., Ltd. Preston, ON 1921-1923 From Preston Car & Coach Company
Canadian Car & Foundry Montreal, Amherst,
 Ft. William, QC
Had offices in NYC ca. 1930
From Canada Car Company, Dominion Car & Foundry Company, Ltd., and Rhodes, Curry & Company, Ltd.
Affiliated (1922) with American Car Company [but don't know which one}.
To Canadian Car Company, Ltd.
Listed under "Car Builders" in White-Orr's 1930 Classified Business Directory NYC section.
Canadian Car Co., Ltd. Montreal, QC 1956- From Canadian Car & Foundry
Became a subsidiary of Hawker Siddeley Canada, Ltd.
Canadian Engine & Machinery Kingston, ON 1870-1873  
Canadian General Electric Co. Ltd. Peterborough, ON 1893-1901  
Canadian General Transit Co. Riviere des Prairies, QC 1960-  
Canadian Locomotive Co. Kingston, ON b1955-1955+ Acquired assets of Davenport Besler Corp. 1955.
Canadian Steel Foundries, LTD Longue Pointe (Montreal), QC 1911-1911 Acquired by Canadian Car & Foundry.
Canda Mfg. Co. Carteret, NJ 1890s  
Canda, F.E., & Co.
(F.E. Canda & Co.)
Chicago, IL ????-1878 Bought by U.S. Rolling Stock Company 1878.
Cantin, Augustin
(Augustin Canton)
Montreal, QC 1860  
Canton Car Co. Canton, OH 1871?-1889?  
Canton Car Co. Canton, OH 1925-1932  
Carey, Francis W. & Co.
(Francis W. Carey & Co.)
Chicago, IL 1887 Francis W. Carey & Co. is listed under “Car Builders” in 1877 edition, Poor’s Directory of Railway Officials.
Carlisle Car & Mfg. Co. Carlisle, PA 1889-1900  
Carlisle Mfg. Co. Carlisle, PA c1870-1900? Carlisle Mfg. Co. is listed under “Freight Cars” in the 1893 edition of Poor’s Directory of Railway Officials.
Carmichael & Brown Montreal 1853-1855 Built more than 150 cars for the Grand Trunk Railway.
Carnege Steel   1918 (See Keystone Bridge Works)
Carter Bros. Newark, CA 1872 (1886?)-1897  
Casebolt & Van Gulpin San Francisco, CA 1857-1876  
Casebolt, Henry, & Co.
(Henry Casebolt & Co.)
San Francisco, CA 1863-c1876  
Case Crane & Engineering Co. Columbus, OH 1924-1929 From Kilbourne & Jacobs Mfg. Company
To Case Crane & Kilbourne Jacobs Company
Case Crane & Kilbourne Jacobs Co. Columbus, OH 1930-???? From Case Crane & Engineering Company
Central Car & Mfg. Jackson, MI c1871  
Central Locomotive & Car Works Boston, MA c1914  
Central Locomotive & Car Works Chicago Heights, IL
Hammond, IN?
1910-1917+ Reorganized from Hicks Locomotive and Car Works.
Central Locomotive & Car Works Maine c1915  
Centralapolis     Incorrect spelling or pronunciation of “Centropolis.”
Centropolis Car Works Centropolis, MO 1888 Note that this is not "Centralopolis" as some would have it. In 1895 it had all of 500 people. It got a Post Office in 1887 and lost it again by 1902.
Chaplin & Lantz Allegheny, PA 1880-?? Locomotive builder; built no cars.
Chaplin Anti-Friction Car Box Co. NY c1881 A paper corporation organized in New York by James Henry Langley as a tool to swindle investors. Never built anything. "Car box" is an archaic name for the journal box, a cast iron box or case that houses the axle bearings of a railway car. (Related Langley corporations were the National Anti-Friction Car Box Co. (IL), Anti-Friction Journal Bearing Company (NY), and United States Construction & Investment Company.)
Charles, James S., Omnibus Co.
(James S. Charles Omnibus Co.)
Belleville, ON 1893- To St. Charles & Pringle
Charlotte Railway Works   1903  
Chattanooga Car & Foundry Co. Chattanooga, TN bef1887-1905? Listed under “Freight Cars” in the “Buyers Guide” section of the 1893 and 1895 editions of Poor’s Directory of Railway Officials.
