Railway Car Builders of North America

An ever-growing list of all independent builders.

Company Plant Location Date Successor, Comments or Cross-reference
Bailey, Blood & Co. Manchester, NH 1853/54 Predecessor of Manchester Locomotive Works
Baker, John
(John Baker)
Lancaster, PA 1830s  
Baker Iron Works Los Angeles, CA 1880s-1900?  
Baker, Jackson & Co. Latrobe, PA 1880s  
Baldwin Locomotive Works Philadelphia, PA
- later -
Eddystone, PA
1831(1846)-(c1907)1956 “Largest and most successful” loco builder. (White/Locos-29) Started by Mathias W. Baldwin, a jeweler turned machinist. Generally held 30 to 40% market share. Built a colossal 76,140 units [not all locomotives] (White/Locos-30)
Built steam-drive units for self-propelled passenger cars, later entire steam-propelled cars.
See also Burnham, Parry, Williams & Company
To Baldwin-Lima-Hamilton Corporation
(See J. Leander Bishop, A History of American Manufacturers From 1608 to 1860 (Philadelphia, PA: Edward Young, 1868; Reprint, New York, NY: Augustus M. Kelley, 1966), v. 2, p. 537, article on Matthias W. Baldwin.)
Baldwin-Lima-Hamilton Corp. Lima, OH 1950-1965 Merged firms of Baldwin Locomotive Works and Lima-Hamilton. Built no railway cars so far as we know.
Production of locos ended at Lima 1951. Plant sold to Clark Equipment Co. 1971. Closed 1981 (?)
Merged into Armour & Co. 1865.
Ballardvale Machine Shop Ballardvalle, MA 1847-1849 Produced limited number of locomotives; no cars.
Baltimore Car & Foundry Co. Baltimore, MD 1909-1910 From South Baltimore Steel Car & Foundry Company
To Standard Steel Car Company
Baltimore Car & Foundry Co. Baltimore, MD 1922-1927 To subsidiary of Standard Steel Car Company
Baltimore Locomotive Works     Hayward, Bartlett & Company
Bancroft Vestibule Car Co. Illinois c1892 Organized under Illinois law by W.P. Tuthill, M.E. Cale and George W. Bancroft.
Barber Car Co. York, PA 1908-1914  
Barlow & Bruen Lexington, KY 1826-c1836 Locomotive builder; no cars.
Barney & Smith Mfg. Co. Dayton, OH 1866-1923 From Barney, Smith & Company
Barney, Parker & Co. Dayton, OH 1854-1864 From E. Thresher & Company
To Barney, Smith & Company
Barney, Smith & Co. Dayton, OH 1864-1866 From Barney, Parker & Company
To Barney & Smith Mfg. Company
Barnett & Co. McKeesport, PA ??-1864/65 Unknown what locomotives or cars produced, if any.
Shop taken over by Pittsburgh & McKeesport Car & Loco
Barnum & Richardson Mfg. Co. Chicago, IL c1880 Is about to move to the new shops in South Branch that were built 7 yrs ago but have not yet been used - RRG 12 Mar 1880
Barnum, Richardson & Co. Chicago, IL c1866 RRG 4 Jun 1880
Basic City Car Works Basic City, VA c1890  
Bay City Industrial Works     See Industrial Works.
Beaumont Iron Works      
Beaver Falls Car Co.
Beaver Falls Car Works
Beaver Falls, PA c1886/1880s Beaver Falls Car Co. is listed under “Car Builders” in 1877 edition, Poor’s Directory of Railway Officials.
Bell, David
David Bell)
Buffalo, NY 1865-1871 Locomotive builder; no cars.
Bell Locomotive Works Yonkers, NY 1908- Moved to Bloomsburg, PA, by or about 1920 when it went bankrupt. Locomotive builder; no cars.
Bellefonte Car Mfg. Co.