Chester Mfg. Co. Chester, PA 1860s  
Chicago Car Co. Chicago, IL 1887-1890+ John J. Cummings, President, Offices at Nos. 48 to 54 N. Clinton St. Entered bankruptcy about 13 Aug 1890. Did it emerge?
Chicago Car & Locomotive Works Hegewisch, IL c1904  
Chicago Car & Locomotive Works     H.H. Scoville & Sons
Chicago Freight Car & Parts Co. (various) 1955-1976  
Chicago Locomotive Works Chicago, IL 1853-1856 From H.H. Scoville & Sons
Chicago, New York & Boston Refrigerator Co. Elsdon, IL? 1893-1924+ Wholly-owned subsidiary of Whipple Car Company, established as a private car line to operate refrigerator cars Chicago-East Coast through northern states and Canada.
Chicago Refrigerated Car Co.   1905  
Chicago Refrigerator Dispatch Co.   1913  
Chicago Steel Car Co. Harvey, IL 1909-1924 Advertised tank cars, steel underframes and reinforcements
Chicago Union Traction Co. Chicago, IL    
Chickasaw Shipbuilding & Car Co. Fairfield, AL 1921-1929 Subsidiary of Tennessee Coal, Iron & Railroad Company subsidiary of U.S. Steel. White says it "reportedly" built the first steel cars in Dixie.
Acquired from U.S. Steel by Pullman. Some buildings and machinery moved to Bessemer, AL, 12 miles S. of Birmingham.
Christopher & Stancliffe Louisville, KY 1851-1854 D/B/A Southwestern Railroad Car Manufactory
Began as early as 1844 doing millwork.
1851 newspaper advertisement “declared the firm’s capability of turning out mail and baggage cars, open and covered freight cars, hand cars, passenger car trucks with air, rubber, or steel springs, and car wheels, both chilled plate and spoked.” {449}
Cincinnati Car Co. Cincinnati, OH 1902-1928 To Cincinnati Car Corporation
Cincinnati Car Corp. Cincinnati, OH 1928-1938 Reorganization and consolidation of Cincinnati Car Company and Versare Car Company.
Cincinnati Locomotive Works Cincinnati, OH 1821 (1845)-1868 Locomotive builder; built no cars.
C.K. Industries, Inc. Deland, FL 1980-2004+ Privately held Florida corporation affiliated with railcar leasing entities in France and Germany. Began U.S. leasing operations in 1980. Offers its services to shippers, shortline, regional and class 1 railroads in North America.
Builds no cars as far as we know.
Clark, John
John Clark)
Paterson, NJ 1800-1853 General machinery business.
To Danforth, Cooke & Co.
Clark Car Co. Pittsburgh, PA 1908-1929 [Leasing firm?] for cars produced by Cambria Steel and by Greenville Steel Car Company.
Known to have received 1921 order from WP for 25 30-yard extension side dump
Cleveland Bridge & Car Works Cleveland, OH 1878-c1884  
Cleveland Car Co. Cleveland, OH c1891  
Climax Mfg. Co. Corry, PA 1884 (1888)-1934 From Corry Machine Company
Clough, W.
(W. Clough)
Madison, IN 1852-1855? D/B/A South-Western Car Shop
From 16 Mar 1854 to 19 July 1855 advertised in American Railway Times:
Passenger Cars, House Cars, Cattle and Hog Cars, Gravel Cars, &c.
Clow, James, & Sons
(James Clow & Sons)
Chicago, IL c1899 Catalog of railroad supplies, not a builder
Cobb Car Co.   1908  
Cobourg Car Co.     Crossen Car Company
Colorado Springs & Interurban Railway Co. Colorado Springs, CO 1900-1911  
Columbia Car & Tool Works Portland, OR 1890s Pat. 470,125.
Columbia Steel Car Co. Chicago, IL 1890-1892? Doubtful it ever built a car.
Combination Car Co. Cleveland, OH 1892  
Combination Car Co. Waltham, MA 1892  
Common Sense Bolster Co. Chicago, IL - Not a car builder. Was acquired early on by American Car & Foundry.
Conant, Briggs & Warren Brandon, VT 1847-c1857 To Brandon Car Company
Coney, Jabez
Jabez Coney)
S. Boston, MA 1837 (1848)-1851 Engaged in ship building and marine engines.
Locomotive builder; built no cars.
Conley Tank Line Franklin, PA 1930s-1940s Repaired tank cars. May have been related to UTLX.
Connellsville Machine & Car Co. Connellsville, PA 1870s-1890+ Connellsville Machine & Car Works is listed under “Car Builders” in 1877 edition, Poor’s Directory of Railway Officials.