Bellefonte Car Works
Bellefonte or Snowshoe, PA 1873?-1881  
Bemis Box Car Co. Springfield, MA 1889-1890s To Bemis Car & Truck Company
Bemis Car & Truck Co. Springfield, MA 1890s-1926 From Bemis Box Car Company
Bemis & Co. Springfield, MA 1856/57 Successor in bankruptcy to Springfield Car & Engine
Benjamin S Benson Baltimore, MD? c1852 Foundry received car-building order from B&O
Bentley Knight Co. New York, NY c1887 Catalog of electric street cars
Berwick Forge & Fabricating Corp. Berwick, PA 1963-1982 To Berwick Freight Car Company
Berwick Freight Car Co. Berwick, PA 1982-???? From Berwick Forge & Fabricating
Bethlehem Steel Co. Bethlehem, PA 1904-1965+ From Harlan & Hollingsworth Company
Bethlehem Steel Co. Johnstown, PA 1923-1991 From Midvale Steel
To Johnstown America
Bettendorf Axle Co.   c1913 RAG1913/02/14
Bettendorf Co. Bettendorf, IA 1886/c1902-1942 Known to be a repairer and rebuilder of freight cars; not known whether they actually built any cars
Betts, Harlan & Hollingsworth Wilmington, DE 1841-1850 From Betts, Pusey & Harlan
To Harlan & Hollingsworth
Betts, Pusey & Harlan Wilmington, DE 1836-1841 To Betts, Harlan & Hollingsworth
Billmeyer & Small York, PA 1852-1910  
Birmingham Car & Mfg. Co. Birmingham, AL 1907-  
Bitner, George & Co.
(George Bitner & Co.)
Torrence Station (Pittsburgh), PA c1874  
Blackman Brothers Marysville, WA 1875-1895 Locomotive builder; no cars.
Blain Brothers Car Works Huntingdon, PA 1880s Bought 1885 by ??
Blaine Car & Mfg. Co. Toledo, OH c1889 Assignee of several dump car patents from George E. Blaine, including 335,885; Blaine held other patents not assigned.
Blaine Brothers Green Cove Springs, FL 1880s Built cars for railways in Florida
Blain Car Works Jacksonville, FL 1886-  
Blandy, H. & F.
(H. & F. Blandy)
Zanesville, OH 1840(1851)-1858? Locomotive builder; no cars.
Bloomsburg Car Mfg. Co. Bloomsburg, PA
Had offices in NYC ca. 1930
Acquired early on by American Car & Foundry; but listed under Bloomsburg name in 1) “Car Builders” section of 1887 edition, Poor’s Directory of Railway Officials, and in “Car Builders” section of White-Orr's 1930 Classified Business Directory New York City section.
Bloomsburg Car Works     Bloomsburg Car Works is listed under “Car Builders” in 1877 edition, Poor’s Directory of Railway Officials.
Bloomsburg Car Manufacturing Company
Blue Island Car & Equipment Co. Chicago, IL 1900?-c1910 Incorporated in South Dakota. Allegedly involved in fraudulent transactions relative to car repairs for the IC RR.
Bodley Wagon Co. Wheeling, WV c1893/95 Bodley Wagon Co. is listed under the category of general freight cars in the “Buyers Guide” section of the 1893 edition of Poor’s Directory of Railway Officials, but only under the categories of contractor’s cars, and dump carts in the “Buyers Guide” section of the 1895 edition. It is not listed at all in the 1887 edition.
Bolton, J.R.
(J.R. Bolton)
Philadelphia, PA 1862-  
Bombardier Capital Rail, Inc.
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Maple Grove, MN b1999-2004+ Full-service provider of railcars and railcar management services.
Almost certainly never built cars.
Bombardier, Inc.
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Montreal, QC    
Booth, Henry J. & Co.
(Henry J. Booth & Co.)
San Francisco, CA 1865-1882 DBA Union Iron Works
Booth, H.J., & Co.
H.J. Booth & Co.)
San Francisco, CA 1861-1869 Locomotive builder; no cars.
To Union Iron Works
Boston Locomotive Works Boston, MA 1848-1860 Bishop {8} says this was successor to Hinkley & Feeny, who incorporated it 1848, but we have found solid references to Hinckley [sic] & Drury in 1847 and 1850.
White {401} says Holmes Hinkley and Gardner P. Drury built stationary engines; began building locomotives 1840. As locos became dominant business began DBA BLW 1848.
Built no known cars.
To Hinkley, Williams & Company 1860
Bowers   c1881 Possibly a misunderstanding of Bowers, Dure.
Bowers & Durrel Co.   c1881 Possibly a misunderstanding of Bowers, Dure.
Bowen & Street   1902  
Bowers, Deere & Co.     Misunderstanding of Bowers, Dure & Co.
Bowers, Dure & Co. Wilmington, DE 1871-1880s To Dure Manufacturing Company
Boyden, Seth
Seth Boydon)
Newark, NJ 1836-1841 Locomotive builder; no cars.
Bradford Car Co. Bradford, PA? 1908  
Bradley Car Works Worchester, MA 1887 Bradley Car Works is listed under “Car Builders” in 1877 edition, Poor’s Directory of Railway Officials, with proprietorship indicated as Osgood Bradley & Sons.
Bradley & Rice Worchester, MA 1939-c1881 From Osgood Bradley
To Osgood Bradley & Sons
Bradley, Osgood
(Osgood Bradley)
Worchester, MA 1820/33-1839 To Bradley & Rice
Bradley, Osgood, & Sons
(Osgood Bradley & Sons)
Worchester, MA c1881-1901 From Bradley & Rice.
DBA Bradley Car Works.
To Osgood Bradley Car Company
Bradley, Osgood, Car Co.
(Osgood Bradley Car Co.)
Worchester, MA 1901-1930 From Osgood Bradley & Sons
Became "associated" with Pullman 1910 [wholly-owned subsidiary?]
Acquired 1930 by Pullman, Inc. and reorganized as Osgood Bradley Car Corporation.
Bradley, Osgood, Car Corp.
(Osgood Bradley Car Corp.)
Worchester, MA 1930-1933 From Osgood Bradley Car Company
Name changed to Pullman-Bradley Car Corporation
Brainerd, Williams & Co. Niagara, ON 1856?  
Brainerd, Williams, Fisher & Co.      
Brandon Car Co. Brandon, VT 1855-1864/65 From Conant, Briggs & Warren
Bought out by Rutland & Burlington Railroad.
Brandt     (See Lancaster Locomotive Works, and New Jersey Locomotive & Machine)
Brashears Parlor & Sleeping Car Co. Baltimore, MD c1857  
Breese, Kneeland & Co. Jersey City, NJ 1853-1858 Locomotive builder; no cars.
To Jersey City Locomotive Works
Bridgeport Car Works Bridgeport, PA 1870s  
Briggs Car Co.
Briggs Carriage Co.
Amesbury, MA 1890-1903/04 To Southern Car Company. (This was not strictly a matter of succession. The Southern Car Co. was apparently founded by the owners of the Briggs Company at the time the former was closed.)
Briggs & Turvias   1966  
Brighton Car Co. Chicago, IL c1910 General freight car repairing. Probably built no cars.
Brill Corp. Philadelphia, PA 1926-1944 From J.G. Brill Company
To ACF-Brill Motors
Brill, J.G. & Co.
(J.G. Brill & Co.)
Philadelphia, PA 1869-1887 To J.G. Brill Company
Brill, J.G., Co.
(J.G. Brill Co.)
Philadelphia, PA 1887-1926 From J.G. Brill & Company
To Brill Corporation
Brill, J.G., of Massachusetts
(J.G. Brill of Massachusetts)
Springfield, MA 1931-1932 From Wason Manufacturing Company
Brill, J.G., of Missouri
(J.G. Brill of Missouri)
St. Louis, MO. 1931-1932 From American Car Company
Brill, J.G., of Ohio
(J.G. Brill of Ohio)
Cleveland, OH 1931-1932 From G.C. Kuhlman Car Company
Brinkley Car Works & Mfg. Co. Brinkley or Helena, AR 1882-1893? Probably built no more than the 20 cars reportedly owned by the 10 mile long Brinkley & Helena n.g. railroad.
Brinkley is listed only under the category of general freight cars in the “Buyers Guide” sections of both the 1893 and 1895 editions of Poor’s Directory of Railway Officials.
Brooklyn & N.Y. Railway Supply Co. Elizabeth, NJ 1895-1897 Combination of J.W. Fowler Car Company and James A. Trimble Company.