Connelly Gas Motor Co.   c1886/88 Built and tested at least three gasoline-powered motor cars.
Conseus Car Works Cobing, ON c1881  
Conshohocken Car Works Conshohocken, PA 1887 Conshohocken Car Works is listed under “Car Builders” in 1877 edition, Poor’s Directory of Railway Officials.
Continental Car & Equipment Co.   c1910 Industrial cars used on F.E.C. Key West Extension; also
Alabama Construction Co. v. Continental Car & Equipment Co., 131 Ga. 365, 370 (62 S. E. 160)
Convertible Car Co. Bloomsbury, NJ c1902 US Pat. 707,018
Convertible Car C., Ltd. Toronto, ON c1905 US Pat. 791,575
Convertible Car Mfg. Co. Chicago, IL 1893-1896  
Conshohocken Car Works Conshohocken, PA 1880-????  
Cooke Locomotive & Machine Works Paterson, NJ 1883-1901 From Danforth Locomotive & MachineCompany
To American Locomotive Company
Cooper, Charles, & Co.
Charles Cooper & Co.)
Mt. Vernon, OH 1853-1856? Locomotive builder; built no cars.
Copeland & Bacon Bridgeport, CT 1876 Locomotive builder; built no cars.
Corliss, Nightingale & Co. Providence, RI 1849-c1851 Built notable stationary steam engines, Produced half-dozen steam locos ca. 1851; no cars.
Corry Machine Co. Corry, PA 1868-1884 Produced oil field and farm machinery
To Climax Manufacturing Company
Cortland Carriage Wks. Cortland, NY 1890s  
Covington Locomotive Works Covington, KY 1853-1857 Locomotive builder; produced only 6 locomotives, built no cars.
Cowles, E.P.
E.P. Cowles)
Decatur, AL 1880s Designed a locomotive; may or may not have actually built it; built no cars.
Cox, Palmer San Francisco, CA c. 1874  
Crangle, E.J.
(E.J. Crangle)
Calais, ME 1887 E.J. Crangle is listed under “Car Builders” in 1877 edition, Poor’s Directory of Railway Officials.
Crawford Locomotive & Car Co. Streator, IL 1906-1922  
Crippen, William, & Son
William Crippen & Son)
Cadillac, MI 1882-?? Built a few geared locomotives; no cars.
Crossen Car Co. Cobourg, ON 1873-1890 From Ontario Foundry
To Crossen Car Manufacturing Company
Crossen Car Co.  Ltd. Cobourg, ON 1910-1915 From Crossen Car Manufacturing Company
Acquired by Canadian Car & Foundry but continued business under the Crossen name.
Crossen Car Manufacturing Co. Cobourg, ON 1890-1910 From Crossen Car Company
To Crossen Car Co. Ltd
Crosson, James, Car Works
(James Crosson Car Works)
Cobourg, ON   James Crosson Car Works is listed under “Car Builders” in 1877 edition, Poor’s Directory of Railway Officials.
Crowther Dumping Car Co.   c1881 A paper corporation organized by James Henry Langley as a tool to swindle investors. Never built anything. (Related Langley corporations were the National Anti-Friction Car Box Co. (IL), Chaplin Anti-Friction Car Box Co. (NY), Anti-Friction Journal Bearing Company (NY), and United States Construction & Investment Company.)
Cummings & Son West Bergen (Jersey City), NJ c1870-1873  
Cummings Car & Coach Co. Paris, IL 1925-1930 From McGuire-Cummings Mfg. Company
Cummings Car Co. Paris, IL 1905 To McGuire-Cummings Manufacturing Company
Cummings Car Co.     Jersey City, NJ b1865-1873 Burned 1865, "suspended business" 1873. Same firm as next listing?
Cummings Car Works Jersey City, NJ 1851-1876  
Cundell, William
(William Cundell)
Paterson, NJ c1859-1865? A tinsmith who added a shed to the side of his shop to build La Mothe’s iron passenger cars.
Curtis Mfg. Co. St. Louis, MO 1896 Built one logging locomotive; no cars.
Cuyahoga Steam Furnace Co. Cleveland, OH 1930(1849)-(1857)1887 Built about 100 locomotives 1850-1857; no cars.
Cylindrical Steel Car Co. Boston, MA ca. 1884 To Steel Car Company
Company Plant Location Date Successor, Comments or Cross-reference

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