Brooklyn Railway Supply Co. Stamford, CT 1893-c1900  
Brooks, James
James Brooks)
Philadelphia, PA 1833-1850s Locomotive builder; built no cars.
Brooks Locomotive Works Dunkirk, NY 1869-(1875+)1901 Locomotive builder, but known to have built some cars, primarily a combination box/tank car.
To American Locomotive Company
Brown Hoisting Machine Co. Cleveland, OH 1893-1927 From Brown Hoisting & Conveying Machinery Company.
Merged with Industrial Works of Bay City, Michigan, into Industrial Brown Hoist Corporation.
Brown Hoisting & Conveying Machinery Co. Cleveland, OH 1880-1893 To Brown Hoisting Machine Company
Brownell & Wight St. Louis, MO 1857-1875 Split into
Brownell Car Company
Andrew Wight
Brownell Car Co. St. Louis, MO 1875-1902 From Brownell & Wight
To American Car Company (St Louis)
Bryan, E.A.
(E.A. Bryan)
Buckeye Car Works
Buckeye Car Mfg. Co.
Columbus, OH 1883-1884 Purchased by Baltimore & Ohio Railroad.
Buckley Car Mfg. Co. Worchester, MA 1903-  
Budd Co.
Budd, Edward G., Mfg. Co.
(Edward G. Budd Mfg. Co.)
Philadelphia, PA 1912/1932-1978+ Founded 1912 to produce 1st “completely successful” all-steel automobile body.
Buck, M.M.
M.M. Buck)
St. Louis, MO ?? - ?? Primarily a railway supply house, reportedly built locomotives 1882-1884. Also built several steam-powered inspection cars.
Bucyrus Foundry & Mfg. Co. Bucyrus, OH 1881-1884+ Locomotive builder; built no cars.
Buffalo Car Co.
Buffalo Car Mfg. Co.
Buffalo, NY
Depew, NY
1872-1899 One of the original companies consolidated into American Car & Foundry.
Buffalo Car Works     1853-1857 = Townsend & Coit || 1872-1899 = Buffalo Car Co.
Buffalo Car Works (Townsend & Coit) Buffalo, NY 1853-1857  
Buffalo Steel Car Co. Buffalo, NY c1900-1928 Acquired by General American Tank Car Corporation
Bush & Lobdell   1840 Built 1st six freight cars for the Erie Railroad. These 4-wheeled cars were 25'-0" long, 10'-0" wide and 6'-0" high, costing $900 each [equivalent to a little more than $16,000 today].
Butler Mfg. Corp. Kansas City, MO 1971-1973  
Burnham, Parry, Williams & Co. Philadelphia, PA est. 1831 Baldwin Locomotive Works
"Noiseless motors and steam cars for city and suburban railways - Affording rapid transit at a large savings over horse power."
Burnham-Standeford Co. Oakland, CA c1887/88 AKA Oakland Planing Mill.
May have been the actual builders of San Francisco cable cars attributed to Mahoney Bros.
Burnside Locomotive Works Providence, RI c1866/67 Unknown whether they ever built any cars.
Burns, Robert M., & Co.
(Robert M. Burns & Co.)
Chicago, IL c1906 Appears to be a dealer. Advertises locomotives, cars, rails, steam shovels, contractors equipment, tank cars, oil tanks.
Burr, D.J.
D.J. Burr)
Richmond, VA c1820(1837)-1849 Locomotive builder; built no cars.
To Burr & Ettinger
Burr & Ettinger Richmond, VA 1849-c1855 Locomotive builder; built no cars.
Burton Stock Car Co. Boston, MA c1884  
Burton Stock Car Co. Wichita, KS 1887-  
Bush & Lobdell Wilmington, DE 1840s Primarily a wheel maker, but built cars in 1840s
Butler Mfg. Butler, PA? 1969-1985  
Butterworth & Low Grand Rapids, MI 1902-1904 Built logging cars.
Byers, John F., Machine Co.
John F. Byers Machine Co.)
Ravenna, OH 1873-1896 Locomotive builder; built no cars.
Company Plant Location Date Successor, Comments or Cross-reference
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